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A couple of weeks ago, I was bemoaning the absence of genuine business opportunities in this new year.

Well, I’m very pleased to say that one has finally arrived…

Review Wizard BoxReview Wizard is a new combined training and software package from Brett Rutecky.

In a nutshell, it gives you everything you need in order to do affiliate marketing the way Brett does it.

But why should that interest you?

Well, Brett decided to get into affiliate marketing in 2014.

In the two short years since, he has gone from being a complete unknown in the industry with zero following and zero affiliate income to making a consistent $30K+ per month in commissions.

(For full disclosure, Brett does also release his own products. However, that $30K a month is purely from his affiliate marketing.)

What makes Review Wizard special is that it isn’t dry theory.

And, unlike too many affiliate marketing products out there, it isn’t based on some ‘clever’ technique that someone has only used once or twice to make a few bucks here and there.

It teaches the business model that Brett has been using every day for the last two years, is still using and will continue to use into the foreseeable future.

Now that may turn some people off.

This is most definitely NOT one of those $10 Warrior Special Offers that promises to make you $100+ in the next 24 hours and then never delivers.

Review Wizard is all about building a REAL business that will take some time and effort to get off the ground…

But has the real potential to create a job-replacing income – even a 6-figure income – within months of a standing start and for years into the future.

How can I say that?

Because Brett has done it.

Mike – Brett’s business partner – has done it.

I have done it.

And countless other people have done it.

(If you have been following internet marketing for any length of time, just look at your email inbox.)

Now, I’m not saying that you will be making $30K a month within 2 years.

It is entirely possible.

But getting to just 10% of what Brett has achieved would be a life-changing additional – even job-replacing – income for most people.

So what is it exactly that Brett does to make his $30K+ a month – what will he be teaching you in Review Wizard?

Well, it’s not ‘rocket science’.

In simple terms, Brett reviews new internet marketing products and publishes those reviews on his blog, along with his affiliate link.

When people read his reviews, like what they see and buy products through his links, he earns commissions.

Before we continue…

I want to head off at the pass one objection you may have about Brett’s business model.

So many marketers tell you that video is where it’s at.

Yet many – maybe most – people are not comfortable with creating videos.

Either they don’t want to appear on camera or they don’t feel they have the technical ability or tools to create videos people will want to watch.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to create videos in this review business.

In fact, Brett used to do a video for every review when he started, but he now rarely ever does.

And that’s for a couple of reasons…

First, he has found that most (around two thirds) of his followers prefer to read a review rather than watch a video.

And, second, unlike videos, search engines can ‘read’ text.

This means that written reviews are actually more likely to rank in the search engine results and that means more free organic traffic.

So what specifically will you learn in Review Wizard?

The training is split into step-by-step easy-to-digest video modules, including…

  • An introduction to affiliate marketing
  • How to get a domain and hosting for your review site
  • Why you should use WordPress and how to install it
  • The WordPress themes and plugins you should use
  • Finding products to review
  • Getting approved to promote products (this can be one of the big stumbling blocks for new affiliates)
  • Obtaining free copies of products to review
  • Testing products
  • Writing honest reviews (including how to stand out from all the other affiliates promoting the same products)
  • Getting traffic from Facebook and Google
  • Finding bonuses to offer people who buy through your link
  • Building your list (your most important asset and the bedrock of your business)

Notice I have included ‘testing products’ and ‘writing honest reviews’.

These are at the heart of Brett’s success.

Lots of marketers RECOMMEND affiliate products.

But only a handful actually bother to open a product up, examine it and write an HONEST review.

Brett bothers (and so do I).

People love this approach and they will thank you by becoming loyal subscribers who will happily follow your recommendations.

And that means you can not only make a healthy income from even a small list, you also instantly stand out from 95% of affiliate marketers out there.

(It also means you can sleep easy at night knowing that you are actually helping people rather than continuously selling to them.)

Brett is uniquely positioned to teach you this approach simply because he is one of the few people who actually uses it.

I have been through the training and I can testify that it is comprehensive but free from ‘fluff’ and ‘filler’.

OK. That’s the training part of the package.

What about the software that’s included?

One of the things that makes Brett’s site pretty unique is the ‘ratings’ box he includes for each review.

This shows a star rating out for 5 for different aspects of the product, such as price, concept, execution and value.

Brett’s followers love this approach because it emulates other review sites (think Amazon, for example) that they are used to.

Brett has created the Review Wizard plugin that can instantly replicate this ratings box on any WordPress site, regardless of which WordPress theme it may be using.

You set these values for each review and the plugin displays them, along with an overall rating value based on the average.

The ratings box also includes handy ‘bullet list’ summaries of the key ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ of the product.

The plugin is very simple to use.

You can customise the settings, so you can change the aspects of the product you want to rate, the symbols for the ratings (e.g. hearts or crowns instead of the default stars) and amend the colour scheme to fit in with your overall website theme.

There is also an optional nifty feature called a ‘Call to Action (CTA)’ bar.

This puts your affiliate link in a ‘sticky’ bar that remains at the bottom of the screen while the visitor scrolls around your page.

That way, your link is always immediately available for people to click whenever they decide to buy.

This is a very well thought-out package that gives you pretty much everything you need to set yourself up in a business just like Brett’s.

