Video Builder Review

Video Builder ReviewI’m pretty sure that you are going to be hearing a lot about a new product that has just launched called ‘Video Builder’.

As its name suggests, it is software for creating videos.

A lot of adjectives like ‘revolutionary’, ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘game-changing’ are being bandied around to describe it.

Do I think it is any of those things?

No, not really.

However, it is a very simple way for people to quickly create videos, especially if – like a lot of people – they don’t want to appear on-screen or even record a voiceover.

You may recall another piece of software that was released a couple of months ago called ‘Video Pal’.

That allows you to create ‘walk-on’ avatars for your web pages.

When someone visits a page where the software is in operation, a three-dimensional animated character appears at the bottom of the screen and delivers a pre-recorded audio message or call to action.

For example, the character may encourage the visitor to join your email list or watch a presentation.

The core feature of that software is ‘text to speech’, the ability to convert written text that you provide into the narration delivered by the avatar.

Video Builder AvatarsThe ‘revolutionary’ aspect is the synchronisation of the words being spoken with the mouth movements of the avatar.

The creators of that software – Todd Gross and Paul Ponna – have taken that same technology and built it into a more general video creation tool and called it Video Builder.

I think the text-to-speech and synchronisation aspects are pretty impressive.

They are certainly the best I have seen in any software at this low price point.

However, with Video Builder, you are also getting a pretty competent video editor that has many of the features of a ‘lite’ version of much pricier editors, such as Camtasia.

Hence, you have a timeline and the ability to add and edit multiple video and audio tracks.

The software also comes with a library of text effects, animations, transitions, lower thirds, intros, outros, calls to action and backgrounds.

Plus, you can import your own video, audio and images to work on.

In other words, Video Builder provides pretty much everything you need to create complete videos very quickly, all in one place and for a very attractive price.

To me, this is its real appeal.

If you are already used to creating live action videos using more expensive editing software, this is probably not for you.

However, if you are not a video professional or you find the idea of video creation just a bit scary, Video Builder could be just what you are looking for.

Rather than having to appear on camera or record a voiceover, you can just type up the message you want to deliver.

You copy and paste that into the software, choose your avatar and voice type, add a background and additional features, such as lower thirds, an intro and an outro and a call to action and you are done.

If the idea of making the whole process of video creation pretty much ‘drag and drop’ simple appeals to you, watch Video Builder in action here…

Video Builder BonusI am also including a stack of useful bonuses that will add real value to the offer…

(1) 25 high definition stock footage taken by drone, including coastlines and cityscapes. Very eye-catching when used as video backgrounds

(2) 33 high definition time-lapse stock footage, including cityscapes, skies and street scenes. The perfect backgrounds for your video projects

(3) 500 business, niche and call to action icons to spruce up your video projects

(4) 47 high-definition abstract image backgrounds for use as video backgrounds or any other way you see fit

(5) 3 additional animated avatars to use with the software

(6) 120 royalty-free music tracks across a variety of genres and moods

(7) 5 professionally produced sales scripts you can tweak and load into the software

(8) A step-by-step case study of how simple video techniques were used to generate more than $70K in affiliate commissions in a single day

(9) 10 professionally produced animated video backgrounds, including waves, stripes, street scene and more

(10) 19 video outros with built-in calls to action

(11) 4 animated video countdown timers

(12) Over-the-shoulder video tutorial on how to optimise your videos for the web, including how to minimise file sizes without compromising on quality

Instructions for accessing the bonuses will be available in the JVZoo Customer Portal after you make your purchase.

Video Builder ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

The text-to-speech feature works well and provides a simple alternative for more ‘camera shy’ video makers who do not want to appear – or even narrate – on-screen.

Beyond that, Video Builder is a very competent video editor that will meet the needs of most people who only create the occasional video.

At the low introductory price, that makes it an investment well worth considering.

To claim your bonuses and see Video Builder in action, go here…


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