Social Funnel Pro Review

All good marketers know that Facebook is an excellent source of paid traffic.

Not only can you tap into a worldwide audience of some 1.6 billion people, but the huge array of options available for defining the audience your ads will be shown too mean that you can laser-target the people who are most likely to take you up on your offer.

But there is a problem…

So many marketers have piled into Facebook marketing, increasing the competition for ad space and, hence, increasing the cost of running ads.

Indeed, the average cost per click of running a Facebook ad has more than doubled over the last 18 months.

The days of just throwing up any old ad for any old offer and making a profit are over.

But all is not lost.

There are ways that you can still get clicks for pennies at a time…

If you know how.

Social Funnel Pro ReviewAnd that is where ‘Social Funnel Pro’ comes in.

In a nutshell, this is training program that will teach you some, shall we say, ‘unconventional’ (but totally compliant) methods for minimising the cost – and, hence, maximising the profit – of running Facebook advertising campaigns.

This course has a first class pedigree.

It comes from the proven strategies of New York Times bestselling author Ron Douglas and social media marketing expert Keith Dougherty.

Both of these guys have literally made millions from running ads on Facebook.

The course consists of the digital recordings of an intensive 6-week coaching program that Ron and Keith ran for students who each paid $497 to attend.

It consists of 6 modules, each representing one week in the coaching program (you get all of the modules immediately).

Here is a quick summary of each module…

Module 1: Niche research and intelligence gathering

Module 2: Engagement and attraction secrets

Module 3: Setting up high-converting sales funnels

Module 4: The ‘secret sauce’ for minimising the cost and getting the most profit out of an ad campaign

Module 5: The different Facebook ad types and which to use and how in order to get the cheapest ad spend and biggest conversions

Module 6: How to easily monitor campaigns to find which are working and then how to scale them up to maximise profits This is not ‘dry theory’.

Social Funnel Pro ModulesThe course contains multiple real-life case studies of actual campaigns that Ron and Keith have run and made huge profits from.

For example, one case study shows how they generated $15,219.32 in revenue from just $610.47 in advertising cost.

I have been using Facebook marketing in my business for more than three years now, so I know a thing or two.

Even so, I have been through all of the training and I have learned a lot from it.

There were more than a few forehead-slapping moments.

But what I really like about the course is the way it is put together so that anyone can follow it, even if they have not done any Facebook advertising before.

Ron and Keith have a natural flair for teaching things in a simple, down-to-earth and easy-to-understand manner.

And there is more than just the excellent training in Social Funnel Pro…

The program comes with two software tools that Ron and Keith had created for their own businesses.

‘Amazon Digger’ and ‘YouTube Digger’ automate the process of identifying profitable niches and targeting buyers for your offers.

Together, they take a lot of the ‘guess work’ out of Facebook marketing and add real value to the training.

Why I like this course so much and why I heartily recommend that you check it out is because it walks you through actual campaigns that Ron and Keith have run.

They show you everything…

The Facebook pages they setup, the actual ads they ran, the targeting they used, the page they sent the traffic too, the offers they promoted and the follow-up emails they sent.

They give you everything so you could go out today and replicate their entire campaigns for yourself.

Trust me. You do not see that level of disclosure every day!

This course originally sold for $497.

I know, because I bought it for that.

And it was excellent value for money.

You have a limited opportunity to get it for around a 20th of that price.

In terms of how much you can potentially earn with this training and the ridiculously low cost, this is without doubt the best value offer I have seen this year.

It’s not quite ‘copy, paste and make money’, but it’s probably as close as you are going to get in the real world.

Social Funnel Pro ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

Social Funnel Pro is an excellent product for anyone looking to get traffic, leads and sales from Facebook at the minimum cost possible.

That’s true whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional when it comes to Facebook marketing.

And you do not have to have a big budget.

Ron and Keith show how they have been able to consistently make $1.50 (and more) for every $1 in ad spend, scaling up from a starting budget of as little as $5 a day.

Social Funnel Pro is available at a hugely discounted price during the short launch window, so I heartily recommend that you check it out now…

Social Funnel Pro BonusI like Social Funnel Pro so much that I have put together a valuable set of bonuses to go along with it…

Bonus 1: Eye Catching Stock Images You Can Use for Your Facebook Ads

This is a collection of hundreds of professional, high-quality stock images across a huge range of topics that you can customise and use for your Facebook ads (or any other use you want to put them too).

These images have been specially selected to make your ads stand out from the crowd and get more clicks (which means lower ad cost).

Bonus 2: The Proven 6-Figure Video Sales Letter Script

This is the actual script of a video sales letter that generated an average of $3.43 for every person who was sent to it.

Feel free to adapt this for your own offers without having to employ a 6-figure copywriter.

Bonus 3: Niche Research Questionnaire

These are the questions you need to answer about your target market and offer to know whether they will be profitable BEFORE you ever spend money on Facebook (or any other type of) ad.

This short questionnaire can literally save you hundreds or even thousands on wasted ad spend.

Bonus 4: Advanced Autoresponder Follow-up Sequence

Not all of your traffic will buy from you on first contact.

If you don’t want to leave a lot of money on the table, you need a series of follow-up emails that will convert as many people as possible into buyers.

This proven seven-part email series has increased initial sales by up to 42% and now you can model it for your own offers.

Bonus 5: Killer Sales Page Headlines Swipe File

The headline is one of the most important parts of your sales page.

People will only spend a few seconds on your sales page before they decide whether they will stay or go.

In those few seconds, your headline has to give people an immediate and powerful reason to continue to read.

This ‘swipe file’ contains more than 200 of the most effective headlines ever used by some of the most successful marketers around.

Simply ‘tweak’ them to match your offer and immediately increase your conversions.

Bonus 6: High Converting ‘Cold Traffic’ Webinar Outline

Hosting a webinar is one of the best ways to rapidly build your list and make the most profit from a Facebook ad campaign.

This webinar outline is based on real-life campaigns that have generated six-figures in sales.

It will show you the exact steps you need to take in putting together a webinar in order to get the highest possible engagement and sales.

Bonus 7: Facebook Viral Content Digger

This WordPress plugin will allow you to quickly and easily hunt down the most engaging and ‘viral’ content on Facebook so you can see what is working and model it – or even ‘steal’ it – for your Facebook pages and ad campaigns.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can tap into what is already working?

All of these bonuses have been chosen to compliment Social Funnel Pro and make sure you get even more benefit from the training.

Instructions on how to access the bonuses will be available inside the JVZoo Customer Portal after you complete your purchase.

To get Social Funnel Pro at the hugely-discounted introductory price, plus all of the bonuses, please go here now…


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