Super Jacker Review

Very occasionally, you come across a concept that is so simple and yet has so much potential that even a natural born cynic like me is genuinely impressed.

Let me set the scene for you (it’s important)…

I do a lot of advertising on Facebook.

And it’s very effective.

However, more and more people now advertise on Facebook, creating more competition and driving ad costs higher.

On top of that, Facebook (just like Google before it) adds more and more restrictions on what advertisers are allowed to do.

For example, you are not generally allowed to send people from Facebook straight to a ‘naked’ optin form to build a list.

Nor can you generally send them direct to an affiliate offer sales page or to a CPA offer (Cost Per Action, where you get paid when people submit their emails, for example).

This is because Facebook wants to give its users a good experience and not have advertisers simply pitch at them.

So it prohibits or punishes direct selling and rewards good content.

(Which is pretty much what killed the ‘Golden Age’ of Google Pay-Per-Click advertising.)

Super Jacker ReviewBut there is a cunning way around all of this using a new piece of software that has just launched called ‘Super Jacker’.

(I’m not too keen on the name but this is all completely above board and it does effectively describe what the software does.)

It’s best illustrated with an example…

Suppose I want to build an email list in the internet marketing niche.

And suppose I have bought the PLR rights to a bunch of website templates.

I could run an ad on Facebook promoting my free templates pack to people who I have identified are interested in internet marketing.

However, I would have to create a squeeze page that Facebook is happy with (not easy) and, more importantly, I would be competing on ad cost with all the other advertisers going after the crowded internet marketing niche.

Super Jacker provides a different route…

> Find a useful piece of related content anywhere on the internet. Let’s say you find a website offering free website graphics

> Use the software to create an optin form and a special website link

> Find Facebook groups where internet marketers hang out. Facebook groups are special pages where people gather together to discuss and share information on a particular topic. This is as easy as searching Facebook for ‘internet marketing groups’

> Go to a group and make a post telling people about this website where they can get all of the cool free graphics. Use the special link you have created in Super Jacker to send people to the website

> People in the group click on the link and are taken to the website where they can download the free graphics

> Either immediately or after an interval you set, a window opens over the website offering visitors your free website templates in exchange for their email addresses

> Repeat with other internet marketing groups you have found

Think about this for a moment and you will see how powerful it is.

You have found a group of very targeted people. After all, they have all been sufficiently interested in internet marketing to join a group on the topic.

You have not ‘spam*ed’ the group with your squeeze page link, which would almost certainly get you thrown out of the group.

Instead, you have provided the members with genuinely useful information that they will thank you for.

They then take positive action to go to a page to get the free website graphics.

They see a window open offering them free website templates. This looks like an offer from the website they are on.

They have come here to get free website stuff, so they are very, very likely to want more free website stuff.

In other words, they are very likely to join your email list.

Very cool, but this doesn’t stop at list building.

It is ideal for CPA offers.

Suppose you have a CPA ’email submit’ offer from a motor insurance broker.

(An email submit offer pays you a certain amount every time someone enters their email address into a form, generally to get further information about something.)

You could find an article online that offers valuable free information to motorists.

For example, this could be advice on minimising insurance premiums.

You then send people in motoring related Facebook groups to that article and have your CPA offer appear over the top of it.

If people have gone to the article to find out about how to reduce their premiums, they are likely to be very interested in getting an instant insurance quote from the broker.

Or let’s suppose you want to promote a weight loss product that is listed on ClickBank.

Facebook really, really, really doesn’t like weight loss promotions, particularly ones that make specific claims about what can be achieved.

But it would love you sending people in health and fitness groups to a helpful content-only website that offers good advice on losing weight.

You then have a window open over that helpful website with a link to check out the ClickBank offer (using your affiliate link, of course).

The possibilities for this are almost endless.

Here’s another idea…

Super Jacker ExampleFind groups of people who love the pug dog breed.

Post a link to a website with funny photos of pugs wearing dresses (they do exist) and then up comes a window offering a funny pug T-shirt.

In a nutshell, what this software allows you to do is to market to Facebook groups without appearing to do any marketing at all and to do it for free.

And you don’t even need your own website, since the software is cloud-based and creates and stores the links for you.

As an experienced Facebook marketer, take it from me, that is very, very cool!

Of course, you don’t have to stop at ‘free.

You can also create a post on your own Facebook page and then pay to advertise (or ‘boost’) that post to reach even more people.

Because you can use any type of viral content from anywhere on the internet and you are not directly ‘selling’ anything at all, your post is going to get a lot of clicks and potentially a lot of free traffic when people share your post with their friends.

This means, in turn, that means Facebook will reward you by charging you ultra-low ad costs.

But you don’t need to stop at Facebook.

This technique can be used with almost any form of free or paid advertising.

How about Reddit?

That’s a social network exclusively for people sharing links to good content on the internet.

It’s perfect for this method… and totally free to do.

As I say, the possibilities this software offers are huge.

If you have done any list building, affiliate marketing or CPA marketing, I am sure you will already see the amazing potential it unlocks.

