Low Hanging System FAQ

We’re rapidly heading down to the wire.

This is your last chance to secure heavily discounted access to ‘The Low Hanging System’ (‘LHS’), which closes at midnight tonight (September 12th), Eastern Time.

I’m not going to go into detail here with what LHS is all about.

If you want the full story, you can read my very detailed blog post about it here.

There’s a lot of information there so, if you missed my email yesterday, you can also find my much shorter ‘executive summary’ here.

What I would like to do here is reproduce the answers I have been giving to some last-minute queries I have been getting, in case you have them too.

Let’s dive in…

*** Question: Is this really as simple as you suggest? I have purchased training courses in the past that claimed to be ‘simple’ but turned out to be anything but.

Answer: I can sympathise with that. It is in the nature of marketing to make things sound as simple as possible, because nobody wants to buy ‘complicated’ or ‘difficult’.

However, LHS genuinely is about as simple as a business model can be.

It comes down to just the 4 steps I outlined in my last email.

Create a design, put it on a mug, list the mug on Amazon, process sales.

Of course, there are a few ‘wrinkles’ to each of those steps, but they are purely mechanical ones, rather than any that require special skills or leaning curves.

The complexity of most business models comes mainly from things like driving traffic, marketing, writing content and ‘technical’ aspects such as creating websites.

None of these things apply with LHS and that makes it genuinely simple.

The only ‘non-mechanical’ part of the entire process is coming up with the text to put on the mugs.

There is plenty of training on this in the course.

But, to make it even easier for you, I am including my own ‘cheat sheet’ for coming up with an unlimited number of designs.

I have been using this very simple method to come up with designs that sell on a consistent basis for the last 10 months.

I think you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is.

(I also tell you what to avoid to shortcut your route to success.)

*** Question: I have been inundated with offers for ‘ecommerce’ products lately. Is this more of the same? If not, what makes it different?

Answer: ‘Ecommerce’ is certainly the latest ‘hot topic’, with a new training course or software product being released almost every week.

In simple terms, ‘ecommerce’ is all about selling physical products online; products that have to be delivered through the post, rather than digitally downloaded.

In that sense, LHS is about ecommerce.

However, it is very, very different to everything else that is being marketed.

Just about every other training course uses the same basic business model.

That is, setup a store on Shopify (a platform for creating online stores), stock your store with products from Ali Express (an online directory of Chinese wholesalers) and drive traffic to your products using Facebook paid advertising.

This is definitely a successful business model.

Many people have become very rich very quickly using it.

However, despite what product vendors would have you believe, it is far from easy – and far from cheap – to pull off.

Setting up a Shopify store is technically quite challenging.

And it costs money.

You have to pay a basic monthly subscription just to create a store and then pay more per month for a range of apps that add ‘must-have’ functionality.

Sourcing the right products is also difficult.

There are tens of thousands to choose from and, although there are ways to narrow the choice, you ultimately don’t know what will sell until you actually try to sell it.

Once you have stocked your store, the hard part starts.

Nobody knows you exist or where to find you, so you have to go out and get traffic.

The ‘go-to’ place is Facebook, since you can use its targeting to closely match who sees your ad with the products in your store they may be interested in.

But turning a profit on paid Facebook advertising if you’ve never done it before is a huge challenge and one that can take a lot of time and a lot of money in testing to get right.

I know because I have done a lot of Facebook advertising in my time.

However, even if you master it, the battle is still not won.

You generally have to advertise low-cost, low-margin products to get sales from a cold audience on Facebook.

So, at best, you are likely to breakeven on the initial sale and have to rely on ‘upsells’ or follow-up sales to turn a profit.

(Not to mention the logistics involved in fulfilling lots of small-ticket sales, plus the inevitable customer support issues resulting from the long shipping times from China.)

The bottom line is that this typical ecommerce model is far from easy to pull-off, particularly if you aren’t blessed with a whole range of marketing and technical skills going into it.

LHS is completely and utterly different.

In fact, using the label ‘ecommerce’, whilst applicable, makes it sound hugely more complicated than it is.

You don’t need a store, because you are listing your products on Amazon (and optionally other platforms).

You don’t need to source products, because all you are doing is adding simple text-based designs to mugs (and optionally other products).

And those mugs are produced to order by a ‘Print On Demand’ (‘POD’) company only if and when you make a sale.

You don’t need to drive any traffic or pay for any advertising, because Amazon brings the buying traffic to you.

Things can even be setup so that orders are automatically passed to the POD company for fulfilment, without you having to lift a finger.

Your entire involvement revolves around creating the simple text-based designs to put on the mugs and then listing them on Amazon.

This is a very simple process that is covered step-by-step in the LHS training.

This is as simple as ‘ecommerce’ – indeed, almost any online business – can get.

*** Question: I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Can I really come up with designs that will sell on Amazon?

This is probably the most common query I get.

People find it difficult to believe that anyone would buy a mug with just a few words of text on it in a bog-standard font.

Mugs that many would even describe as ‘ugly’.

Even when people have joined LHS and gone through the training, which hammers this point home time and time again, so many new members try to be ‘clever’ and produce more involved designs.

Only to be ‘surprised’ when they don’t sell.

Go to Amazon.com and search for ‘mugs with sayings’, ‘novelty mugs’ or something similar and browse through the first few pages of results.

See for yourself how many are nothing more than simple black text on a white background.

Every one of Rachel’s bestselling mugs – ones that have made 5 figures in sales – follow this simple format.

(In my detailed blog post, you will see one ugly text-only mug that Rachel created, which sold 2,748 units in 2 weeks. The training includes many similar case studies.)

