Media Profit Revolution Review

With all of the big-name product launches that have been happening over the last couple of weeks, a real gem of a product has almost slipped under the radar.

In fact, I only came across it because one of my subscribers (thank you Mary) emailed me to say that I really should check it out.

MediaProfitRevolutionBox01The product is called ‘Media Profit Revolution’ and you can get all of the details here…

In a nutshell, it’s a training course giving step-by-step instructions on how to tap into a massive cheap traffic source.

This traffic source is not new…

In fact, it’s been around almost as long as the internet has…

But, until now, it has pretty much been the playground of the internet marketing ‘Big Boys’ because most other marketers have seen it as either too expensive or too complicated to get involved with.

Now, Marcus and Tim, the people behind Media Profit Revolution, have changed all that by coming up with a step-by-step method for anyone to plug into this unlimited source of very cheap traffic.

Back in 2004, Google released its AdWords advertising platform.

Marketers who seized that opportunity did very, very well and many went on to become millionaires.

The same thing happened when Facebook launched its ad platform in the tail end of 2012.

The message is clear…

People who get in early on these new traffic sources are the ones who make the most money.

Eventually, however, so many marketers pile in that the competition becomes fierce and ad prices sky-rocket.

If you missed those two opportunities to be in the vanguard of internet marketing, today you have a third chance to get in on the ground floor.

Media Profit Revolution shows you how.

Here’s what I like about it…

  • This is something totally fresh and brand new. I guarantee you will not have seen this taught in any course costing less that $497 and nowhere at all with the ‘twist’ that Marcus and Tim have added.
  • As well as the training, you get full disclosure on real-life case studies, which you can simply adapt for your own business.
  • You need just $5 in ad spend to start using this method. And Marcus and Tim show you how to convert that $5 into $100 within as little as 12 hours. (This traffic source produces immediate results once you switch it on.)
  • The way Marcus and Tim tap into this traffic source is brand new. So there is almost zero competition. And that means cheap traffic with a huge profit potential. For example, Marcus and Tim made $4,412 in commissions from just $200 in ad spend.
  • The traffic you generate from this source can be in virtually any niche and can be sent to almost any offer you want, whether that is to your own products, affiliate products, CPA offers or for rapid list building.
  • The training is very ‘newbie-friendly’, with step-by-step video tutorials that genuinely don’t leave anything out. There are very few ‘moving parts’ to using this traffic source – far fewer than, say, Facebook or AdWords advertising – but Marcus and Tim don’t make any assumptions about your existing skills or knowledge.

In summary, I would go so far as to say that this is the freshest and most valuable traffic training I have seen in a long time.

I give it 10 out of 10. And, as you know, that is very rare from me.

What about upsells?

There are two.

The first is a complete ‘Done For You’ package at $47.

It gives you 15 campaigns that are working right now to bring in thousands of dollars.

You get the actual offers, ads, headlines, images and even the exact keywords you need to target.

Essentially, you can ‘copy and paste’ these campaigns to start making money fast.

Most so-called ‘Done For You’ packages are anything but.

They always seem to leave out some crucial part of the equation.

This is different. Everything is included.

Which begs the question…

“Why would Marcus and Tim give away actual campaigns that are making them money now?”

The answer is that this traffic source is so huge that hundreds of people could be running the exact same campaigns and never tread on each other’s toes.

Now you know that I rarely recommend getting upsells because I believe that the main product should stand on its own two feet.

I am making an exception here because, although the main product offers you all the training you need to tap into this traffic source, these proven Done For You campaigns genuinely do give you everything you need to start profiting almost immediately.

(If $47 is a little steep for you, say “No” and you will be offered 10 campaigns instead of 15 for $37.)

The second upsell is ‘advanced’ training showing you how to resell at a profit the traffic you get from this method to other businesses.

This is definitely not needed unless, for example, you already have a business generating traffic for clients.

So I would skip this.

Media Profit Revolution is new, fresh and very newbie-friendly.

I will certainly be using this in my business and I recommend that you do too.

The price will be increasing steadily over the launch period, so please go and check it out now. You really could be making your first profits as soon as tomorrow…

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