The Future Of Online Presentations?

Storytelling has always been at the heart of effective presentation, whether it’s to educate, sell or inform.

People just love stories.

And some tantalising glimpses of what the future may hold for storytelling are creeping onto the internet.

It’s all about immersion, interaction and appealing to as many of the 5 senses as possible.

Do you want to glimpse the future?

Here are just 3 pretty amazing examples of what’s coming…

After the Storm


This is an intimate first-person account of living through a devastating tornado.

Telling a story from a personal perspective is almost always more compelling than a third-person account.

This immersive experience makes that idea even more effective.

The Fallen of World War II


Not the happiest of subjects and not something I thought I would sit through.

But I couldn’t help myself.

This presentation constructed mainly of animated infographics and stunning data visualizations proved to be both compelling and very moving.

There is a lot to learn about immersive storytelling – and the subject at hand – in this highly original piece.

The New Burger Capitals of America


On a much lighter note, this presentation features an interactive burger builder, allowing you to discover which US city’s residents share your taste in burgers.

This takes a lot from online games and quizzes and engages with the user personally.

I can see this being very effective in internet marketing because it engages people in a ‘process’… the final step of which would be an offer.

When you can get people to take small steps, they are making ‘micro commitments’, each of which makes it easier to persuade them to take that final step, whether that is an optin or a sale.



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