Profits Play Review

Here’s a new product you may want to avoid…

In a nutshell, ‘Profits Play’ claims to be a piece of software that allows you to create videos in minutes, post them to YouTube and then get them ranking on the first page of the Google and YouTube search results for a search term (or ‘keyword’) you specify.

Although he is not mentioned on the sales page, Precious Ngwu is involved in this product.

That is a clear warning shot across the bows, because this gentleman’s track record is, shall we say, less than enviable.

But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

Does the software actually work?

It promises to do two things…

1) Create a video quickly
2) Get that video ranked on Google and YouTube

It certainly creates videos very quickly.

In ‘autopilot mode’, you pretty much just enter the keyword you want to rank for and hit ‘Go’.

Profits Play will go off and find what it thinks is relevant content on the internet and create a series of slides from it.

It then links these slides together, adds some music, creates the video and uploads it to your YouTube channel.

It definitely does all of these things.

However, the finished videos are AWFUL!

Here is a video that another marketer created for the keyword ‘how to get a girlfriend in Bangor Maine’…

Watch it. It’s only 50 seconds long.

Ask yourself whether it is likely to persuade anyone to buy a dating product (which would be the intention).

To my mind, this makes autopilot mode unusable.

But there is an ‘advanced mode’.

Here, you can upload the images you want to use in your video, plus optional voiceover or backing music.

This will produce a better video…

But, once you have the images and voiceover, it would only take you a couple of minutes to take full control and complete the job yourself using free software like Microsoft Movie Maker.

So what about the ranking aspect?

This is difficult to evaluate.

Yes, the video above is currently No 1 on both Google and YouTube for the targeted keyword…

But nobody else in the search results is going after that exact phrase.

So you could almost certainly have got the same result creating and uploading the video yourself.

I don’t know, but I highly doubt that the software will be anywhere near as effective with more competitive keywords.

(The sales page is remarkably short of any form of actual proof of rankings.)

The software helps your rankings by building ‘backlinks’ to your videos from blogs it owns.

This may well help in the short term…

But Google has a way of sniffing out this sort of mass backlinking (particularly where hundreds of unrelated videos are using the same blogs)…

And, once they do, they will remove your video or even close your account.

But that’s not the end of it.

The authors state that the way to make money with the software is to churn out hundreds of videos promoting affiliate products.

Presumably, even if the videos are atrocious and offer no value whatsoever, you will get a few clicks here and there if you have enough of them out there.

The problem is that YouTube will shut you down long before that happens.

Your viewers can ‘dislike’ your videos as well as ‘like’ them. They can even complain about them.

Get enough dislikes or complaints and the offending video will be taken down.

Repeat this with multiple videos and YouTube will close your account.

So my advice is… steer clear


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