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Video Course Cash KitA new training course called ‘Video Course Cash Kit’ has just launched…

And it’s a refreshing change from recent launches, because it doesn’t promise to make you tens or even hundreds of thousands a month by this time next Thursday.

In fact, the income claims are pretty modest.

The author of the course, John Shea, has been using this method for around 2 years and has built up an income of around $2,000 to $3,000 a month.

That may not sound like a lot, but…

  • This income is almost completely hands-free and…
  • John did not have to put in much time at all to create it (he only does this part-time)

Isn’t passive, recurring income something we all aspire too?

You put in some work once and then get paid over and over again for it, for months or even years into the future.

Contrast that with a ‘job’, where you work an hour and get paid for an hour.

The only way you can get paid more is to work more hours, and there are only so many of those in a day.

The problem, of course, is creating that passive recurring income.

You can create a membership site, but that requires in-depth knowledge of a subject, an awful lot of content creation and it can be a real pain to set up and maintain.

You could also write a hit song or a bestselling book, but that requires a fair degree of talent and not a little luck.

Or, you could do what John does.

And that’s creating short video courses for online¬†training platforms such as and

Now, if you’re like a lot of people, your immediate reaction is likely to be one or more of the following…

  • I don’t know enough about anything to create a course!
  • I’m uncomfortable about being ‘on camera’!
  • I don’t have the equipment needed to make video courses!

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that John deals with each of these objections head-on and provides simple solutions.

Everyone knows something that other people will want to learn.

And you most certainly don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to teach it.

Many of the courses on these platforms have a total running time of less than half-an-hour.

For example, John and his girlfriend created a short course on how to ‘Make an Epic Apple Crisp’, which runs to less than 10 minutes.

It was all recorded on John’s mobile phone and took around an hour to make from start to finish.

And yet, the course has already attracted 48 students and earned John’s girlfriend more than $200.

Anyone could do this.

Even if you didn’t know how to create an epic apple crisp, you would after some simple research online.

And that’s the thing.

Even if you think you don’t know anything about anything, you can simply take information that is readily available online, put your own slant on it and use it as the basis for a simple course.

(If you are still not convinced, I have a very special bonus that is going to help a lot. More of that in a moment.)

If you aren’t comfortable being ‘on camera’, John shows you a number of ways to create courses without you having to be.

As for the equipment you need to create your courses, a decent microphone (around $30) is required, but John shows you how you can set pretty much everything else up using free tools and resources.

So, how about the training itself?

Video Course Cash Kit Training

I have worked my way through the whole course and I am very impressed.

(Probably not surprising as John does create video courses for a living!)

There are 57 videos that cover every aspect of the business model, from coming up with ideas, to the simple equipment you will need, to structuring your content, to filming your videos, right through to the multiple platforms you can upload your courses to maximise your income.

This is definitely not one of those courses where you get the nagging feeling that something has been left out.

If you have struggled to make money online, or you are looking to build a healthy hands-free side income, this is definitely something to consider.

All you have to focus on is creating courses.

(That may sound daunting now, but I assure you that it won’t once you’ve been through the training.)

Unlike so many other online business models, everything else is handled for you.

In particular, you don’t have to drive traffic because the training platforms do that for you.

In fact, the creators of the course are so confident that anyone can find success with this that they are offering an additional guarantee…

If you follow the training and create a course and you do not make at least $100, they will refund you TWICE the cost of the course.

This is actually quite an easy guarantee for them to make because the course shows you how to collect $100, $200 or more from the training platforms for simply creating and uploading a course.

But there is something else that makes Video Course Cash Kit a bit special…

Invest just $29 in acquiring it during the 3-day launch period and you will also get agency rights to sell 50 copies of the course itself and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Sell those 50 copies at $29 each and you will make yourself $1,450 in pure profit.

And the course creators handle product delivery, support and maintenance for you.

To my mind, this makes Video Course Cask Kit an excellent investment, even if you don’t plan to implement the training yourself…


What about the inevitable upsells?

There are no fewer than 4, but (genuinely) none of them is needed to implement the business model.

The first upsell is for $67 and extends that agency license from 50 copies to unlimited.

Unlimited resale rights to a quality product like this for just $67 really is an absolute steal. And, again, all product delivery and support is handled for you.

The second upsell is also for $67 and gives you unlimited agency rights to an affiliate training course.

