VidioJack Review

VidioJack01Today, a quick review of a product that launched yesterday, called ‘VidioJack’…

In a nutshell, VidioJack is a piece of software that claims to get your videos page 1 Google rankings in a few hours.

The idea is to create quick review videos for products being launched, get them ranking on page 1 search results quickly and ‘hijack’ the traffic from people searching Google for more information on those products.

Hence the ‘Jack’ part of the title.

However, as the authors claim, you can use this technique for ‘evergreen’ product promotions as well.

Well, you could… if the software actually worked.

I always groan inwardly when anything comes onto the market claiming to help you get ‘page 1 rankings’.

Google is very, very clever these days and it continues to get even cleverer.

It rewards good quality, relevant content and punishes people trying to ‘game’ the system, especially through automation.

So my expectations for VidioJack were not high… and they were exceeded, but not in a good way.

Bizarrely, all the evidence you need to see that VidioJack does NOT work is provided on their own sales page.

They give two case studies that show the page 1 rankings they have got for two affiliate promotions (one in the video at the top of the page and one in the video around halfway down the page).

However, if you go to Google and type in the phrases they were ranking for, their videos are no longer to be seen on the first page (or even on the first few pages).

Fail01Somebody should have checked that before they went to press!

I am sure they did get those rankings initially (although you have to take their word for it that they got them using VidioJack alone).

However, as with almost all of these fast ranking strategies, they may get you on the first page quickly, but Google soon catches on and pushes your website or video into search engine oblivion.

Maybe you will be on the first page long enough to make a few sales, but I doubt it.

Especially now that everyone who gets VidioJack will be trying to do the same thing.

Besides that, VidioJack really isn’t doing anything very ‘clever’.

You create accounts on various social media platforms and the software will then make posts on those platforms pointing back to your video (‘backlinking’ in the lingo).

This is something you could do manually, albeit it may take a little longer.

And so many marketers do this as a matter of course now that it doesn’t have that much effect on your rankings anymore.

Much more important are things like views, social engagement and how long people watch your videos, none of which VidioJack helps you with.

I am sure you will be seeing a lot of people promoting VidioJack but take my advice and steer clear. You’ll save yourself some time and money.

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