Too Good To Be True?

I have been playing catch-up with reviews of the major product launches that have happened this week.

And they are a bit of a mixed bag.

200In20MinutesFirst up is the aggressively titled, ‘$200 in 20 Minutes’…

This has been riding at the top of the JVZoo bestsellers for a few days.

Is this a little too good to be true?

Does it really show you how to make $200 in 20 minutes?

Well… not really.

Desmond Ong, the author, claims in the sales video that he made more than $200 in 20 minutes, whilst sipping a cup of coffee.

What the sales page doesn’t tell you is HOW he did it.

And that was by sending an email out to his list promoting an affiliate product.

So this course DOESN’T reveal some clever new method for making money quickly.

It’s actually another course all about list building and it doesn’t really have anything new to say on that subject.

And you are going to have to build a very, very big list for it to generate $200+ inside 20 minutes.

Heck, my autoresponder often takes 20 minutes to just send an email out, let alone leave enough time for people to open it, read it, click the link, read or watch a sales message and then buy something.

Rejected01So I think this is one of those cases where someone starts with a catchy headline and works backwards to create the offer.

In Desmond’s defence, there is some pretty good (if unoriginal) content on list building and the price tag is just $9.

But I can’t recommend the product, since it is going to be a very long time before someone can actually make $200+ in 20 minutes with it.

What else is new?

LiveLeap01Software called ‘Live Leap’ hit the streets yesterday…

This is all about using the ‘Facebook Live’ facility, where you can host events on Facebook and invite other Facebook users to watch live, as it happens.

It’s sort of Facebook’s answer to Google Hang Outs.

Why would you want to do this?

Because it’s a way to engage directly and personally with your audience.

It’s also pretty cool. Most people would rather watch their favourite band live at a concert than on a YouTube video.

And that means it can be easier to get traffic than for a normal pre-recorded video.

But how does getting a lot of viewers help you?

Well, Facebook Live is presented inside a post on your Facebook wall.

So you can add some sales copy and a link to a website where your viewers can go to buy something or to join your list.

OK. Where does Live Leap come in?

When you create a video in Facebook Live, it sits on your timeline and you can’t really do anything else with it.

Live Leap effectively lets you automatically ‘syndicate’ your video to other Facebook pages and groups that you specify. Typically, these will be ones you own.

If you purchase one of the upsells, this syndication can be extended beyond Facebook to places such as Twitter and LinkedIn and (via other services) you can announce your live event to your list by email and even text message.

In other words, Live Leap takes a Facebook Live broadcast and spreads the word to other platforms so more people can watch it, giving you more exposure and more traffic.

I have played around with the software and it is certainly very easy to setup and use.

Approved01If you are already using Facebook Live in your business, or you intend to in the near future, I believe Live Leap is a sound investment because it leverages your efforts and gets more eyeballs on your video, which is something every marketer should be doing…

Next up is another piece of software called ‘Pixal’…

Pixal01In a nutshell, Pixal creates animated, interactive graphics.

The main thrust of the sales page is to use the software to create banners, but it can be used to create images for other purposes as well.

‘Banners’ are those image ads you see liberally scattered across websites on the internet.

When you click on one, you are taken to some form of offer.

The problem with banner ads is that, well, there are so many of them.

And that leads to what is called ‘banner blindness’ i.e. people see so many of them that their minds fail to even register them any more.

Pixal combats this by using an impressive bag of tricks designed to make ads stand out from the crowd.

It does this by using all-new HTML5 functionality to add animation and interactive elements.

Here is a quick round-up of what Pixal offers…

  • Media library with 250,000+ graphics
  • Large font library
  • Image, text, shape and 3D button elements
  • Animation of any element
  • Transitions for adding elements to the image
  • 3D clickable button creator
  • Integral graphics editor

A little more surprising, you can add the following to your images…

  • Videos
  • Menus
  • Optin forms
  • Live Shopify buttons
  • Geographical personalisation (based on IP address)
  • Google Maps
  • Popups

If that isn’t impressive enough, the software also comes with the ‘Pixal Campaign Manager’, which allows you to run split tests, rotate ads, analyse traffic and much more.

You can see the full list of features here…

This software has taken a year to develop by internet marketers who created it to help them run their own business.

It shows. This is one impressive piece of kit.

If you use banner advertising in your business – and that includes on your own website or blog – Pixal is definitely something you will want in your tool box.

Even without banner advertising, it’s worth considering as a very clever graphics editor.

You could certainly get more attention and entertainment value for your blog posts if you livened them up with animated and/or interactive elements.

But that’s not quite all…

For a very limited time, you get resell rights to the software when you grab your copy through this link…

That means you can sell Pixal and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This is a very rare opportunity, since resell rights of any type are normally reserved for an expensive upsell offer.

This is a high-quality piece of software that does what it says on the tin and does it very well, maybe even better than some subscription services out there.

One point to note… You cannot use Pixal for Facebook ads, since Facebook currently doesn’t allow HTML5 images.

Approved01I highly recommend this software if you want your graphics – not just banner ads – to stand out from the crowd.

I have also bagged you a $10 discount.

Just type 10offpixal into the Coupon Code box on the checkout page.

(This discount is for a limited number of copies, so grab yours before they run out.)

Phew! I think that’s just about caught up now.

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