So, no, you don’t need any design skills.

In fact, design skills can be a big disadvantage, since people with them find it very difficult to resist using them.

As for coming up with the actual words to use, the internet provides you with an almost infinite supply, all within free and easy reach.

The training includes numerous research methods, along with real-life case studies from Rachel and other students.

You will never, ever be short of ideas.

*** Question: Won’t this method become ‘saturated’ with all of these LHS members doing the same thing?

Answer: No. There is simply no way this could become saturated, even if there were tens of thousands of LHS members.

There are hundreds of millions of people who shop on Amazon (let alone the numerous other platforms you can list on).

There are thousands of niches for your mugs.

Think about how many jobs and professions there are, how many hobbies, how many sports, how many past-times, how many books, TV series and movies, how many interest groups, how many holidays and special occasions, how many trending topics in the news.

The last alone provides unlimited potential. For example, I and a lot of other members did very well out of the recent total eclipse in the USA.

Each of those niches provides an almost unlimited supply of different slogans, sayings, jokes and quotes you can put on a mug.

The potential here is pretty much infinite.

*** Question: Can you really run this business with no further costs after investing in the course?

Yes you can.

You don’t pay to create your designs. You create them yourself.

You don’t pay to create the mug with the POD company. Membership is included with the course.

You don’t pay to create an Amazon Seller account or to list products on Amazon. This is all free.

The only time you have to pay anything is if and when you sell a mug.

Then, you have to pay the POD company to produce and ship the mug and you have to pay Amazon a small commission for selling it.

However, these costs come out of the sales proceeds, with the balance being your profit.

There are some additional costs for things that are purely optional and you may want to consider after you are already making consistent income and want to scale your business up.

Things like an Amazon ‘Pro’ account and low-cost sponsored listings on Amazon.

But none of these is required and the decision to use them is entirely yours.

*** Question: How much money can I realistically make with this method?

Answer: Anything from a nice side income to six-figures a year and all points in between.

Rachel makes a minimum of 5-figures a month using this exact method, and six-figures in the run-up to Christmas.

Many members have built up the equivalent of a full-time income and have thrown in their day jobs to do this instead.

I run this in 2 to 4 hours a week alongside my internet marketing business, yet it is still generating what many people work 40 hours a week in a ‘job’ to make.

There are other members who regard this as a bit of a ‘hobby’ that happens to pay some bills and maybe provide them with an extra holiday each year.

With any business, what you get out varies with what you put in.

However, LHS is unusual in that you can largely ‘predict’ what you will get out.

If you have X listings and you are making Y a month from them, all things being equal, if you double your listings, you will double you income.

And another great thing about this business is that your results are cumulative.

Each listing you create has the potential to make you an income pretty much forever.

So it’s not work once, get paid once. It’s work once and potentially get paid over and over again.

Put another way, the longer you do this, the higher your income from it will be.

*** Question: Can I do this if I live outside the USA?

Answer: Yes, I live in the UK and I have had no issues whatsoever running LHS as a business, primarily selling into the USA.

Other LHS members live all over the world and have also had no issues.

*** Question: You say that LHS is the best business opportunity you have seen in a long time. In simple terms, what makes this stand out from everything else out there?

I go through this in detail in my blog post.

However, here are the ‘headlines’…

(1) This is so simple that anyone, regardless of background or skill set, can do it.

(2) You can make real progress in as little as 2 hours a week.

(3) The only costs of running the business come out of actual sales.

(4) The income it produces is cumulative and largely passive.

(5) It’s a real business that will be around as long as people want to buy mugs.

(6) The training is complete, step-by-step, and assumes zero prior knowledge. It is also constantly updated to reflect any changes or new strategies and is backed up with numerous real life case studies.

(7) The ongoing support is second to none.

(8) It comes from someone who runs this business every day; someone who is genuinely invested in your success.

(9) There is a highly engaged community of fellow members who provide help, advice and the support and encouragement to succeed.

(10) It plain works. Rachel proves it, I prove it and the huge numbers of member’s testimonials prove it.

(11) As a bonus, it’s fun!


That covers the common questions I have been getting.

However, if you still have queries or want clarification on any of the above, just drop me a line.

I would also reiterate that now is the absolute best time to get involved with LHS.

70% to 80% of ecommerce sales come in the quarter leading up to Christmas.

Become a member now and you will have plenty of time to go through the training and get a good number of listings up before the buying frenzy starts.

Not only that, you will also be able to lay the foundations of a completely new business that will provide you with a growing income throughout 2018 and beyond.

But you do have to act now because this special discounted access closes at midnight tonight.

If you want further information, go to my blog post here.

Or, if you are ready to claim your spot now, go here…


Remember to send me a copy of your receipt for my product research ‘cheat sheet’.

If you still have any doubts, you don’t have to say “Yes” now.

LHS comes with an unconditional 30-day guarantee.

That is plenty of time to take the training, hang out with other members in the Facebook group and get started with listing products on Amazon.

I know you are going to really like what you find and be convinced that you will make a success of LHS, like so many others have.

However, if you don’t, simply ask for your money back and all you will have lost is a little of your time.

Far more likely is that you come to see this as one of the best decisions you have made; the day when you stopped chasing one shiny object after another and started actually building a real business that will generate a growing largely passive income and reward you for years to come.

Claim you place now…


Oh, and you may actually have a lot of fun at the same time.

Finally, if you would like me to ‘critique’ your first few designs, just drop me a line and I will be happy to give you the benefit of my experience.

I’m always happy to help where I can.

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