RepWarn Reseller Opportunity

** UPDATE **: Here is an interview that my marketing colleague, Mike, had with the creator or RepWarn, Walt Bayliss.

It’s more than an hour long, but it’s well worth watching to get a true picture of the scale of the opportunity on offer.

If you are stuck for time, see some timings for key parts of the presentation (in hours and minutes) below the video.

Find out more by going here…

Find out more by going here…

Interview Timings

0:00 – Introduction to Walt Bayliss and his background

0:09 – The problem that RepWarn solves

0:19 – Live demonstration of RepWarn in action

0:28 – Testimonials from existing users

0:32 – Using RepWarn to generate leads for business

0:36 – The RepWarn Reseller opportunity

0:38 – Reseller tools (a tour around the Reseller back office)

0:40 – Illustration of what you can make in recurring income by reselling RepWarn

0:46 – The offer to acquire a Reseller account

0:47 – The ‘No Sale, No Fee’ guarantee

0:49 – The answers to frequently asked questions

0:55 – Case studies of people already reselling RepWarn

0:59 – How to sell RepWarn without any face-to-face selling

1:02 – Description of the two optional upsells

1:10 – How Walt would make his first RepWarn sale (and how you could too)

A Rare Opportunity

Today, I want to bring to your attention one of those rare opportunities…

… The chance to get in on the ground floor and profit from something that is brand new and going to take off in a big way.

… Something that is quite literally a complete business in a box.

I know that’s an over-worked expression and one that seldom turns out to be true.

However, in this case, it is.

You get the product to sell, all of the materials you need to promote it and full training on how to market it.

And this opportunity ticks all of the right boxes…

  • The product solves a very real problem that almost all businesses are facing
  • The market is huge – virtually all but the smallest of businesses in the world are affected
  • The market is growing – as the impact of social media grows (and that is happening every day), there will be more and more demand for this product
  • The product is software – I have always said that software which solves a real problem virtually sells itself, and that is certainly the case here
  • The product is sold on a recurring billing basis, either monthly or annually – recurring passive income is one of the best business models out there, you make a sale once and get paid for months and years into the future
  • The product is high-quality – it has taken 18 months to develop and perfect it
  • All product updates, delivery and support are provided by the owners – all you have to do is make sales
  • You keep 100% (yes, 100%) of all sales
  • Competition will be limited – the reseller opportunity is only available for one week (now 3 days remaining) and will then be closed forever

You can get full details here…

The product is ‘RepWarn’.

In a nutshell, it is ‘reputation management’ software.

It allows business users to monitor pretty much the entire World Wide Web for mentions of their business names in real time, as they happen.

They can then go to the comment from inside the software and respond to it.

In other words, they can head negative feedback off at the pass and turn a potentially damaging situation into a positive through rapid action.

You only have to consider the impact that sites such as Trip Advisor have had on businesses (many have literally been killed from negative feedback) to see the huge demand there is for software like this.

But that isn’t all RepWarn can do…

It can also scour the internet for sales opportunities for businesses.

For example, would an electrician in Chicago be interested in being alerted (in real time) when people were asking, “Does anyone know a good electrician in Chicago?”

Of course they would.

Businesses will buy the software for the sales potential alone, even if they are not interested in reputation management.

I really believe that this is one of those products which will ‘sell itself’.

All you have to do is put it in front of business owners and show it in action.

But there is another reason why this is an exceptional opportunity…

If you take advantage of it, you only need one sale to be in profit… and you get to use the software for your own business.

That sounds a little crazy, but it’s to kick start the software launch and start building a user base quickly. In other words, to build the brand.

That’s why the reseller opportunity is only available until this coming Thursday.

So, if the idea of getting in on the ground floor with a complete ready-to-go business appeals to you, check this out now…

P.S. You can easily use this for marketing your own or affiliate products.

Suppose you are promoting SEO software.

Set RepWarn up to alert you when people are asking about good SEO software, jump in and introduce your product.

It doesn’t get much easier than that to find a constant stream of highly qualified leads… and at zero cost…

Remember, the reseller opportunity ends in 2 days from now…

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