Monkey Playr Review

YouTube is great and, of course, it’s free to use.

But it does have some serious limitations for us marketers.

It doesn’t give you full control over how your videos are presented on your website or other web properties.

That’s why so many marketers end up making the expensive move to paid video hosting sites such as ‘Wistia’ and ‘Vimeo’.

But now there’s an alternative in a piece of software called ‘Monkey Playr’…


In a nutshell, this is a video player that allows you to keep hosting your videos for free on YouTube… whilst also getting access to many of the features previously only available with premium hosting services.

If you use videos in your business, I recommend that you check it out.

During the launch period, you can get lifetime access to the software with unlimited usage rights for less than the price of a takeaway pizza for two.

That means you can create unlimited players on unlimited websites with no recurring hosting or playback fees, ever.

See Monkey Playr in action here…

Here are just some of the features the software offers…

  • Use with your own or anybody else’s YouTube videos
  • Autoplay your videos
  • Loop videos or playlists
  • Start and stop playback at any points you choose
  • Remove the YouTube logo from videos
  • Disable playback controls
  • Disable YouTube annotations (even on other people’s videos)
  • Fully responsive embeds – your video will automatically adjust in size to perfectly fit wherever it is being shown and whatever device it is being shown on (this is a huge advantage in the age of mobile video)

You can see Monkey Playr in action by clicking on the ‘Demos’ tab at the top of this page…

What about upsells?

There are two.

The first is for the inevitable ‘Pro’ version of the software, which comes with additional features such as…

  • Add clickable watermarks to videos
  • Add social sharing buttons to videos
  • Overlay clickable calls to action on videos

Whether you want these features is up to you. However, the upgrade is only $20, so I think that is good value for money.

The second upsell is a ‘Video Crash Course’ in how to use video to drive traffic, get subscribers and make sales.

The guys behind the software are expert video marketers and so this could be a very good investment of just $20.

Monkey Playr is an excellent piece of software that solves some real problems for video marketers and does it for a far more than reasonable price.

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