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If you have been online for any length of time, I’m sure you realise that website security is an increasing cause for concern.

My own websites are constantly under attack from hackers in various parts of the world, particularly China in recent weeks.

Why is not clear.

It seems to me that there is little for a hacker to gain by breaking into any of my sites.

Maybe they are after the contact details of subscribers or members of my various membership sites.

At best, they will get some email addresses and maybe some names.

They certainly won’t get anything more sensitive, such as payment details, as I don’t hold that sort of data.

Perhaps they just do it as a ‘challenge’ or because they derive perverted pleasure in damaging other people’s businesses.

Whatever the reason, you should be taking steps to counter the threat.

Especially for websites that your business depends on.

WordFenceOne tool I have been using for several months now is an excellent WordPress plugin called ‘WordFence’.

There is a paid upgrade, but I only use the free version.

Once installed, WordFence monitors your website for attacks and checks it against a constantly updated list of known threats.

If there is an issue that needs action, the plugin sends you an email with all of the relevant information.

For example, it will tell you if someone is trying to break your site password and when any of your system files have been changed in a suspicious manner.

If a file has been changed, it will tell you how it has changed and offer to restore the version prior to the change.

It will notify you when any of your themes or plugins need updating because a new version has been released.

And it maintains a firewall round your site that is constantly updated as new threats are encountered.

WordFence has saved my bacon on at least half a dozen occasions and I now wouldn’t be without it.

And I’m not alone, since it has more than 22 million downloads and an almost perfect 5-star rating from users.

If you have any unprotected WordPress sites, I suggest you give it your serious consideration.

(By the way, I am not an affiliate and gain nothing if you do install it.)

You can get all of the details and download the plugin here.

Don’t do what I did and ignore the problem until one of your sites is destroyed by hackers (it took me two days to literally rebuild it from the ground up).

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