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Vsource ReviewToday, I want to share a very simple way to legally ‘steal’ a constant stream of other people’s traffic.

You can use this traffic to sell your own products, to promote affiliate offers or to build an email list.

And you can ‘buy’ a whole year’s worth of this traffic for as little as $2.99.

Ready? Let’s begin…

When a new product is launched, lots of affiliate marketers will post videos on YouTube (and other video hosting sites, such as Daily Motion and Vimeo) promoting the product.

For illustration, let’s say one of these products is ‘The Acme Diet’ (not a real product) and one particular affiliate marketer called Bob creates a promotional video and posts it on YouTube.

Bob knows what he is doing and works hard to get his video to appear high in the YouTube search results for terms such as ‘Acme Diet Review’, ‘Acme Diet Bonus’, etc.

Bob adds a description to his video and includes a website link where people can find out more about the product.

That link may be an affiliate link.

When people click on it, they will get sent directly to the product sales page.

However, more commonly, the link will send the video traffic to a ‘presell’ page that Bob has created.

On this page, Bob reviews the product and maybe offers some bonuses if they click on his affiliate link (which he includes), go to the product sales page and buy.

Having a presell page will increase sales because it ‘warms’ visitors up before they see the offer.

The presell page will be on a website domain name owned by the video creator.

(The ‘domain name’ is effectively the website ‘address’. E.g. Amazon.com and Google.com are both domain names.)

Let’s say the domain is MyAcmeReview.com.

Bob gets a lot of traffic and, hence, a lot of sales from people searching for the product on YouTube.

However, once all of the buzz over the product launch is over, Bob will likely move on to promote the next big product launch.

(Or Bob may win the lottery, have a career change, be arrested by the IRS, have a piano fall on his head or be distracted for any number of other reasons.)

Now, domain names come up for renewal every year.

If they aren’t renewed, they expire and are available for anyone else to buy.

So, since Bob is no longer actively promoting The Acme Diet, there is a fair chance that he will not renew the MyAcmeReview.com domain name and it will expire.

GoingNowhere01Then anyone who watches Bob’s video and clicks on his link will go nowhere.

Assuming that The Acme Diet is still for sale and that Bob’s video is still ranking high in the YouTube search results, there will be a constant stream of wasted traffic.

That’s where you come in.

You buy the expired MyAcmeReview.com domain name.

You sign up as an affiliate for The Acme Diet.

You create a simple one-page website with a short review of The Acme Diet and your affiliate link to the product sales page.

Now, all of that traffic that was falling off the edge of a cliff is coming to your website and being redirected with your affiliate link.

(If creating a website sounds like too much work, you can simply ‘redirect’ the domain name to send people directly to the product sales page with your affiliate link. This is a very simple thing to do.)

When people buy, you make a commission.

And all it has really cost you is around $2.99 a year, the typical annual registration fee for a domain name.

(If you create your own web page, you will also need hosting which, if you don’t already have it, will set you back around $6 to $8 a month.)

But how would you find expired domain names in the first place?

Here’s one idea.

Go to ClickBank.com (one of the biggest affiliate networks out there).

Search for a particular niche or drill down into the product categories.

Sort the search results by ‘gravity’.

In simple terms, gravity is a measure of how many affiliates are actively selling the product now.

If the gravity is more than, say, 10 or 20, the product is clearly selling.

Now take the product name and go to YouTube.

You then go to YouTube and search for the product name or the product name plus ‘review’, product name plus ‘bonus’, and so forth.

Open each of the videos on the first couple of pages of the search results, click on the links in the video description and see whether the link is broken.

If you find a broken link, you’re off to the races.

You could do something similar for other affiliate networks (e.g. JVZoo) or CPA networks.

(CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’. You get paid when someone completes a particular action, such as submitting their email address. They don’t necessarily have to buy anything.)

This method doesn’t just work for product names.

For example, you could search YouTube for ‘weight loss tips’ and then see whether any of the videos have broken links.

Assuming the videos are relevant, you could buy up the broken links and point them to your weight loss blog, which (of course) recommends weight loss products using your affiliate links.

Or, you could use this method for list building.

Again, find videos by searching YouTube for your niche, buy up the broken links and send the traffic to a squeeze page where you offer your free ’10 Lightning Fast Weight Loss Tips’ report in exchange for their email address.

You could monetise the traffic by having an affiliate offer on the optin thank you page.

That would give you a constant stream of leads for the annual cost of a domain name.

