Massive Retirement Fire Sale

It is with mixed feelings that I want to bring a very special opportunity to your attention.

davidvallieres2David Vallieres, one of the true ‘greats’ of internet marketing, is retiring after some 20 years in the business.

David’s ‘You Can Make Your Living Online’ course was one of the first internet marketing courses I purchased, way back in 2008.


And it was instrumental in getting me started online.

In fact, I liked it so much that, when David offered resale rights to the course, I snapped them up for $997 and made more than $30,000 selling it myself.

I know that more than a few other internet marketers did the same, many getting even better results than I did.

Since then, I have purchased just about everything that David has put out, along with resale rights, as and when he has offered them.

I must have put more than $10,000 into his pocket over the years.


Because David is one of the ‘good guys’.

He never teaches anything in any of his products that he hasn’t tried and tested himself.

And he never makes any hyped-up claims about what is achievable.

He makes it very clear that internet marketing is a real business and, although the results can be spectacular, you still have to put the work in to make them happen.

It feels like David has been a trusty companion on my own road to business success.

And that’s why I’m just a little bit sad that our paths are now diverging.

But David is going out with a bang…

For a very limited time, he is offering resale rights to virtually all of the products he has created over the years.

That’s 31 of the some of the best-selling products, courses and training in the internet marketing space of the last decade…

With an asking price that is ridiculously low.

And I don’t mean that in ‘marketing speak’.

It genuinely is ridiculously low.

It is around a third of what I paid for access to the ‘You Can Make Your Living Online’ course.

And around a seventh of what I paid for David’s ‘flagship’ course, ‘6 in 6’ (where he teaches how to go from scratch to a 6-figure income in 6 months).

Not only do you get these two excellent courses, both updated so they are bang up to date today…

You also get another 29 products…

And resale rights to everything.

Without any stretch of the imagination, that really is a ridiculously good deal.

Even if you have no intention of reselling any of the products, the education they will give you in internet marketing is worth 20 times the investment.

I should know, because I have bought most of these products at their full asking price!

I can’t possibly go through everything you get in this review.

So go and get the full tour here…

I know you are going to be amazed at everything that is on offer…

And even more amazed at the asking price.

But don’t hang around too long, because the doors close forever at midnight on October 31st…

If you have any queries, just drop me a line on…


David is almost giving away his multi-million dollar internet marketing business.

You get to sell all of his bestselling products and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Make just ONE sale of ONE of these products and you will have more than recouped your investment.

Plus, you get a complete internet marketing education, with some of the best training that, to my mind, has ever been released.

What’s Included?

Actually, I got it wrong in my original post above.

There are 35 products, not 31.

But what are they?

Well, there is no way I could do them justice in this post, but here is an alphabetical list of the product titles to give you a flavour…

(Remember: you get all of these products plus rights to resell them and keep 100% of the proceeds.)

  • 2 Minute Membership Sites
  • 6 in 6 Course
  • 7 Ways To Make Fast Cash Online
  • Advanced Email Marketing Course
  • Carefully Crafted Emails
  • CD Automator
  • ClickBank Message Sets
  • Crazy Money Video
  • DM AutoPilot Workshop
  • Easy Certified Copyright Searches
  • Easy Money Transcript
  • Ebay Secrets Revealed
  • Electronic Publishing Profits
  • Email Marketing Special Report
  • Fail As Fast As Possible
  • Getting Started Online Audio
  • Info Master Course
  • Internet Brainstorms Audio
  • I Want My CD
  • Kick In The Butt Email Series
  • Legal Way To Print Money Audio
  • Masters Of Copywriting
  • Mind Method Course
  • Mind Reading For Fun And Profit
  • Newsletter Archives
  • One Secret That Could Make You Rich
  • Online Business Success Secrets Audio
  • Turning Content Into Cash
  • Unstuck Online Seminar
  • You Can Make Your Living Online
  • Market X-Factor
  • Trading Pro System
  • Winning Trade System
  • Wycoff’s Trading Secrets

You can get the full tour here…

Consider just one of these products… the ‘6 in 6’ course.

Here, David teaches people how to build a 6-figure per year internet marketing business in just 6 months (hence ‘6 in 6’).

The course includes a full 6 months of content, with a video tutorial plus supporting materials for every weekday.

That’s 183 lessons in total, taking students from the very basics of starting an internet business to the most advanced of marketing strategies.

And 100% of the content was created personally by David.

I took this course ‘live’ as David created it and paid $697 for the privilege.

It was $697 very well-spent.

Now you can get that same internet marketing education for a fraction of what I paid…

Plus 34 other products…

Plus the rights to resell all of them and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This is one of those deals that seem to be too good to be true.

You are left wondering where the ‘catch’ is.

Well, the only ‘catch’ is that the doors close forever on October 31st.

I can’t recommend this highly enough, whether you are looking for high-quality products to promote or just to further your own marketing education.

At least check it out before the sale ends…


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