Pixel Studio FX Review

Pixel Studio FX ReviewA new ecover designer called ‘Pixel Studio FX’ has just gone live.

Well, it’s actually the new 2.0 version of the product that first launched more than a year ago.

If you got, or considered getting, the original version, a raft of new features has been added.

In case you don’t know, what is an ‘ecover designer’?

It’s a piece of software that allows you to create product images for digital products.

With digital products, people are basically buying a download that has no tangible form.

But good marketing is all about visualisation.

People want to ‘see’ what they are getting.

And that’s where ecovers come in.

For an ebook, you create an image of a physical book.

For a piece of software, you create an image of a software box and maybe some CDs.

For a video course, you might create an image of a computer screen and some DVDs.

Making these ecovers look professional and enticing has been proven to increase sales because they enhance the perceived value of the product in the viewers’ minds.

One way to create these ecovers is using something like Photoshop.

However, that is expensive and difficult to master.

And that’s why there is no shortage of ecover designer software out there.

So, in a crowded market, what makes Pixel Studio FX worthy of your consideration?

In a nutshell, it’s down to size and sophistication.

The software comes with literally 1,000’s of professionally created templates, split into 23 different ‘markets’, including…

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Business and investing
  • Education
  • Employment and jobs
  • Fiction
  • Health and fitness
  • Internet marketing

And many more.

Click into any market and you are presented with 12 different ecover templates, including…

  • Ebook
  • Software box
  • Report
  • CD
  • Mobile / cell phone app

And more.

Pixel Studio FX Demo

Click on any of these templates and you can edit it in any way you like using Photoshop-like features.

You can add, change, rotate, blue, sharpen or delete text, images and backgrounds, including the fonts and colours used.

You can add images, icons, shapes and backgrounds from the built-in library of more than 14,000 royalty-free elements or upload your own.

As with Photoshop, each element is on its own ‘layer’, so you can rearrange the order of elements, putting one in front of or behind another.

Also like Photoshop, you can change the ‘opacity’ (or transparency) of elements, add shadows and reflections (which is very cool).

PixelStudioFX03Once you have completed your design, you can download it in JPG, PNG, TIF or even PDF format.

There are also some other pretty clever features.

For example, you can integrate Pixel Studio FX with your favourite stock image sites so you can pull images directly into the software.

During the launch window, Pixel Studio FX is available for a one-time fee of $67.

That does make it more pricey than many other ecover designers.

However, Pixel Studio FX has a breadth and sophistication that puts it head and shoulders above any other ecover designer I have come across.

Pixel Studio FX should be the only ecover designer you will ever need and that makes it very good value for money in my view.

Plus, during the launch, that $67 also buys you developer rights.

That means you can create designs in the software and sell them to clients.

Developer rights almost always come at additional cost, so this is very important when comparing price.

(FYI: After the launch, the software will switch to a subscription payment and developer rights will be extra.)

Are there any negatives?

Out of my testing, there are two potential ones that I see…

(1) The software is cloud-based, meaning that you have to have an active internet connection to use it.

(This can also be a positive in that you can access all of your projects from anywhere.)

(2) Without getting the first upsell (see below), there is no way to add more than one of the template designs together to create ‘composite’ designs e.g. if you had a product consisting of several ebooks, videos, software etc and you wanted to show them all in one image.

That said, this is unlikely to be an issue for most users who will be promoting simpler products for which the templates are more than adequate.

Are there any upsells?

There are two.

The first is for the inevitable ‘Pro’ version for the far-from-bargain-basement price of $149.

This unlocks extra features in the software including…

  • The ability to create composite designs (as I mentioned earlier)
  • 20 additional templates (e.g. presentations, magazines, paperback books, etc) for each of the markets
  • 300 additional fonts
  • Additional online storage space

Do you need this upgrade?

I would definitely recommend you consider it if you intend to create designs for paying clients.

It extends what you are able to offer significantly and should pay for itself fairly quickly.

However, this is not needed if you are getting Pixel Studio FX for personal use or occasional resell use only.

The basic package comes with all of the design templates you are ever likely to need.

The second upsell is ‘Social Studio FX’ for $97.

This is software very much like Pixel Studio FX but for creating ads that can be used as banners or on social media.

Like Pixel Studio FX, you get a selection of different markets with a range of fully editable ad images in each.

You clearly do not need this to augment the main product, so it’s up to you whether it fits into your business.

ApprovedSo what’s the bottom line?

I have tested many ecover designers over the last couple of years and Pixel Studio FX is head and shoulders above any of the others.

It does pretty much anything and everything you could want an ecover designer to do and then some.

You certainly won’t need to invest in another one any time soon.

If you create more than the odd couple of ecovers a year, Pixel Studio FX is a very sound investment that will pay for itself many times over, not just in money but also in time saved.

Plus, with the developer rights included, Pixel Studio FX can form the basis of a very simple and lucrative business model.

You only have to go on sites like Fiverr and UpWork to see that there is huge demand for professional ecover designs.

(One of the testimonials on the sales page shows how one customer found a lot of success with this.)

You can get full details and see Pixel Studio FX in action here…


Do check it out while the one-off pricing is available.

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