Video Ads Mastery Review

Video Ads Mastery ReviewA new product called ‘FB Video Ads Mastery’ from Mario Brown has just launched.

I’ll call it VAM for short.

As its name suggests, this is a training course showing how to get profitable traffic using Facebook video ads.

So, yes, this is about paid traffic.

Now that word ‘paid’ can have a lot of beginners running for the hills.

If that’s you, don’t go just yet, because this course is designed specifically for ‘newbies’ in the traffic generation game.

My subscribers who are just starting out continually tell me that their big problem is traffic.

And I have to keep telling them that traffic is NOT the problem they are having.

There is a virtually unlimited amount of traffic out there and countless ways of tapping into it, both ‘free’ and ‘paid’.

It’s completely understandable that most beginners focus on free traffic, because they don’t want to run the risk of spending money and not seeing any returns.

So they will look at things like SEO to rank their websites, forum posts and social media.

Unfortunately, there are two issues with free traffic.

First, it is not really ‘free’ at all.

You have to invest a good deal of time and energy to make it happen and, to coin a phrase, time is money.

Second, free traffic tends to be slow in coming.

It takes a long time to get the tap running and then it may only produce a trickle.

This is why so many people get disillusioned with free traffic.

They try it and, when they don’t see fast and meaningful results, they conclude that it doesn’t work.

In contrast, paid traffic has the virtue of being both fast and measurable.

Generally, you press ‘Go’ and you will see results in hours or in some cases, even minutes.

And you will be able to assess pretty quickly whether the traffic is profitable or not.

That is, whether you are making more money from the traffic than it is costing you to generate it.

If it is, you scale it up and, if it isn’t, you switch it off and try something else.

There is no doubt that, done right, paid traffic is the best type of traffic.

Once it is profitable, you know that putting $1 in at one end produces $1.50, $2 or $5 out of the other end.

It sounds trite, but if you knew that putting in $1 would produce $2, how many dollars would you put in?

It’s almost like printing money.

Of course, unless you are very fortunate, you won’t get $2 out for every $1 you put in, right off the bat.

You have to test and tweak to produce a profitable campaign.

But here’s the thing…

With free traffic, you need to invest a lot of time to find out whether something is going to work or not.

If it doesn’t, that time is wasted.

And, even if it does, you will usually find that free traffic is not scalable.

In other words, it may be that it generates you $10 a day, but there may be no way to turn that into $20, $50 or $100 a day.

With paid traffic, you can test very quickly and, if something works, quickly scale it up many times over.

In many cases, it’s just a question of increasing your ad budget.

If you’re a beginner, that may all make logical sense to you…

But you may still shy away from paid advertising because of the perceived possibility of spending a wedge of money and not seeing any return.

Fortunately, there are ways of minimising that risk.

For example, Facebook advertising allows you to do this in two ways.

First, you can start with a daily budget of as little as $5.

Second, Facebook allows you to laser-target your ads so they are only shown to the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

This is known as ‘targeting’ and it’s crucial to profitable paid advertising.

As a simple example, I don’t like golf.

I have tried it and subscribe to the view that it is a long walk in the country spoiled.

So it would be a total waste of money for a business to pay to show me ads for golf equipment.

Unlike most platforms, you can avoid that with Facebook.

There is no ad platform on the planet that knows more about its users than Facebook.

It knows what you like and what you don’t like, because you tell it through what you do on Facebook.

It knows where you live, what sports you like, where you like to go on vacation and maybe even what you had for lunch today.

And that’s why Facebook is one of the most powerful – and cost-effective – ad platforms around today.

It allows you to only show your ads to people most likely to be interested in your offer.

And that also makes it cheap…

Do it right and you will get more conversions per 1,000 people you reach than you would on other paid advertising platforms.

I know this to be true because Facebook advertising has been my number one source of paid traffic for going on three years now.

In that time, prices have increased as more advertisers have jumped on board.

However, it is still by a long way the most cost-effective source of paid traffic I use.

So VAM naturally attracted my attention, both for my subscribers and for me, because I am always on the look out for new ways to do things.

In a nutshell, VAM is a complete training course on how to run Facebook video ads, backed up by three live case studies.

(If you’re concerned about appearing on camera, don’t be. There are many alternatives for creating videos.)

The member’s area is well laid-out and easy to navigate.

Each video builds on the last in a logical sequence.

And Mario really does have the complete beginner in mind here.

The first few videos walk through the three case studies in detail.

And the remaining videos provide over-the-shoulder training on every aspect of Facebook advertising, from creating an account through to more advanced topics, such as retargeting.

If you have never done Facebook advertising before, Mario has you covered.

Technically, the videos are high-definition and the video and sound quality are excellent. Everything is crisp and clear.

But the case studies are the main reason why this course stands out for me.

There are three, covering three different objectives…

(1) Pure list building

(2) Promoting an affiliate offer

(3) Promoting your own products

Mario set out with this course to create something for the complete beginner.

So each of the case studies was conducted as if he were indeed a beginner.

They do not utilise any existing audience Mario may have and they start off with a minimal budget of $5 a day, even though Mario would typically go much higher.

You see how and why Mario created his ads, how he decided on the targeting, how he performed his initial test, how he ‘tweaked’ the ads to make them profitable and how he scaled them up when he had a profitable campaign.

There is no reason why you couldn’t ‘steal’ Mario’s campaigns and run them for yourself.

However, I wouldn’t recommend that, because you only learn by doing things for yourself.

I particularly liked the affiliate offer case study where Mario scaled a campaign from $5 a day to make $1,796 in commissions from an ad spend of $309.99.

That’s close to getting $6 out for every $1 in. Pretty impressive.

This was for a very recent product launch that I promoted myself and I certainly picked up a few tips I will be using in future campaigns.

(The product is ‘Viddyoze Live Action’ video software, which I recommended in a previous email.)

Video Ads Mastery ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

VAM is a very well put-together course that assumes no prior knowledge of Facebook ads.

It covers everything a beginner needs to know, from the basics of ad setup to more advanced scaling strategies.

And everything is illustrated and reinforced by the inclusion of three live case studies, showing how everything works in practice.

It is an excellent introduction for anyone looking to get into paid traffic in general and Facebook ads in particular.

Mastering paid traffic solves your traffic ‘problem’ forever and VAM is a very good place to start your journey.

Even if you already run profitable Facebook ads, there are several tips to pick up from the case studies alone.

You can get all of the details here…

As an epilogue, I am not saying free traffic is bad.

Of course it isn’t.

After all it’s… well… free (at least in financial terms).

And, if and when you master it, you can certainly run a business purely on free traffic.

However, I don’t know any marketers who are consistently earning six or seven figures a year who don’t include paid advertising in their marketing.

And that’s because it is very difficult to scale free traffic.

So it’s not really a case of either-or.

You want to be doing both to get the best results.

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