Vinci 3D Review

Vinci 3DA very cool piece of software called ‘Vinci 3D’ has just launched…

In a nutshell, it’s a 3D video intro and outro creator.

(Read on even if you don’t create your own videos at the moment, because there is also a good business opportunity here.)

Now, we’ve seen a fair amount of this sort of software over the last couple of years.

However, what makes Vinci special is the ‘wow’ factor of the effects it can create in a few clicks of the mouse.

The software is very simple to describe and use.

It’s desktop based, so you download it and run it on your own computer and it doesn’t need an internet connection.

To create a video clip, this is all you do…

  1. Open Vinci
  2. Pick one of 50 provided template animations
  3. Upload your logo or image
  4. (Optionally) ‘tweak’ the animation to your liking
  5. Create the video clip

It genuinely is ‘point and click’ simple and can take as little as a minute from start to finish.

The software allows you to make adjustments to the animation to get it just the way you want it. For example, you can…

  • Add text to animations
  • Speed it up or slow it down
  • Change the colours used (e.g. to reflect specific colours in your brand)
  • Change the size of the logo and the animation background
  • Re-position the logo on the background
  • Tweak the special effects e.g. lighting and angles
  • Add background videos or images (a library is included)
  • Play the animation full-screen or in a part of the screen you select

A big plus not often seen is that any changes you make are previewed in real time, as you make them.

Vinci3D02You can watch Vinci in action here…

The importance of video in your business cannot be overstated.

One immediate way for visitors to judge your business is their experience in watching your videos.

It’s all about creating a good first impression.

In other words, you want your videos to have the ‘wow’ factor.

And that’s what Vinci delivers.

The 3D templates included look like they have been created by a film studio.

They will immediately impress and engage viewers so that they are in the right state of mind for watching your video content.

I really, really like this software.

It tackles a single problem and does it elegantly, simply and effectively.

Just select a template, add a logo, tweak to fit and you’re done.

Check out everything it can do here…

But there is also a serious business opportunity here…

During the launch, the personal use license is priced at $47.

For an additional $20, you get a developer license, which means that you can use Vinci to provide a service creating intros and outros for other people.

Businesses out there want to create and promote their brands.

They want their videos to have the ‘wow’ factor that means people will remember them.

So there is a huge demand for the type of attention-grabbing, special effects loaded clips that Vinci creates.

Since you can create a video intro or outro in a minute or two using Vinci, this would be a great service to offer on

(Just go to and search for ‘video intro’ to see that there is a healthy demand for this.)

However, because of the quality of the finished product, you could easily go more ‘up-market’ and list on other outsourcing sites such as

I have seen services like this offered for $50 to $100 and sometimes even more.

Your client would provide their logo and you just fire up Vinci, choose one of the 50 templates, upload the logo and export the video.

It’s a very simple business model that could produce a nice side-income.

If you already have video or offline clients, this is an obvious additional service you could offer them…

I like Vinci so much that I am including a valuable – and genuinely useful – collection of bonuses…

explaindio01BONUS 1: Explaindio One

This original best-selling, all-singing, all-dancing software for creating video presentations.

You can use slides, animation, motion video, whiteboard animation and more, all in the same project.

The latest version of Explaindio is only available on a subscription basis.

But you can get the original version free when you invest in Vinci.

And it also comes with 200 animated scenes and 500 vector images.

2DAnimator01BONUS 2: 2D Animation Studio

This software creates film-quality 2D animation by utilising vector images and bitmap artwork.

It is very easy (and fun) to use because it speeds up the process of creating animation by eliminating the need to create a single frame at a time.

Compositor2.001BONUS 3: Compositor 2.0

Compositing is the process of bringing multiple pieces of media (e.g. video and images) together and combining them to create a new piece of media.

This is what Compositor 2.0 is designed to do, with an easy to use interface and support for multiple formats.

It works on both PC and Mac.

Watermark01BONUS 4: Explaindio Watermark Maker

As its name suggests, this is software that allows you to quickly create watermarks using images and text and then add them to your videos.

Typically, you use watermarks to overlay your videos with your name or logo and maybe your website address to protect against them being stolen and used by other people.

You can also use them to show finished videos to clients. You only remove the watermark after you have been paid.

ScreenMarker01BONUS 5: Screen Marker

Screen Marker is an easy to use, yet powerful, desktop annotation tool for Windows (no Mac version, I’m afraid).

In simple terms, it can be set running in the background. You can then use it to ‘draw’ annotations directly onto your screen, over the top of browser windows or software that is running.

It can be used in live presentations or training sessions, and also to highlight, emphasise or even hide areas in screen capture videos you create.

SCVideoEditor01BONUS 6: SC Video Editor (with white label rights)

This simple to use video editor allows you to apply scene transitions, video filters and more across multiple timelines.

It comes with white label rights, so you can sell it and keep 100% of the proceeds or give it away as a lead generator or bonus.

GIFAnimator01BONUS 7: GIF Animator Software (Windows only, with white label rights)

This simple piece of software allows you to create animated GIF images from a series of images you upload.

It also comes with white label rights, so you can sell it and keep 100% of the proceeds or give it away as a lead generator or bonus.

PanoramaPhotoStitcher01BONUS 8: Panorama Photo Stitcher (Windows only, with white label rights)

Use this simple software to upload a sequence of photos and ‘stitch’ them together to create a single panorama image.

White label rights are included, so you can sell it and keep 100% of the proceeds or give it away as a lead generator or bonus.

EasyWebBuilder01BONUS 9: Easy Web Builder

An intuitive drag and drop builder for creating professional web pages in minutes.


That’s quite a bundle of bonuses and, together, they are worth more than your investment in Vinci.

All bonuses are available for download in the Vinci member’s area after you have purchased.

Approved01The bottom line is that Vinci makes the process of creating highly professional 3D animations that will add the ‘wow’ factor to all of your videos (or your client’s videos) incredibly fast and point and click simple.

Vinci is a ‘must-have’ tool for video creators and marketers and also for people looking to offer intro and outro creation as a service to others.

Do take a look.

I think you’ll be as impressed as I am…

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