Viddyoze Review

** STOP PRESS: Viddyoze switches from a once-only payment to a recurring subscription at midnight on October 2nd, EDT or 5am on October 3rd, UK time. **

New software called ‘Viddyoze’ has just launched.

I thought it was a terrible name, until I realised that it is supposed to be a play on the word ‘videos’… then I still thought it was a terrible name.

viddyoze01Any-hoo, what does Viddyoze do?

In simple terms, it allows you to create some genuinely stunning effects you can use in your videos.

For the most part, these will be…

> Intros – the titles that play at the start of your videos

> Transitions – graphics that take the viewer from one scene to the next

> Outros – the credits that play at the end of your videos

> Calls to action – the bits where you ask viewers of your videos to do something, such as like your video, join your email list, etc, etc

The overall aim is to make your videos look slick, professional and sexy and build your ‘brand’ so people get to know that, yes, this is another video from that guy or gal.

But read on, because the really big potential of this is in using it to create your own ‘business in a box’.

I have now spent a couple of hours playing with the software and here are the plusses and minuses as I see them…


> The clips and effects provided are very professional and indeed stunning. You can use them to create some of the best-looking intros and outros I have seen anywhere.

> The software is incredibly easy to use. You can easily see all of the clips available to you. You just pick the one you want use, add text and/or a graphic and that’s pretty much job done.

> It’s fast. You really can produce an outstanding video clip in a few minutes.


> Unless I am missing something, there is no ‘preview’ function. So you select your clip and specify what text or graphic you want to appear in it. I would then expect the option to preview what the finished clip will look like before creating the video.

However, the only option is to render the clip and then download it. If you don’t like what you get, you have to go back, make a tweak and download it again.

Now, there aren’t many things apart from text or graphic that you can change, so this may not be a big issue. It’s just irritating and makes using the software that little bit less of a pleasant experience.

> There is no audio option. The software generates the video graphics but you will have to go elsewhere to add music or sound effects.

I am really surprised by this since almost everybody will want an audio component to their intros and outros and it just makes sense to have everything in one place.

Of course, you can import your video clip into other video editing software (and that can be free, such as Moviemaker) and add the audio yourself, but it is just a completely unnecessary inconvenience.T

There is not ‘undo’ button. So, if you make a mistake, youhave to go back to the beginning. That said, there is very little that you can actually change, so the worst case scenario is that you lose a few minutes worth of your work.

So what’s the verdict?

If you are only looking to create one set of video graphics for your own videos, Viddyoze is probably overkill.

You could get a single set created for you on for $5 or $10, a fraction of the price of this software.

If you have multiple video channels and plan on creating more, each with its own branding, Viddyoze starts to look like a much wiser investment.

However, where Viddyoze really comes into its own is if you create videos or video graphics for other people.

If that’s the case, I have no doubt that you could make really good money.

There is any number of people out there willing to pay $100, $200 or even more to create logos, intros and outros for their videos and you could churn these things out in minutes with Viddyoze.

Take a minute to run a search on outsourcing sites such as, or and you’ll see the potential.

Even if you just offered your services as a gig on, you could still turn a good profit given the time it takes to use Viddyoze.

The price of the software looks like a ‘steal’ in this case.

What about upsells?

Unusually, there aren’t any.

Only kidding. Of course there are.

The first is a subscription service at $37 a month, where you get a batch of new templates you can use every month.

If you are using Viddyoze just for your own videos, this isn’t necessary.

However, if you are planning to sell this as a service, this is a ‘must-have’ because, of course, it expands the portfolio you can offer clients.

The second upsell is also highly recommended if (and only if) you are going into business with Viddyoze.

It is some (actually very good) training on how to set up, promote and run a business based on using the software.

The price is a little steep at $97, but will be well worth it, especially if you have not sold services before.

The bottom line is that Viddyoze for personal use is probably not a great buy, unless you create lots of different video brands in your business.

But Viddyoze is a great buy if you want to set yourself up almost instantly in a very profitable business.

You just respond to people on outsourcing sites looking for video logos, intros and outros and use Viddyoze to deliver the goods.

In this case, I would recommend taking both upsells because they offer the training and resources you need to succeed.

Note that this is a launch and the price will be rising soon, so take a look now if you are interested…

P.S. To address the absence of music in the software, I have added a bonus of 54 music tracks.

You will find instructions for downloading them waiting for you in the JVZoo customer portal after you purchase…

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