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More about that free webinar in a moment. I think it is something you will want to attend if today’s business model is something you might like to consider taking further.

Here is the second business model you can use to make money online without having to spend any money first (or ever, if you don’t want to).

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What are you afraid of?

Your No-Cost Business Model 1

This business model is one I am sure you have at least heard of and maybe even tried.

It is about getting paid to promote other people’s products and services in what is called ‘affiliate marketing’.

In simple terms, you sign-up as an ‘affiliate’ for a particular company, product or service. You can then promote the product or service and earn a commission on any sales you make.

The commission is usually a percentage of the selling price and can range  from 4% on physical goods to 75% or even 100% on digital products.

Signing-up is almost always free of charge and there is no obligation on you to actually sell or do anything.

There are only three steps in this model…

Step 1: Find a product to promote

You want to promote a good quality product that is already proven to sell well. It should also pay out a good commission.

I strongly recommend that you start out with digital products because there are minimal costs of delivery and so you can earn a high commission. You should be looking for at least 50% but the more the better.

A good starting point is, which is one of the largest and most reputable digital marketplaces in the world. You can find a huge number of products there that pay out 75% in commission.

If you are new to this, consider promoting a product that you already use and rate highly. You can then honestly say to people you promote it to that you use it and like it.

Even better is to find a product that pays a recurring commission, such as a subscription service or a membership site. You then get a commission every month that customers stay as members.

Other affiliate networks you may want to consider are and but you can find plenty more by searching Google for ‘affiliate network’.

That said, there are several lifetimes worth of product on ClickBank alone.

COST: $0

Step 2:  Create a simple web page

This is actually an optional step because you can just send people directly to the product owner’s website.

However, having a website of your own gives you two benefits.

First, it allows you to ‘pre-sell’ the product by describing it and telling people how you use it and the benefits you have derived from it.

Second, it allows you to build an email list you can promote other offers to for months and years into the future at zero cost.

Creating your simple website is not as difficult as you may imagine. The product owner usually provides you with ‘sales  copy’ you can just copy and paste onto your website. Just add a few words of your own and you are ready to go.

All you need to do is include your affiliate link with the description and when someone is interested and they click the link to buy you’ll get the commission.

And you don’t have to pay for the website. Free websites are available at places like, and You can even use a Facebook page.

COST: $0

Step 3: Send people to your website

There are lots of ways you can do this but one free and very effective method is ‘forum posting’.

Search Google for ‘[niche] forum’, where [niche] is the market for the product you want to promote e.g. ‘fishing forum’ or ‘golf forum’.

Most forums will allow you to include a ‘signature’ in any posts you make. You can have a short description of who you are and (crucially) a link to your website.

If you make regular and helpful posts on the forum, people will naturally want to ‘check you out’ by clicking on your link and visiting your website. A proportion of those visitors will buy the product you are promoting and make you commissions.

This is very effective because you know people on these forums are very interested in your subject because they have gone to the trouble of joining the forum in the first place.

COST: $0

None of this is complicated. Focus on the key steps and let the details look after themselves.

I know many people are ‘afraid’ to sell. They don’t want to look like they are being ‘pushy’.

The truth is that people love to buy… they just don’t like being sold to.

What does that mean for you? It means that you do not have to engage in hype to sell people your products and services. All you need to do is honestly present your opinion of the product and, if the product is what they want and they have the money to buy it, they will.

Forget about fancy sales tactics and hype. Create a compelling description of your product and be sure to list the benefits of owing it.

If you want to find out more about affiliate marketing, including how to make a full-time living by selecting the right products and then promoting them on Facebook, my friend and fellow Internet marketer, Sarah Staar, is holding a completely free and live webinar this Thursday.

Sarah always provides excellent training in her webinars and there will be an opportunity to ask her any questions you might have.

Places are limited so I highly recommend you register now. If you can’t attend on the day, a replay will be available, but only to people who register here…

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