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SocialTrafficAcademyToday, a very rare event…

A new product called ‘Social Traffic Alchemy’ has just been released…

And it has got me genuinely excited.

Let me tell you why…

In a nutshell, Social Traffic Alchemy is a video training course that teaches you how to get those ultra low cost clicks from Facebook ads that everyone talks about but few actually achieve.

The method it uses is really very clever.

It would obviously be unfair to reveal exactly what that method is here.

However, I can tell you why most people fail to get those cheap clicks and how Social Traffic Alchemy goes about solving the problem.

Most marketers are using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a squeeze page to build a list or to a sales page to sell something.

To do this effectively, you need to properly define – or target – the audience Facebook will show your ads too.

The better targeted your ad is, the more people will click on it and the more people that click on your ad, the lower the cost Facebook will charge you for each click.

In simple terms, Facebook rewards you for offering its members something they like or are interested in.

So how do you identify an audience to target?

Well, most marketers use the ‘Interest’ box in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Hence, for example, if they are promoting an internet marketing product, they will type something like ‘internet marketing’ in the Interests box.

The problem with this approach – and why it doesn’t lead to cheap clicks – is that you are relying on Facebook’s definition of ‘interested in’.

For example, I may see a photo on Facebook of a cute Labrador puppy chasing a ball and I may ‘like’ that photo, purely because it is cute.

However, Facebook now registers that I have an ‘interest’ in Labrador dogs, even if I don’t own one, don’t like Labradors or dogs in general and have no intention of ever buying anything ‘dog-related’.

There will be a lot more people like me, so an advertiser promoting a Labrador training product targeting the ‘Labrador’ interest will get low click-throughs on an ad and, hence, pay a lot more for the clicks they do get.

This, in simple terms, is why so many marketers pay far more than they need to (and get far fewer conversions) for their Facebook ads.

And, in turn, that is why so many people throw in the towel, crying that “Facebook ads don’t work!”

But the truth is that Facebook ads most certainly DO work… if you do them the right way.

And the way to get those ultra cheap clicks is by using a combination of ‘custom audiences’ and ‘retargeting’.

Now, those are pretty fancy words for something that is actually quite straightforward and very easy to set up.

Facebook allows you to add a small piece of code to any web page.

This could be your squeeze page or a sales page, for example.

It will then automatically build a ‘custom audience’ of everybody who visits that page.

And you can then run very cheap Facebook ads – a process known as ‘retargeting’ – to that custom audience.

Not only are these ads cheap, they are also much more effective, since they are aimed at people who have already raised their hands to say they are interested in what you are offering, because they have visited your web page.

The difference in price is stark.

Whereas running an ad to ‘cold’ traffic based on Facebook interests might cost you $1 to $1.50 per click, running the same ad to a custom audience may cost you as little as 1 or 2 cents per click.

That’s maybe one hundredth of the cost.

And you also get increased conversions (optins or sales).

The traffic becomes so cheap that it really is difficult NOT to make money from any half-decent promotion you run.

So far, so good.

But there’s a problem…

Well, actually two problems for many people…

The first is that you may not have a web page you can put that all-important piece of code on.

The second is, even if you do have a web page, how do you get people to visit your web page so you can build that custom audience in the first place?

If you use ‘normal’ Facebook ads, for example, you are going to be paying the high cost we have already talked about.

That is where Social Traffic Alchemy comes in.

It teaches you a clever way to solve both problems at once…

In simple terms, you build custom audiences using free videos you can legitimately ‘borrow’ from YouTube.

There is no need to have a web page at all and there is no need for anybody to click on any of your ads.

Instead, the audience is built from people who simply WATCH the videos.

Choose your videos carefully and that is going to be a lot of people.

For example, one of the case studies in the course shows how an audience of nearly HALF A MILLION people was built in a particular niche for less than $70…

And how that audience is being advertised too at 2 cents per click.

This is very impressive stuff!

I have been through all the training videos and I really like what I see.

Everything you need to know is laid out in easy to follow steps, making no assumptions about whether you have done Facebook advertising before.

The course starts with an overview of the complete system and then explains how to find profitable niches (this works in almost any niche), how to find suitable videos to use, how to build your custom audiences and then how to construct ads to convert those audiences into optins and/or sales.

(As an added bonus, it also shows you how to use this method to promote products and services that Facebook normally frowns upon, if you go about it using the ‘traditional’ route.)

The only minor issue I have with the structure of the course is that the modules are given the rather unhelpful titles of ‘Module 1’, ‘Module 2’, etc.

This can make it a bit more difficult revisiting particular topics after you have been through the course once.

However, as I say, this is a minor gripe with what is very comprehensive and easy to follow training.

The bottom line?

I believe that Social Traffic Alchemy is an excellent product and is something that anyone who is looking to drive traffic anywhere needs to have in their arsenal.

It reveals a very clever method for getting highly qualified visitors to any offer in just about any niche for just a few pennies per click.

With traffic this cheap, it really is difficult to see how you could fail to make a profit with any half-decent offer.

Against the backdrop of ever more expensive paid traffic, Social Traffic Alchemy shows you how to turn the clock back to those heady days of penny clicks.

Lots of products come across my desk.

Most are so-so.

Many are appalling.

Very rarely, something totally original comes along.

Even more rarely, something actually gets me excited.

Social Traffic Alchemy is one of those rare beasts.

I thoroughly recommend it for your attention…

I also have a selection of bonuses that complement your Social Traffic Alchemy training…

Bonus 1: How to Rank Your Videos

Social Traffic Alchemy shows you how to get ultra cheap traffic using other people’s videos.

But you can also get completely free traffic by creating your own videos and getting them ranking in the YouTube and Google search results.

This bonus course shows you how to do exactly that, step-by-step.

Bonus 2: How to Make Your Videos Go ‘Viral’ for Massive Free Traffic

This course shows you a little-known method for creating videos that go ‘viral’ inside Facebook to drive a constant stream of free traffic to any offer you choose.

Bonus 3: How to Use YouTube for Free Passive Traffic

This bonus is all about how to create videos that will build your ‘brand’ on YouTube so that you come to be known as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche.

The result? A constant stream of free, highly targeted traffic to your offers for months and even years into the future with zero ongoing maintenance.

All of the bonuses will be available to you inside the Social Traffic Alchemy member’s area after you have made your purchase.

What about upsells?

There are two, but neither is required, since the core training covers everything you need to know.

However, both upsells are of the same high quality as the main product and are designed to accelerate your progress in implementing the Social Traffic Alchemy training.

The first comes in at $67 and is a collection of case studies and done-for-you niches.

The case studies reveal the exact Facebook pages, videos, campaigns and results for 5 different promotions run by the course creators.

The done-for-you campaigns include 10 niches, each with 3 videos, 3 Facebook page headers and 3 Facebook profile pictures.

The idea is that you can just pick these up and run with them to get started fast.

Alternatively, you can opt for a reduced package of 2 case studies and 5 done-for-you campaigns for $37.

The second upsell comes in at $97 and is a group coaching program consisting of 4 live training and Q&A webinars, plus a private Facebook support and mastermind group.

If you are happy to not attend the webinars live and receive access to the recordings after the event, you can opt for a reduced payment of $67.

The low introductory price for Social Traffic Alchemy is increasing steadily every few hours, so do check this out as soon as possible to get in at the best price…


It’s like turning the clock back to the good old days when the traffic was so cheap, people almost couldn’t fail to succeed online…

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