Social Ad Classroom Test Results

To test some of the strategies inside Social Ad Classroom, I ran a test over the last weekend.

I picked a product from ClickBank in a niche I have never promoted before. I didn’t want the test to be ‘tainted’ by using a niche I already have experience in.

I put the campaign together using the techniques taught in Social Ad Classroom.

I started the ad running on Saturday morning and paused it on Sunday evening.

The only reason I paused it is because I came down with a nasty virus on Sunday which kept me out of action for a few days.

Here are the ad costs direct from the Facebook Ad Manager (if you can’t make out the figures, click on the image to open it in a new browser window)…


I have blanked out the actual ad for obvious reasons.

There are a few things to notice here.

I was getting a 14.03% Click Through Rate (CTR) i.e. 14 of every 100 people my ad was shown too, clicked on it.

If you have done Facebook advertising or, indeed, any form of paid advertising to cold traffic before, you will know that is a pretty amazing result.

And Facebook rewards that high CTR with a low Cost Per Click (CPC)…

Just 8 pence, or around 11 cents, per click.

But what about the revenue side?

Here are the resulting sales from the ClickBank sales report (again, you can click on the image to open it in a new browser window)…


I used the ClickBank tracking ID ‘fd01’ to identify the sales coming from my ad.

Not all of the individual sales are shown in the screenshot because there were too many of them.

However, the totals just above the item listing show that I made 47 sales and earned $1,465.50 in commissions.

My total ad cost for the 2 days was £440, which is around $616.

So I made a profit of $850 (around £607) in 2 days.

And my Return On Investment (ROI) was a massive 138%.

In other words, I made around $2.40 back for every $1 I spent on the ad.

That’s something I would do all day long!

In fact, I will be.

I am going to reactivate the ad tomorrow using the scaling techniques in Social Ad Classroom to increase my budget from £220 a day to £300 a day, with a corresponding increase in profits.

I aim to take this campaign to £500 a day and maybe even higher.

Now I have been around the block a few times, so I was confident to start my campaign off at £220 a day.

But you don’t have to.

Indeed, Justin recommends starting with $5 to $10 a day to test the waters.

When you have a winner, he shows you how to progressively scale up to multiply your profits (and it is most definitely NOT just increasing the budget).

If you pick up Social Ad Classroom through the link below and email me a copy of your JVZoo receipt to support(at), I will tell you which product I promoted and show you the Facebook ad I used.

Coupled with the comprehensive training inside the course, this is going to give you a massive head start in getting to your first profitable campaigns.

Here’s the link…

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