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** UPDATE **

The creators of Video Traffic X have just performed three test runs of the software and managed to get all three videos they created ranking on page 1 of Google for the search terms they targeted.

You can see the tests and proof of results here…

I have to say, those are some pretty impressive results.


A new piece of software has just launched called ‘Video Traffic X’.

Cutting to the chase, it allows you to create videos very quickly from articles you feed into it.

Now, that isn’t new.

There has been a whole bunch of software that has promised something similar, ever since video marketing became the next ‘hot’ traffic source.

The difference with Video Traffic X is that it is the first software I have seen that actually produces videos of a high enough standard to put up on YouTube and still maintain your dignity (and your  YouTube account).

So why would you want to create videos quickly?

In simple terms, it’s the ‘shotgun’ versus ‘sniper’ video ranking strategy.

Instead of investing a lot of time, effort and maybe money in creating a handful of highly-polished, manually produced videos and working to get those ranked, you crank out multiple videos, in multiple niches, targeting multiple different keywords and see which get ranked.

You can then invest your time and effort in just the winners.

Now I know that the quantity versus quality approach is not for everyone.

If it isn’t for you, please stop reading now and accept my apologies for taking your time.

If you’re still reading, how does Video Traffic X work?

1. Find an article focusing on the niche and keyword you are targeting

2. Copy and paste the article into Video Traffic X

3. Follow the advice the software gives you to optimise your article for the search engines

4. Use the in-built search engine to find and download images related to your keyword. All of the images sourced will have license terms that allow you to use them

5. Optionally select narration for your video. You can choose a male or female voice

6. Optionally add backing music provided with the software

7. Create your video

Video Traffic X will now build the video…

It will split the video into scenes, with each scene being one of the images you have provided.

It will take the article and use it to create captions that appear on each image.

It will create a computer-generated voiceover that is paced to match the captions.

It will add backing music.

The whole process takes a few minutes.

And, as I say, the end result is actually pretty good.

Even the voiceover could pass for a real human.

You can see what I mean by watching the demo of Video Traffic X in action here…

Now I have to say that I think the sales letter does give something of a false impression.

Video Traffic X itself does not – and cannot – guarantee that you will get your videos ranked and, hence, get free traffic to your offers.

What it does do is allow you to test out multiple niches and multiple keywords in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise by reducing the video production time to the bare minimum whilst still retaining sufficient quality.

And it does that better than any similar software I have seen to date.

I have also put together a valuable collection of bonuses, all of which will help you significantly in ranking your videos, whether they are created by Video Traffic X or not.

You can see what they are and watch Video Traffic X in action here…

If you are interested, please check this out as soon as possible, because there is a special deal being offered that will be removed when the launch period ends.

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