Stock Music Ace Review

If you have ever been stuck for music for your video projects (or, indeed, for any other purpose), a new product that has just launched may solve your problems forever.

Stock Music Ace ReviewIt’s called ‘Stock Music Ace’ and is a massive collection of more than 3,000 music tracks, covering just about every music genre and mood.

The collection also comes with a commercial license, so you can use these tracks in your own projects and also in projects for paying clients.

Just some of the genres covered are: classical, electronic, jazz, house, disco, rap, acoustic, piano, rock, folk and many more.

So you are pretty much guaranteed to find something suitable, whatever the project and whatever mood you are trying to create.

During the short launch period, the whole collection, along with the included commercial license, is available for a one-time investment of around $30.

Which means that the tracks come in at less than 1 cent each; an excellent bargain.

As well as music, the collection also comes with selections of sound effects, drops and stingers.

The music tracks range in length from 30 seconds all the way up to 7 minutes.

I have previewed a good selection of the tracks and they are of a quality that I would be very happy to use in my own video projects.

This is certainly something to seriously consider adding to your video-making toolkit, especially at this introductory bargain basement price.

Stock Music Ace BonusesBut I am also adding some unique bonuses to make the offer even more appealing…

(1) 100 Drone Video Clips

All of these video clips have been taken by drones in high-definition.

You will find beaches, cityscapes, rugged coastlines, sunrises, frozen lakes, tropical rain forests and much more.

Most of the clips range from 10 to 25 seconds, but some are up to 60 seconds.

These make perfect video backgrounds for your projects.

You can watch a preview of what you are getting here…

(2) 100 Time Lapse Stock Footage

All of these high-definition clips have been shot using time-lapse photography, effectively speeding up time.

Most of the clips range from 10 to 25 seconds, but some are up to 60 seconds.

You can watch a preview of what you are getting here…

(3) 100 Animal Stock Photos

These high-resolution photos feature a whole range of animals from alpacas to zebras.

Use them in your video or other projects or for any purpose you see fit.

Instructions for accessing the bonuses will be provided inside the JVZoo Customer Portal after you make your purchase.

Stock Music Ace Approved3,000+ pieces of royalty music, plus these genuinely valuable bonuses, make this an exceptional bargain for the price.

Please note that the collection is offered as a ‘dime sale’.

This means that the price rises by a small amount with each sale.

So you’ll get the best price by investing sooner rather than later.

You can get all of the details, and listen to samples of the music you are getting, by going here…

Well worth a look.

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