Promoyze Review

Promoyze ReviewA new product called ‘Promoyze’ has just launched.

It comes from the same team that brought you ‘Explaindio’.

In a nutshell, it’s software that aims to hugely simplify the process of creating marketing, promotional and sales videos.

It does this by providing you with a library of video templates, each consisting of a sequence of ‘slides’ or ‘scenes’.

Each of the slides consists of a collection of elements – video, image, text, etc – that you can edit to reflect your own brand and tailor the template to your own requirements.

The authors call this editing process, ‘click and swap’, presumably because you are ‘swapping’ out template elements for your own.

The idea is that the template takes you 80% of the way there and you just have to add the remaining 20%, making the video creation process simple and fast.

And it certainly does that.

Depending on the level of customisation you want to do, you select a template, make a few tweaks and render the final video in as little as a minute or two.

The authors are calling Promoyze ‘ground-breaking’ and ‘revolutionary’.

(Always makes me groan.)

However, it is clearly far from that.

People have been releasing PowerPoint video templates for years that do pretty much exactly the same job.

You open the template in PowerPoint, edit the slides and render the video.

So what, if anything, makes Promoyze different?

Well, one obvious thing is that the creators are marketers, whereas most of the people behind PowerPoint templates are designers (more on this later).

Another difference is that the templates come with professionally produced audio narration tracks.

This is seldom the case with PowerPoint templates, which tend to come with backing music only.

By the way, the software allows you to delete the narration, swap it with your own, record your own from within the software and/or add a backing music track.

A further difference is the length of these templates.

Whilst most PowerPoint templates are maybe 15 to 30 seconds, Promoyze templates are typically around a minute each.

So these can be used as fully-fledged sales videos.

The basic software comes with 100 templates across a variety of niches and topics.

It seems to me that the niches included are pretty key to your buying decision, so it is strange that the sales letter does not provide a list.

So I waded through and came up with a list for you…

1. Auto detailing
2. Ecommerce store building
3. Bathroom remodelling
4. Car insurance agency
5. Carpet cleaning
6. Chimney replacement
7. Chiropractor
8. Computer repair
9. Cosmetic dentist
10. Dog grooming
11. Dog training
12. Website traffic generation
13. Electrician
14. Email marketing / list building
15. Building contractor
16. Home insurance agency
17. Home remodelling
18. House cleaning
19. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
20. Golf
21. IT consultancy
22. Make money online
23. Marriage counselling
24. Martial arts
25. Massage therapy
26. Medical malpractice attorney
27. Personal trainer
28. Pizza restaurant
29. Plastic surgery
30. Plumber
31. Niche video store
32. Real estate
33. Residential security
34. Roofing
35. Copywriting
36. Relationship management
37. SEO
38. Small business loans
39. Social media marketing
40. Tattoo removal
41. Travel agency
42. Travel insurance
43. Video creation
44. Video marketing
45. Website building software
46. Wedding photographer
47. Wedding planner
48. Window cleaning

Each niche comes with both an ‘animated’ template and an ‘alternate’ template, giving you the 100 templates in total (I appear to have missed a couple of the niches in the above list).

In broad terms, the animated template uses ‘explainer’ type animated images and text and the alternate template is more like a PowerPoint presentation with a series of videos and/or images and text slides.

Each template comes with the option to download the script, should you want to read it or modify it and maybe get it re-recorded using your own voice talent.

The software is downloaded to your computer, so you do not need an internet connection to use it.

It works for both PC and Mac.

The software uses a ‘timeline’, which you will be familiar with if you have used pretty much any video editor.

When you open a template in the software, it is presented on the timeline as a sequence of slides or scenes.

You can preview and edit a slide by clicking on it.

When a slide is selected, all of the editable elements are annotated e.g. ‘IMG’ for image, ‘TEXT’ for text, ‘VID’ for video.

You click on any of the annotations to edit that element.

For example, you can swap the template images with your own.

