Turnkey Profit Machines Review

EcommerceI’m sure you’re aware of the huge ‘buzz’ around ecommerce as a way of making money online.

At least in theory, it’s one of the simplest business models around.

All you have to do is find a physical product to promote, find somewhere you can buy it cheaply and then sell it on at a higher price.

In other words, “buy low, sell high”.

That product could be anything… a T-shirt, a necklace, a watch, a pen, a lawnmower… anything.

Historically, one of the stumbling blocks to ecommerce has been having to buy stock up front and then store it before you can make sales.

This ties up your money and your garage space and you are always taking the risk that the product won’t sell, leaving you with a bunch of worthless stock.

The answer is ‘dropshipping’.

This is where you only buy the stock after you have already sold it.

So a customer buys the product from you. You then order the item from the supplier and tell them to send it direct (‘dropship’ it) to the customer.

This way, you never carry any stock and you only pay for an item after you have already received payment from the customer.

This removes almost all of the risk in an ecommerce business.

The key then is to source products as cheaply as possible so you can afford to advertise them and still make a healthy profit.

AliExpressThis is where Ali Express (AliExpress.com) comes in.

This is a huge website that offers hundreds of thousands of incredibly cheap products from China that can all be dropshipped to customers pretty much anywhere in the world.

(If you’ve never visited Ali Express, go and take a look around. You will be amazed at the range of products and the ridiculously low prices they are offered at.)

Of course, there are concerns with sourcing products from as far away as China.

Will suppliers be reliable?

Ali Express has that covered, because all suppliers are rated according to the feedback they have received from their customers.

Then there is the delivery time from China to, say, the US or UK.

Generally, products can take a week to 10 days to reach their destination.

This may sound like a long time to those of us who are used to Amazon fulfilment.

However, as long as you are totally transparent about timescales, most people are prepared to wait a bit longer to get goods at the low prices you can offer by sourcing through Ali Express.

How do you sell the products?

There are many ways.

Facebook AdsHowever, probably the most effective is through Facebook advertising, simply due to the targeting options available to you.

For example, if you are selling cycle lights (very popular at the moment), you can easily target people on Facebook who like cycling.

You then run low-cost test ads at, say, $5 a day to see if your product sells.

If it doesn’t, move onto the next.

If it does, scale up your campaign to reach more and more people.

Remember, you only ever buy something when somebody buys it off you.

So the financial risks are minimal.

When you find a winner, you can make an awful lot of money very quickly.

There are many people out there earning more than a full-time income from promoting just one product that took off.

One person who has found a lot of success very quickly with this model is Phil.

Phil started using this business model around 4 months ago.

He had never made any money online before and he has only been able to do this part-time because he has a full-time job (although he’s on the point of giving that up now).

Within a couple of weeks of launching his business, Phil was hitting $100 days.

That income has grown steadily over the last 4 months and he is now generating $10K+ per month in gross sales.

Around half of that is pure profit after product and advertising costs.

What has this got to do with you?

Turnkey Profit Machines ReviewWell, along with internet marketers Greg Kononenko and Stefan Ciancio, Phil has just released a course called ‘Turnkey Profit Machines’ showing how he went from knowing nothing about ecommerce to where he is now.

I have spent this morning going through the course from start to finish and I am very impressed.


First, the course is comprehensive.

It is basically split into two halves.

The first is presented by Stefan and walks you through the basics of setting up your ecommerce business.

There are 16 video tutorials covering…

  • 01: System overview
  • 02: Finding a profitable niche
  • 03: Finding products to sell (1)
  • 04: Finding products to sell (2)
  • 05: Setting up your store (1)
  • 06: Setting up your store (2)
  • 07: Setting up your store (3)
  • 08: Setting up your autoresponder (to collect email addresses)
  • 09: Facebook account setup
  • 10: Facebook business page creation
  • 11: Facebook ad creation
  • 12: Successful ad strategies
  • 13: Scaling strategies
  • 14: Retargeting ads
  • 15: Lookalike audiences
  • 16: Bringing it all together

The second half of the course is also the second reason I like this training.

It is a complete case study from Phil that takes you through every aspect of his business.

In 6 video tutorials, Phil shows you how his income has grown over time and then takes you on a guided tour of…

  • The niche he is in
  • The products he is promoting
  • Where he is sourcing them from
  • His online store, including his tested layout and all of the apps he is using
  • His Facebook page, along with the content he is posting
  • The ad campaigns he is running to generate sales, including actual ads and the targeting he is using

I have to say that I very surprised by how open Phil is.

There are not many (if any) ecommerce marketers out there who will reveal this much detail about their business.

He is inevitably opening himself up to some risk of other people simply copying what he is doing.

It is frankly not something I would have done, but Phil has and his loss is your gain.

The third reason I am impressed with the course is the price.

Phil could easily have charged $97 or even $197 for this level of disclosure.

I have certainly seen many courses at those price points that provide far less.

However, for the next 6 hours or so, you can pick up Turnkey Profit Machines for just $16.45.

To my mind, this makes it a ‘steal’ if you want to get into ecommerce or you have already tried it and are yet to find success.

Turnkey Profit Machines UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are two.

The first, at $27, contains two more case studies, plus additional training on how to increase your income with no additional costs using email marketing.

The second, at $47, is the ‘done for you’ package.

You get a an actual website you can copy plus 15 fully-researched products you can promote, including suppliers, suggested selling prices and sales angles you can use to promote them.

Neither of these upsells are required because the basic course does stand on its own.

However, I would recommend that you give both serious consideration because they will help you get up and running and into profit as quickly as possible.

If it is a choice between the first and second, I would go with the second.

For most people, the issue will be which niche and products to go for, since there is a bewildering array of possibilities.

The second upsell can remove that uncertainty by handing them to you on a plate.

(Do not be concerned with possible competition from too many people going into the same niche. These markets have millions of potential customers.)

Turnkey Profit Machines BonusesBecause I am so impressed with this product, I am also including the following bonuses…

Bonus 1: Bing traffic training

One way to get cheap additional traffic to your offers is using paid Bing search engine traffic.

This course shows you how and is currently selling for $47.

Bonus 2: Exclusive collection of internet marketing graphics

This collection of more than 650 high quality graphics includes arrows, bullets, banners, ebook templates, fonts, headers, icons and much more.

It currently sells online for $27.

Bonus 3: Retargeting training

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to increase your profits is to use the ‘retargeting’ feature for Facebook ads.

This basically allows you to show ads to people who visited your store but did not buy, so increasing sales for minimal extra cost.

Turnkey Profit Machines touches on this but this course, currently selling online for $27, covers this powerful advertising technique in detail.

Turnkey Profit Machines ApprovedWhat’s the bottom line?

Turnkey Profit Machines is an excellent low-cost investment if…

  • You are looking for a simple and fast way to make money online, even if you have failed to do so before
  • You have seen how so many people are making a killing with ecommerce and you want a complete case study you can follow and replicate
  • You have tried ecommerce and not found success and you want to learn from someone who ‘walks the talk’

Remember, Phil had not made any money online 4 months ago.

Despite knowing nothing about ecommerce, he has built a business generating $10K+ per month in sales (around 50% to 60% of that profit) in just the 4 months since.

He is showing you precisely how he did that by inviting you inside every aspect of his business.

I think that’s a pretty good deal for $16.45.

If you are interested, please check it out while the price is at its lowest…



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