And, if you haven’t, this really is an excellent place to start, because it overcomes most of the obstacles new online marketers struggle with…

> You don’t need your own website

> You don’t need to create any quality content, because you are ‘jacking’ proven content from authorities in your niche

> You don’t need to do any ‘selling’, because you will be offering visitors something very relevant to the content you are sending them to

You can also use the software to directly jack the sales pages of affiliate offers.

For example, suppose that you are offering a bonus for people who buy through your affiliate link.

Normally, you would have to create a ‘bonus page’ on your own website that describes your bonus.

You would then send traffic to your bonus page before sending them on to the product sales page.

With Super Jacker, you can instead send people directly to the sales page where a window will open describing your bonus.

(Your affiliate link will still be preserved.)

So you can promote affiliate offers without having to have a domain name and hosting and without having to create a web page.

A much simpler and faster approach.

And using Super Jacker is incredibly simple…

Step 1: Find the address of the web page you want to ‘jack’.

Step 2: Create a ‘slide’ in the software using the drag and drop editor. You can include buttons, text, images, clipart (from the built-in library), videos and even email optin boxes, countdown timers (to add urgency to your offer) and PayPal payment buttons.

If you want to send people to another website (e.g. an affiliate sales page), you would add your link to a button, image or to a ‘hot spot’ you create on the slide.

You also set the time delay between someone arriving on the jacked page and your slide appearing.

Step 3: Create a ‘jack’. This is simply where you enter the address of the web page you found in Step 1 and link it with the slide you have just created.

The software will then create the link, which you share to get your traffic.

Super Jacker ApprovedRegular readers will know that I love software that solves a real problem in an elegant way and at a reasonable price.

Super Jacker ticks all of those boxes.

It provides a simple method for anyone to get free, very targeted traffic to any offer, without having to create any content or even build a website.

And it’s all completely above board and ethical.

That makes it an ideal choice if you have struggled with any of the complexities of making money online.

Or if you already have an established business and are looking for very simple ways to increase your traffic and profits.

During the launch period, Super Jacker is available for the very attractive price of just $37.


You can get all of the details and see Super Jacker in action here…

Everything you need is included, so there are no ‘must-have’ upsells to worry about.

My Case Study

This case study dates back to March of 2016 and uses software called ‘Sinfiltrator’, which is no longer available.

Super Jacker does everything that Sinfiltrator does (and more) and I am using it in exactly the same way and achieving similar results.

I  had intended to present a new case study specifically for Super Jacker, but I have not had the time to document it before going to press.

That said, let’s dive in…

I decided to put Sinfiltrator to the test yesterday.

First, I went to ClickBank and found this bestselling weight loss product…


(This product is used in the Sinfiltrator training.)

Work time so far: 5 minutes.

Next, I went to the internet and found this article on how tequila can help weight loss…


(Again, this is mentioned in the Sinfiltrator training.)

Work time so far: 12 minutes.

This is a simple information article with nothing being sold and no email optins required.

It is also something that could be amusing to people interested in weight loss.

Now to find an image to use as my ‘popup’ with Sinfiltrator.

I went to the Fat Diminisher affiliate tools page and chose this ad image they provide…


People will have clicked through to an article about something they should be consuming for weight loss, so it makes sense to present them with something they shouldn’t be consuming for weight loss.

Work time so far: 17 minutes.

Next, I create my ‘offer’ in Sinfiltrator…


The ‘Destination link’ is where people will be taken to when they click on the popup. This is my ClickBank affiliate link.

I set the ‘Pop up Timing’ so that the popup will appear 20 seconds after people arrive at the article. This gives them time to start reading the article.

Next, I create my ‘campaign’ in Sinfiltrator. This links the offer I have just created with the address of the article I am going to be sending people too…


This gives me the Sinfiltrator link I will use in my Facebook post…


Work time so far: 21 minutes.

Now it’s off to Facebook to find some weight loss groups…


(Just go to, put ‘weight loss’ in the search box and select ‘Groups’.)

I then joined 4 groups that have a lot of members and a lot of interaction.

Sometimes, you will have to wait to be approved but I was accepted by all 4 within 20 minutes.

Work time so far: 29 minutes.

After I’ve joined each group, I create a post in the group like this…


Work time so far: 36 minutes.

Now, when people click on that post, they go to the article.

However, after 20 seconds, my popup appears…


If they click on that popup, they are taken to the Fat Diminisher sales page.

And, if they buy, I make a commission.

I made all of my posts around noon yesterday.

It is now 8 am, so they have been out there for around 20 hours.

Did I make any sales?

Here is a screenshot of my ClickBank sales for yesterday…


That may be a bit small to read, so here’s a closer look…


This shows that I have made 7 sales, comprised of 5 sales of the main product and 2 sales of an ‘upsell’ (a product offered to people after they have bought the main product).

The total is $201.70.

OK, it’s not going to set the world on fire, but it’s not too shabby considering that it cost me zero ad spend and just 36 minutes of my time to get those sales.

Plus, of course, I may get further sales if other people come across my posts.

And I needn’t stop at 4 weight loss groups.

There are hundreds of them on Facebook.

End of case study

This method is one of the simplest I have seen to promote affiliate offers.

You do not need to create any content; you don’t even need a website.

And you can attract completely free highly targeted traffic without ever appearing to ‘sell’ anything.

If this appeals to you, do check Super Jacker out now…

Definitely well worth a look.

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