Pitch Review

Pitch ReviewA new piece of video software, called simply ‘Pitch’, hit the streets yesterday.

This could well be of interest to you if you know the power of video ads, you realise that you should be using them to get traffic, but you’ve avoided them because the whole business of actually creating videos seems too complicated or expensive.

Whether we like it or not, traffic is all about video these days.

There is unlimited ultra-cheap traffic available on YouTube, because it only sells a small portion of its ad inventory.

And the same is now true on Facebook, due to its declared intent to oust YouTube as the biggest video hosting platform on the planet.

However, many marketers (including me) find creating videos for ads daunting.

That is where Pitch claims to come to the rescue.

Pitch SampleAt its heart is a collection of 20 pieces of video footage that have been specifically created by the Pitch team for use as video ads.

Each video template is around 15 seconds long and is split into three five-second segments.

When you select a template, three thumbnails will be displayed, corresponding to each of these segments.

You click on the thumbnail to edit that segment.

The reason for having segments is that each comes with its own independent editable title and subtitle, giving you a total of six lines of text.

Most of the time, you will probably use the first two segments to relate the main benefits of what you are offering and the final one as a call to action to get viewers to do whatever it is you want them to do.

For each segment, you can choose the position of the text from a grid of nine options ranging from top-left to bottom-right.

You click on the title and subtitle to edit the text.

You can also select the font you want to use, its size and colour and, optionally, a colour for an opaque text background.

At the time of writing, there is only a small selection of around 12 fonts.

Also, I was a little disappointed to see that the font selections you make for the first segment are not automatically carried through to the second and third segments.

I would think that, more often than not, you will want to have the same look and feel throughout.

That said, it does not take long to repeat the selections you have made.

The final segment gives you the option of adding an image, which would typically be your logo.

This displays at the top of the screen so the text is restricted to the bottom of the screen.

I would have liked to see the image option in all three segments, plus the flexibility to position it – and the text – anywhere on the screen.

The final segment of the video is shown through a filter, presumably to focus attention on your call to action.

I would have liked this to be an option.

But, again, these are not huge issues.

The next step is to optionally select backing music.

There are 20 tracks available, which is fewer than I would have liked to see in order to cover the full range of moods and genres that might be most applicable to your video.

You can preview tracks and then add one with one click.

All of the tracks run for 15 seconds, in sync with the templates.

In the final step, a water-marked preview of the video is rendered.

If you want to make any changes you can hit a ‘go back’ button.

Otherwise, you hit ‘go’ and the final video will be rendered and downloaded to your computer as an MP4 file.

Pitch UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are two.

The first upsell is the inevitable ‘template club’ that gives you an additional 20 video templates and 20 music tracks every month at a cost of $37 a month or $197 a year.

It seems that you have to take this upsell if you want to use Pitch to create videos for clients, since the basic version only comes with a personal use license.

This is very rare in my experience and I would much prefer to have seen the commercial license available for a one-off fee.

That said, if you do want to use Pitch for clients, you will probably want to add a constant stream of new templates to your portfolio, since the initial 20 will be fairly restrictive.

The second upsell comes at $87 and is a training course.

It consists of five modules covering marketing with…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Whether this is of interest to you depends on your current level of expertise and which of these platforms you would like to market on.

Pitch Bottom LineSo what’s the bottom line?

Pitch claims to be an ultra-simple solution for creating professional video ads in 60 seconds.

Having given it a test run, I can confirm that it delivers on this promise.

As described, there are a few tweaks I would have liked to have seen.

However, there is an argument that these would have detracted from the intended simplicity of the software.

More of an issue are the templates themselves.

The ones you are given seem to have been selected to be generic enough to be useful in the widest range of niches possible.

That’s fair enough, but it is also a potential limiting factor.

With just 20 templates in the basic package, you are not going to find anything truly niche specific.

If you are looking to get into video marketing in the simplest – and quickest – way possible, Pitch is well worth considering, particularly if you are ‘tech-averse’.

However, in essence, Pitch is really just a collection of stock video and music clips coupled with a very simple editor.

You can achieve a more flexible result, albeit with more fiddling around and a possible learning curve, by sourcing the stock video and music separately and editing them in a paid or even free video editor.

It’s a trade-off between simplicity and speed on the one hand and flexibility on the other.

The decision, as they say, is yours.

You can get the full details and see Pitch in action here…



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