Now you may be thinking that there can’t be very many videos with broken links.

You would be wrong.

Some estimates put the number of videos on YouTube as more than 1 billion and rising all of the time.

Even if only 1% of those had a broken link, that is still 10 million videos to go after.

However, whilst this is an effective method for getting virtually free traffic, there is a problem.

It is going to take a fair bit of time (and more than a little boredom) to hunt down these broken links.

Vsource01And that’s where a new piece of software called ‘Vsource’ comes in.

In simple terms, Vsource automates the manual process I’ve just described.

You open up the software, type in a search term.

For example, suppose we have found the ‘Acme Diet’ on ClickBank and it has a healthy gravity, so we know it is still selling.

We type the search term ‘Acme Diet Review’ (say) into Vsource and hit ‘Go’.

The software will come back with videos that meet the search criteria.

Crucially, it will show you the ones that have broken links.

You can then click on ‘Check Availability’ next to any video and the software will open Go Daddy (a domain name registrar), search it for the domain name and show whether it is or isn’t available to be bought.

If it is available, you can buy the domain there and then from Go Daddy.

Typically, domain names cost around $2.99.

As we have already seen, you can now redirect the domain to your affiliate link or you can create a presell page.

Taking the automation even further, Vsource has a built-in presell page generator.

In simple terms, you specify the niche the product is in (e.g. ‘weight loss’), enter your affiliate link and hit go.

Vsource02The software will pull content from the internet (e.g. videos from YouTube) that is related to the niche.

When anyone clicks on any of this content, they are taken to the sales page of the product you are promoting using your affiliate link, so you get credited with any sales.

You can optionally elect to ask people for their email address before you send them to the offer so that you can build an email list.

These presell pages are built in literally a few seconds and the results are pretty impressive.

As I hope you can see, Vsource makes the job of finding broken links many times quicker and easier.

It will accomplish something in minutes that would take many hours to do manually.

Just as with the manual method, you can use Vsource to find broken links for specific products or for particular niches, such as ‘weight loss’.

And, with the email optin option, you can easily use it to build a list.

There is something else that Vsource allows you to do…

You can set it to look for videos that have no website link at all in the video description.

The idea here is that you can contact the video owner through YouTube and offer them a one-off fee in return for them adding your website link to their video.

As marketers, we can’t understand how someone could create a video that is getting good traffic and not have a link in it to make some money.

However, most of the world are not marketers.

And huge numbers of people put videos up simply to entertain or educate.

A proportion of them will be surprised and only too glad to learn that they can make some money from their efforts.

As they are not monetising their video, you can even offer to buy it off them and take full control of it.

Are there any downsides?

There is one…

Vsource will show you the number of views a video has had.

However, that is for all time, so you don’t really know whether the video is still getting views or whether they all happened some time ago.

To be fair, this is not the fault of Vsource because YouTube does not break down the views figure.

There are a couple of ways you can get round this.

You can take a note of the number of views showing in Vsource today and come back tomorrow or a few days hence and see how many views there are then.

This is the best method, since it gives you the actual views per day.

Alternatively, take whatever search term you are using (e.g. ‘Acme Diet Review’) and type it into the Google Keyword Planner to see how many searches that term gets per month.

(The Google Keyword Planner is free and includes full instructions on how to use it. Find it by searching Google for it.)

Now this will give you the searches on Google and not YouTube. However, one is usually indicative of the other.

So what’s the bottom line?

Approved01I am really impressed with Vsource.

With it, you can devote just a few minutes whenever you feel like it to hunt down some of these broken links.

To be up-front about it, it’s not going to make you rich overnight.

Most of the videos you find will probably only offer a trickle of traffic.

But those trickles can rapidly build up into a constant stream.

And you always have the prospect of striking gold by finding a broken link on a high-traffic video that points to a high-converting offer.

Plus, a big advantage of this method is that literally anyone can do it.

You just have to run the software, check whether the broken links are available and, if so, buy the domain name.

Then either redirect the domain or create an ‘instant’ presell page using the software.

And this does not require a big investment.

Typically a domain name costs around $2.99 a year.

If you don’t have web hosting and you want to use presell pages, you will need to spend another $6 to $8 a month but you can use that for all of your domains.

The bottom line is that I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is…

(a) Looking for a simple, low cost way to make hands-free recurring income

(b) Looking for a source of (virtually) free traffic

Vsource is currently available at a low launch price, but that will be increasing soon.

To see the software in action and get all the details, go here now…


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