The only additional expenditure you will need on top of the package cost is…

  • A domain name for your blog (less than $5 a year)
  • Hosting for your blog (between $5 and $10 a month)
  • An autoresponder service to manage your email list (various options from free for the first 1,000 email addresses to around $20 a month)

You do not need to pay for advertising since the training majors on using free traffic techniques.

However, Brett does cover some optional low-cost traffic methods if you want to accelerate the growth of your email list.

Review Wizard ApprovedReview Wizard gets a big thumbs-up from me.

It is not one of those ‘magic button’, ‘here today gone tomorrow’ methods that will never work in the long-term, if they even work at all.

It is about building a real, sustainable and very profitable business that will provide you with a healthy growing income for years to come.

Yes – like any true business – it’s going to take some time and some effort.

The good news is that it is not a lot of effort and it need not take a lot of time.

Remember that Brett went from a standing start to $30K in affiliate commissions per month in just two years.

And there are many, many other marketers who have done the same or even better using this exact business model.

You only need a small fraction of this success to build something that will change your life.


Review Wizard UpsellsWhat about the upsells?

There are three.

The first is the almost inevitable ‘Pro’ version for $47.

This opens up additional features for the software, including…

  • Exit popups so you can make people looking to leave your site an offer or invite them to join your email list in exchange for a free gift
  • Additional customisation options for the ratings box (e.g. more colour schemes)
  • Integration with Google Schema, meaning that your star ratings can be displayed inside your Google search results listings
  • Developer license so you can add the plugin to the websites of your clients

You also get more training…

  • Additional training on how to rank your review site in Google
  • The recordings of a live webinar series where Brett took people inside every aspect of his business (the original attendees each paid $47 for this)

The basic version includes training on WHAT to do to rank your review site in Google.

The Pro training builds on that to tell you WHY you do it, enabling you to apply the techniques to any website you want to rank.

You do not need these extra bells and whistles.

However, the additional training on ranking your review site is well worth considering.

Free organic traffic from the search engines is the best type of traffic you can get.

It is highly targeted and, well, free.

If you are serious about implementing Brett’s business model, $47 spent on this upsell is a very good investment.

(But you definitely don’t NEED it.)

The second upsell comes in at $67 and gives you resell rights to Review Wizard, effectively meaning that you can sell it yourself and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This won’t of itself help you implement Brett’s business model but is definitely worth considering if you already have a list of people you can promote it to.

You also get another of Brett’s software called ‘Affiliate Trax’, which itself sells for $67.

In simple terms, this does two main things…

  1. If you send people to offers on the JVZoo affiliate platform and they buy, it will automatically add them to your email list.
  2. It will stop product vendors ‘harvesting’ the traffic you send to their offers by disabling exit popups on their sales pages

Affiliate Trax is certainly a clever piece of software, but it is not something you absolutely need and you can always get it (or something similar) at a later date.

The third and final upsell is for $37 and gives the resell rights to another of Brett’s products.

This is ‘Brett’s Circle’, which principally provides training on how to create and launch products.

It also provides access to a private Facebook group where people can get ongoing support and help from Brett himself.

Brett himself sells Brett’s Circle memberships for $97.

So this is an exceptional deal at $37, even if you don’t want to resell the product but just learn how Brett creates and launches his own products.

That said, it is more of a ‘next step’ thing and not strictly relevant to the business model taught in the main product.

Review Wizard BonusI really like Review Wizard and so I am including some bonuses for you…

Bonus (1): Instant Video Site

A WordPress plugin that lets you almost instantly build a complete site stocked with YouTube videos and, crucially, transcripts created using speech to text technology.

Google loves the combination of video and text and so this provides an excellent way to bring more free organic visitors to your review site or any other site you want to create.

You can get more details and see the software in action here…

Bonus (2): Membership of ‘Brett’s Circle’

You can pay for resell rights to this with the third upsell to Review Wizard. However, this is for those of you who don’t want the resell rights but would still like access to the additional training and support offered by membership.

You can get more details here…

I have to set you up manually for access to bonuses (1) and (2), so please send a copy of your receipt to

Bonus (3): Resell rights to ClickBar Gold

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to place a ‘scarcity’ bar with a clickable ‘Buy Now’ button and countdown timer on any page. There are two versions – one you can give away to build your list and the other you can use as an ‘upsell’ when people have taken the free version.

Bonus (4): Facebook Pixel Insert

A WordPress plugin that automatically adds Facebook retargeting pixels to every post and page on a website (a big timesaver if you use paid Facebook advertising).

Bonus (5): Jack Jacker Gold

This very clever WordPress plugin allows you to send people to any web page on the internet and have a popup appear over it containing your own offer or an email optin form. As an example, this is very useful for getting free traffic from Facebook groups – you make a post sending people to some useful content and then have your offer popup over it.

Bonus (6): SupportChat

A plugin that allows you to place an interactive live chat box on any WordPress website.

From 10am until 2pm Eastern Time today (3pm to 7pm UK time), you can pickup Review Wizard for just $24.95.

After that, the price will increase slightly to $27.00 and then rise in stages during the 3-day launch period.

So, if this is something that interests you, the earlier you get it, the less you will pay.

You can find full details of Review Wizard here…

This is something very close to my heart, since the model it teaches is one of the core parts of my own business.

It is also a proven business model that almost anyone can implement with only a modest amount of time and effort to create a growing income stream that will reward you for many years to come.

And Brett shows you exactly how in his simple step-by-step training.

If you have been searching for a genuine way to make a consistent income online, it is worth your serious consideration.

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