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VidgeosBox01Yet another video creation software has just launched.

Before you groan and roll your eyes (my initial reaction), this one does have a lot going for it, plus some very unique features, that make it worth your consideration.

This one is called ‘Vidgeos’ and you can get the full details here…

When I first heard about this, my first reaction was…

“Does the world really need yet another video creator?”

Having spent many hours playing with Videgeos, my answer is “Maybe”.

There is no doubt that this is a quality piece of software that has clearly taken a lot of time and a lot of creativity to put together.


At its core, it is a slide-based video creator.

And it does this job very well.

You can start from scratch or use one of the provided templates.

You can add backgrounds, text and images.

And you can animate objects using a huge array of really rather clever and elegant special effects.

In this respect, it out-does most presentation software, such as PowerPoint.

Microphone01One pretty much essential feature that has been missing from some other video creators that have hit the market recently, is that you can record a narration while you preview the slides.

And you can do some basic sound editing as well, such as cropping sound from the start or end of the track and adjusting the volume.

Similarly, you can add backing music.

So it does pretty much everything you could ask for from a slide-based video creator.

But Vidgeos comes with some other features that are, to my knowledge, pretty unique and very clever.

VidgeosCTA01First, you can create ‘hot links’ from any object in your slides.

For example, you could have a button saying “Click Here Now To See This In Action” and attach a website address.

When people click on the button, they are taken to the web page you specify.

You can also overlay optin forms onto your videos asking for an email address.

And you can choose to pause the video until the viewer decides whether or not to subscribe.

You can also add a countdown timer to your videos that allows you to add scarcity to any offer you make in them.

Whilst this functionality is available in other software, this is the first time I have seen it all built into a fully functioning video creator.

Next up – and this is completely unique – you can tailor your videos based on the location of the viewer.

This opens up a number of possibilities for making your videos more engaging for a global audience.

VidgeosTranslate01First up, is the ability to translate the text in your videos into pretty much any foreign language that you like and to do it on the fly.

Thus, the software can detect the country the viewer is based in and automatically display the text in your videos in the language of that country.

Alternatively, you can include a ‘translation’ button on your video that gives the viewer the option to translate the text or not, allowing for viewers in, say, Germany, who would rather watch in English.

(Clearly, only the text is translated and not any audio narration.)

The software can also display the local date, time and city for the viewer, which is a clever way to get attention.

So Vidgeos has a lot of positives going for it and many of those are genuinely unique.

You can see these features and more in action here…

What about negatives?

There are a couple…

The first is the absence of a facility to insert other videos into your projects (although I’m told that this will be added in a future release).

For example, you can’t use the software to create a video that combines slides and ‘live action’, such as you may want to do with a product demonstration.

You could, of course, create a video in Vidgeos and then use that in another video editor to combine slides and live action.

However, you would then lose many of the special features I have been talking about.

This is definitely a limiting factor unless you only want to produce exclusively slide presentations.

The other major negative is the price.

During the launch window only, you can get lifetime access to Vidgeos for a one-time payment of $197.

Alternatively, you can opt for $47 a month or $127 a year.

So many times more than the ‘typical’ launch price of video software we have seen over the last year.

Which begs the question… “Is it worth it?”

And that’s where the “Maybe” comes in.

If you create lots of videos in your business and all or most of those videos are slide-based presentations and you would welcome having all of the ‘bells and whistles’ – most of which are offered individually in other software – all in one place, Vidgeos could be a very sound investment.

It is unquestionably a well-thought-out, fully-featured, robust and intuitive piece of kit that produces very slick videos with point and click simplicity.

And, in one important sense, the hefty price tag is reassuring.

It demonstrates the significant investment that has gone into creating the software and indicates that the authors are in it for the long haul.

How many of those $27 software launches have created a huge ‘feeding frenzy’ in the marketplace, only to sink without trace just a few months later?

How many have you actually bought and then never used?

Unlike them, Vidgeos has the potential to become a genuine ‘work horse’ for video marketers.

This is even more true if, as the authors have indicated’, they add the ability to add externally produced videos into the mix.

You can watch Vidgeos in action and see the bonus collection I have put together here…

Now for the upsells…

There are two.

The first is the ‘Templates Club’, giving you access to an additional 100 slide templates for a one-time fee of $37 and the option to pay a further $27 monthly to get 50 more each month.

The standard version comes with a good stock of templates so, whether you go for this depends on how many you want.

The second upsell is the inevitable ‘Pro’ version of the software for an additional one-time fee of $97.

For your money, you get…

  • ‘Tap to Call’ (hot buttons that viewers can tap to open a Skype call to a phone number of your choice)
  • Social sharing (one-click buttons to share your video on all the usual social media platforms)
  • Add a logo to your videos
  • 100 extra text fonts
  • 50 extra slide transitions
  • 30 music tracks (the standard version does not come with any music tracks, but you can import your own)

It is up to you whether any or all of these extra features are worth $97 to you.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you create a lot of predominantly slide-based videos, Vidgeos brings together just about everything you could want in a video creator.

And that includes some genuinely unique features, such as on-the-fly text translation and date, time and location information, which offer real value if you market in non-English speaking countries.

In that case, Vidgeos would be a sound investment.

However, if you only create occasional videos, or your videos typically combine slide and live action video, it will be more difficult to justify the significant investment in Vidgeos.

I have only been able to give you an overview of what Vidgeos offers in this review.

To find out more, watch a demonstration of the software in action and see the bonuses I have put together, go here…


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