Simply click on the image and select whether to replace it with an image from your computer or from ‘Pixabay’ (a site providing free stock images).

With text elements, you can change the text, font, font size, colour, position, etc.

You can also elect to total remove a slide from the template.

Note that there is an option to ‘sketch’ an image before displaying it. If you have used whiteboard animation software before, you will be familiar with this.

When you have been through all of the slides and made your changes, you can preview the final video.

When you are happy, it’s time to render the final video.

You can select the video resolution (e.g. high-definition) and quality and optionally add a watermark (useful if you are sending the video to a paying client for review).

There are a couple of other interesting options here.

You can elect to create a square video, ideal for social media and mobile, or a ‘portrait’ video, which can look better than the normal ‘landscape’ video on mobile devices.

The software is very simple to use and I was able to complete my first project without needing to refer to any of the training materials.

(These appear to be comprehensive, should you need further help or instruction.)

There are two purchase options for the software.

The first is for personal use at $27 and the second is for commercial use at $47.

You will need the commercial use version if you want to use Promoyze to create videos that you intend to sell or include as part of projects for paying clients.

I believe that the prices will increase during the launch period.

So that’s the basic product.

Promoyze UpsellsWhat about upsells?

Unusually for the Explaindio team, there are only two.

The first is the inevitable template club at $37 per month.

This provides you with 20 additional templates per month, across a range of niches and topics.

For the launch only, you also get a ‘welcome’ package of a further 80 templates.

I believe that, if you say no to this, there will be options to buy a collection of additional templates for a one-time fee.

You can opt for 100 templates for $67 or 30 templates for $27.

The second upsell is for a collection of 100 animated character presenters that you can overlay onto other videos for $47.

If you say no to this, there is an option to get 30 presenters for $17.

Promoyze VerdictSo what’s the bottom line?

The big advantage with Promoyze is speed.

You really can select a template, make a few changes and produce a finished video in a few minutes because the templates have already done most of the hard work for you.

And the templates, whilst not exceptional, are of a good standard.

They have not been thrown together like in so many template collections out there.

Plus, they look like they have been created by real marketers, since they follow tried and tested video marketing formats (present the problem, exacerbate the problem, provide a solution, give a call to action).

The images, text and animation are appropriate and well thought-out and the narration is also professional.

The flip-side of this advantage is, of course, flexibility.

Whilst it is entirely possible to edit just about every element of the templates and effectively ‘start from scratch’, this negates the core strength of the software.

So I would not recommend Promoyze if you intend to make wholesale changes to the templates.

That’s not what the product is all about.

Promoyze is likely to appeal mainly to two groups of people.

The first is people who offer marketing services to local niche businesses.

You would simply have to obtain some images and details (maybe even some video footage) specific to a business and use them to tailor one of the templates to quickly create a promotional video.

Add the watermark feature to create a preview for the client and remove it when they are happy to pay for the video.

You would need the commercial version to use Promoyze in this way.

The second group of people is affiliate marketers who promote products in a range of niches.

Affiliate marketers generally need to create a lot of videos quickly and Promoyze allows them to do that whilst maintaining a decent level of quality.

Promoyze is probably not a sensible investment for marketers working in one niche, since they would be better served by hunting down template collections devoted to that one niche.

If you are in either of these groups of people, Promoyze could be a good investment at the low introductory price.

You should also consider the template club upsell, or at least one of the additional template collections offered as a ‘downsell’, to give you the widest possible selection of niches and topics.

Promoyze is not ground-breaking or revolutionary, but it does solve a real problem for local business and affiliate marketers who want to create lots of decent videos quickly and painlessly.

And it does so at a fair introductory price.

You can get the full details, watch a demo and have a whistle-stop tour of some of the templates here…

Promoyze BonusOne of the things that Promoyze lacks is a music library.

So, as a bonus, I am including 101 pieces of royalty-free music, spanning a range of genres and moods so that there is something suitable for use with any of your video projects, with Promoyze or otherwise.

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