Profit Canvas Weekend Offer

ProfitCanvas01‘Profit Canvas’ is one of the most intensive and all-inclusive software and training packages ever released.

It includes a whole host of different features, each of which you will find elsewhere only as standalone products.

Here are the highlights…

  • Drag and drop website page builder (with 75 tested and proven templates)
  • Pop-up builder (with 25 tested and proven templates)
  • Interactive video creation (add clickable links, calls to action, ‘lower third’ annotations, email optin forms and more to your videos)
  • Webinar hosting platform (yes, you can host webinars from inside the software)
  • Newbie-friendly, step-by-step video training on how to start and run an online business (from two marketers who each make 7 figures a year)
  • White label rights to high-quality, in-demand software that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the proceeds (plus training on how to quickly and easily set everything up)

This is literally EVERYTHING you need to start a successful online business…

All of the tools, all of the products and all of the training, all in one place.

Since its release around 6 months ago, Profit Canvas members have generated more than 1.3 million views to their pages, had more than 143 thousand pop-up hits, collected nearly 30 thousand email addresses, ran webinars for more than 4 thousand attendees and sold more than 5 thousand copies of the white label software.

More importantly, it has given 437 ‘newbies’ the tools, training and products they needed to finally make their first money online.

When Profit Canvas was originally released, it was sold at a one-time price during the 3-day launch period.

Since then, it has been available on subscription at $67 per month.

That is, until now…

OMGCat01For this weekend only, you can grab lifetime access to the complete Profit Canvas package – with all of the tools, training and white label software – for a ONE-TIME payment of just… $27.

That is less than HALF of the normal fee for just one month of access.

Why this pretty crazy offer?

Well, it was supposed to be a Memorial Weekend special, but stuff happens and it’s coming to you a week late.

If you’re ready to stop messing around… to stop wasting your money on one empty ‘get rich quick’ promise after another… to stop buying software that never does what it says it will do…

And finally get all of the tools, training and products you need to start a REAL online business, all created by a 7-figure marketer and software developer…

And get it all for a fraction of what it’s worth (and what others have paid for it), then click the link below to take advantage of this special opportunity.

This is a genuine special offer. You can see what ‘Profit Canvas’ normally sells for here (DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!)…

And people happily pay that $67 a month because of the value they are getting.

This WeekendOnly01However, for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can pick up lifetime access to the complete Profit Canvas package, with page builder, pop-up builder, interactive video creation, webinar hosting, white label rights software and complete internet marketing training, for a single one-off payment of just $27…

But please hurry. This offer WILL be taken down at the end of this weekend.

** Update **

Following some questions I have been getting, here is a little more detail on the white label software component of Profit Canvas…

WhiteLabel02Profit Canvas includes white label rights to SIX high-quality, in-demand pieces of software.

That means you can put your name on this software, sell it as your own and keep 100% of the proceeds.

I am always banging on about how software that solves a real problem at a reasonable price virtually sells itself.

You only have to show it in action to the right people and they will want to buy it without you having to do any real selling at all.

But, of course, creating software is an expensive and lengthy business, especially if you are not technically minded.

The answer is to get white label rights to software other people have created.

And that’s what you are getting in the Profit Canvas package.

Not 1, but 6 pieces of software.

And these are proven sellers…

  • Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put scarcity bars, with clickable buttons and countdown timers on any of your posts or pages.
  • FB Pixel Insert is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily add Facebook retargeting pixels to every page and post on your website.
  • Jack Jacker Gold is a WordPress plugin that allows you to ‘hijack’ almost any website on the internet and put clickable links and banners over it. So you can use other people’s viral content to capture leads and make sales.
  • Support Chat is a WordPress plugin that lets you quickly put an interactive live chat box on any WordPress site.
  • Facebook Link Post allows you to post clickable calls to action (e.g. to collect email addresses or make sales) to any Facebook group or fan page.
  • Mobile Optimise Pro is a WordPress plugin that makes any website mobile-optimised instantly i.e. so that the website displays properly on mobile devices.

The white label rights to any ONE of these pieces of software would set you back far more than the $27 it will cost you to get the whole Profit Canvas package for this weekend.

There is any number of ways you can utilise these rights to build your list and make money.

Here is just one…

ClickBar01With Click Bar, you get two versions of the software, the ‘Standard’ and ‘Gold’ editions.

Using the Profit Canvas web page builder, you create a squeeze page that offers the Standard version free of charge in exchange for an email address.

This way, you build your list.

Again using the web page builder, you then create a ‘thank you’ page that offers the Gold version as an ‘upsell’ to people who have joined your list.

You can then breakeven or even make a profit on any advertising costs you spend in driving traffic to your squeeze page.

But it doesn’t end there.

You can also offer your subscribers one or more of the other pieces of software (maybe as a bundle) to make even more money from every subscriber.

(This is exactly what I am doing now.)

The Profit Canvas training takes you step-by-step through the process of setting all of this up.

BusinessInABox01In other words, Profit Canvas provides you with a complete ‘business in a box’.

You could literally have all of this setup and ready to make money for you within 24 hours of investing in the package.

And here is another thing…

You don’t have to worry about supporting or developing the software, because that is all looked after for you.

All you have to focus on is sending people to your offer.

I hope you are beginning to see why Profit Canvas is easily worth the $67 a month existing users are paying.

But, FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY, you can have lifetime access to it all for a one-off payment of just $27.

This really is an amazingly good offer, so I urge you to jump on it now before it’s taken down at midnight tomorrow…

** Update **

LastChance01The offer was extended but will definitely close at midnight tonight, Eastern Time, 5am tomorrow morning, UK time or when the remaining 12 copies have been snapped up, whichever comes first.

You are getting a page builder, a popup builder, interactive video elements, newbie-friendly internet marketing training and the white label rights to no fewer than 6 pieces of software, which you can sell and keep 100% of the proceeds… all for just $27.

To grab one of the 12 remaining places, go here…

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