VydeoGram Review

We all know that anything ‘video’ is hot at the moment.

But I’m wondering whether the huge barrel full of video-related products that has been launched over the last few months may be running dry and we are beginning to see marketers start to scrape away at the bottom.

vydeogrambox1A case in point is ‘VydeoGram’, which has just launched today…


There is an old marketing maxim that goes something like…

“If you can’t summarise your offer in a couple of short sentences, it’s not a good offer.”

Of course, there are exceptions to this, but it generally holds true.

Well, this comes from the VydeoGram promotional materials…

What is VydeoGram?

It is kinda hard to explain with words but after you see the demo you will immediately have an ‘aha’ moment.

In geek language VideoGram is a fusion of proprietary highly advanced video scan technology, revolutionary smart key-frame selection algorithm, and matrix randomization engine.

Yea, I know, geek language could be kinda gibberish so let me tell you what it does for you:

– gives you access to 80% more potential video viewers

– rapidly increases click to view rate, video views, and viewers action rate

– helps drive massive number of viewers from Suggested Videos on both YouTube & Facebook

– helps boost YouTube & Google search rank for videos

– converts casual social media wanderers into viewers

Ummm… that’s as clear as mud.

So what does VydeoGram do?

Well, here is a short demo of it in action…

Did you get that ‘Ah-ha!’ moment they talk about?

In simple terms, VydeoGram creates a thumbnail image for your video.

When people click on the thumbnail, they are taken to your video to watch it.

Of course, all video players and hosting platforms use thumbnails.

The ‘clever’ bit here is that VydeoGram generates a thumbnail like this…


The top half of the image is an animated GIF image which displays anything up to 30 seconds of your video.

The bottom half of the image consists of four frames selected more or less at random from your video.

The idea is that…

  1. The thumbnail is more eye-catching and attracts more attention
  2. People can get more of an idea of what your video is about and so decide whether it is of interest to them

Together, according to the authors, these lead to more clicks and more views.

This has some truth to it.

Anything that helps your video stand out from a crowded advertising world is definitely going to help.

It’s just a question of whether the potential benefits are worth the investment.

With VydeoGram, I am not sure they are.

The origin of VydeoGram is as a ‘clone’ of an internet start-up service called ‘Videogram’.

If you’re interested, you can read more about that in the article here…


As I see it, the real power in Videogram (with an ‘i’) is its ability to dynamically adapt the thumbnail based on which images get the most attention and clicks.

In other words, it changes and optimises the thumbnail in real time based on viewer actions.

This is powerful stuff and is, in my view, the real selling point.

However, this is not a feature VydeoGram (with a ‘y’) offers.

You can create multiple thumbnails for your video, but you can only test them one at a time to find out which gets the best results.

There are also some other shortcomings…

  1. It would be helpful if you could manually select the four key frames used in the thumbnail, rather than have them randomly selected
  2. The moving GIF versions of the thumbnail can only really be used with self-hosted videos. You can’t, for instance, use them on YouTube or Facebook, which require static images.
  3. If you do use a static version of the thumbnail image on Facebook, clicking on it will take people to the image itself and not the video. This means that you cannot make use of the software with Facebook video ads.
  4. The ‘Standard’ version of the software simply allows you to load up a video and create the GIF. If you want to do things such as add calls to action (which you usually would), you need to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version.

The major objection I have, however, is price.

The ‘Standard’ version launches at $37 lifetime or $17 a year.

Given what you get with the basic version, I think this should be more like $17 lifetime.

The offer is clearly aimed at getting you to upgrade to ‘Pro’, which is offered as an upsell for a further $97 lifetime or $47 a year.

For that, you unlock a range of additional features, including…

  1. Text overlays
  2. Buttons and graphics
  3. Calls to action
  4. Variable thumbnail sizes
  5. Ability to create videos instead of GIFs
  6. One-click buttons to publish on social media platforms
  7. Ability to download videos from YouTube
  8. Commercial license to create thumbnails for other people

These are all nice features to have, but they are all available – and, to be honest, done better – in other, much cheaper software out there.

There is a second upsell, which is the now obligatory white label rights for software releases.

Prices vary from $97 for 20 licenses to $197 for 200 licenses.

So, what’s the bottom line?

VydeoGram essentially creates a novel type of thumbnail for your videos and that may well get them more attention.

However, I doubt whether this will bring you significantly more video views than carefully selecting an attention-grabbing thumbnail on your own.

And I can’t see how it’s worth the full asking price of $134 ($37 Standard + $97 Pro).

However, if you are a video marketer looking for anything that gives you that extra bit of an edge, check VydeoGram out here…


By the way,┬áif you want to generate GIFs from videos, as VydeoGram does, you can do so using any number of free online services, such as this one…



2 thoughts on “VydeoGram Review

  1. I am sick of the incessant product launches in IM, many of which are trumped a few weeks (or sometimes days) later by another product with more features. I also hate the sales funnels with so many options for spending more. As with the honest review shown above, I would like to see a little more honesty in presentation of products. If I went into an offline store, I would be able to see most options all at once – not to buy one and then have another one revealed to make me feel my first purchase was inferior (such as a FE product followed by an upsell to something like “Pro”). Newbies can be unwittingly drawn into a spending frenzy with sales funnels of IM product launches and then regret spending the money when they find none of the products really does anything directly to make them money. I wish all sales funnels would go up in their own smoke! No more “Paindio” launches and upsells please!

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