The third upsell is for $97 and gives you unlimited agency rights to the ‘Link Master’ WordPress plugin.

Finally, the fourth upsell gives you lifetime access to the ‘Profit Canvas’ web page, video builder and internet marketing training package for $47.

All of these products are fully described in the sales videos, so I won’t go into detail here.

The first three are not really relevant to the Video Course Cash Kit training itself, but they can provide you with a portfolio of high-quality products to promote and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Profit Canvas provides the training to market these products, along with the software to build all of the web pages you will need to do so.

This is well worth your serious consideration if you have an existing internet marketing business or you want to create one.

You have everything here that you need to create a complete sales funnel, with squeeze page, frontend offer and upsells…

I really like Video Course Cash Kit and I want to make it even better by offering the following bonuses…

** Bonuses **

Special Bonus

John will show you multiple ways to come up with subjects for your courses.

However, once you have an idea, you will still have to do some research to collect your course content together.

This Special Bonus is for people who want to get their first course – or courses – created as quickly as possible, both to prove that this works and to kick start their earnings.

I have put together a package of 15 Private Label Rights (PLR) products on in-demand topics that would make excellent video courses.

Because I am handing you the PLR license, you become the author and you can use these materials in any way you see fit.

Each of the products is provided in Microsoft Word format, so you can change them however you like.

The idea is that you take one of the products and use it as the ‘script’ for your video course.

Here are the 15 subjects included…

  1. Unstoppable Confidence
  2. How to Get What You Want in Life
  3. How to Manage Your Career
  4. Effective Communication Skills
  5. Getting Motivated
  6. The New You
  7. Tips for Authors
  8. The Art of Astrology
  9. Balance Your Life
  10. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  11. Memory Techniques
  12. Parenting Through Divorce
  13. Pregnancy Guide
  14. Public Speaking
  15. Making Your First Film

These are not re-hashed $5 ebooks.

This is top-notch content that I spent $100’s to acquire, with each piece running to between 50 and 100 pages.

And they are all evergreen subjects, meaning that courses you create from them will continue to be relevant and earn you a passive income for years to come.

Using the materials in this package as a massive head start, you really could have your first course ready to go in the next couple of days.

You will find the link for the download in the JVZoo customer portal after you complete your purchase.

But that’s not all.

You will also receive the following valuable bonuses…

Video Course Cash Kit Bonuses

** Update: More Bonuses Added **

If the above are not enough, the following bonuses have just been added…

BONUS 5: White Label Rights to Mobile Optimize Pro

This software quickly optimises any website for display on mobile devices.

Video demo:

BONUS 6: Whitelabel Rights To Video Auto Click

Automatically redirect viewers of your videos on Facebook to any web page you want.

Video demo:

BONUS 7: Whitelabel Rights to SociVids

Add calls to action, banners and even optin forms to your videos.

Video demo:

BONUS 8: Whitelabel Rights to ClickBar

Add a countdown timer / scarcity bar to any website or blog post.

Video demo:

BONUS 9: Whitelabel Rights and Giveaway Rights to Pixel Insert

Allows you to add your Facebook retargeting pixel to every page on your website with a few clicks.

Video demo:

BONUS 10: Whitelabel Rights and Giveaway Rights to Jack Jacker

Generate your own ‘popup box’ and have it appear over any website (including other people’s). Use it to build your list or send people to a relevant offer.

Video demo:

BONUS 11: Whitelabel Rights and Giveaway Rights to Support Chat

Create your own support chat feature for any WordPress website.

Video demo:

All of these bonuses will be available in the Video Course Cash Kit member’s area.

That’s a grand total of 12 valuable bonuses, including 7 with white label rights.

Seriously, even if you are not interested in learning the business model in Video Course Cash Kit, but you are building an internet business and want products to promote, the bonuses alone are worth far more than the asking price.

You have the makings of a complete sales funnel here.

You offer one of these products as a lead magnet to get people to subscribe.

Then you immediately offer them another one for a low price.

And then the remaining products can be offered either as upsells or as part of your automated email follow-up sequence.

Video Course Cash Kit is fresh, simple, quick to implement in your spare time, requires no special knowledge or skills and builds a growing hands-free income stream.

It also comes with a stack of genuinely valuable bonuses.

What’s not to like?

However, Video Course Cash Kit is only available at the introductory price plus the 50-copy agency license plus all of the bonuses for just 3 days, so do check it out now…

It is well worth a look!

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