LetClicks Review

A new product has just launched called ‘LetClicks’.

LetClicks ReviewAlthough it has other applications, it is going to be of particular interest to you if you do (or intend to do) any marketing – free or paid – on Facebook.

If you have spent any time on Facebook, you will know that, when you click on an image in a Facebook post or image ad, Facebook opens a window displaying a larger version of that image.

This is fine for normal ‘content’ posts but, when you are marketing on Facebook, it’s definitely NOT what you want to happen.

In a promotional post, your image is your biggest call to action.

And, when people click on it, you want them to be taken straight to wherever it is you want them to go.

That may be to somewhere inside Facebook, such as one of your pages or a group, or it may be somewhere off Facebook, such as to an affiliate offer or to an offer or a squeeze page on your website.

Of course, you will have the link of where you want people to go to in the post text.

But the natural inclination of most people is to click on the big fat image and not the small link that they may or may not have noticed.

This is particularly true for mobile users, because images occupy far more of the visible space on a mobile device than they do on a desktop.

And recent statistics show that 80% to 90% of people access Facebook on mobile devices at least part of the time.

I have been doing Facebook marketing for a couple of years now and this is a huge frustration, because I know it has been losing me a lot of click-throughs.

(I should say here that you can create ‘link posts’ in Facebook that will send people to a link you specify when they click on the image in a post. However, these posts contain much smaller images and are far less effective at getting attention, particularly on mobile devices.)

And that’s why I’m so pleased that LetClicks has arrived.

In simple terms, it is software that allows you to create ‘redirect’ links on the images you post to Facebook.

So, when people click on your images, they are redirected to whatever destination you specify, instead of opening a larger version of the image.

It seems like a very simple thing.

But, if you do Facebook marketing like I do, you will know it has very significant implications.

You will now capture all of the clicks on your post or ad and not just the ones on your link.

How many more click-throughs will that give you?

There are some pretty impressive claims made on the sales page. (E.g. I question whether an increase from 120 clicks to 100,000 clicks is achievable on a like-for-like basis.)

But, even if those are not typical, one thing is undeniable.

Common sense tells you that you WILL get more click-throughs with LetClicks than without it.

I think that double is a conservative estimate.

And that means the software will pay for itself many times over.

Before I continue, I should add a note of caution…

You don’t want to use images as ‘click bait’ with LetClicks.

So, you don’t want to show an image of one thing and send visitors to somewhere completely unrelated and unexpected should they click on it.

For example, you don’t want to show an image of a cat playing a piano and then link to an offer for an internet marketing course.

That will just alienate people and be totally counter-productive.

For me, LetClicks is all about increasing the effectiveness of legitimate Facebook marketing. Don’t use it for evil!

That said…

There are a couple of other potential advantages to using LetClicks…

If you use it to add links to images you post on your pages or groups and omit an external link in your post text, Facebook will see your post as ‘native’ and extend the reach it gives it to your existing followers.

This can give you significantly more free traffic.

Also, because the image will now get you the click-through, you do not need to include as much text as you would otherwise to persuade people to click on your link.

You can let the image do the work for you, which is what it is best at doing.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the other features of LetClicks…

  • Use animated GIFs as well as static images to grab more attention and increase engagement.
  • Change the redirect link at any time from inside the LetClicks dashboard, so you can send traffic to a different destination.
  • Add retargeting pixels to your images to build custom audiences from people who click on them, allowing you to market to them over and over again on Facebook.
  • Also works with Facebook Messenger and Skype.
  • Monitor the number and sources of clicks you are getting using the analytics provided inside the dashboard.
  • Create your own library of images inside the dashboard.
  • Fully compliant with Facebook’s terms and conditions.

OK. So LetClicks solves a problem, but how easy is it to use?

First up, the software is cloud-based, so note that you will need an internet connection to use it.

Creating a new image link is very simple and straightforward…

(1) Add a headline for your post

(2) Select the image you want to use. This can be uploaded from your computer or selected from your online library of images you have previously used.

(3) The software provides a preview of how the post will look on both desktop and mobile devices.

(4) Specify the URL (internet address) you want people to be sent too when they click on the image.

(5) Create a custom link for where the image will be hosted. This will be on the LetClicks server (clicks will be redirected from there to the URL you specified in (4).)

(6) Create the link.

(7) Optionally post to Facebook now. The draft post will be opened in a window so you can add your description. You can post to your own page, another page or group you manage, to an event or in a Facebook message. (To post later, come back and copy the link and paste it into Facebook.)

All of the links you create are stored, so you can edit them (e.g. to change the destination URL), copy them or view statistics for the number and sources of clicks they have received.

You can also create groups for your links, which is useful if you want to quickly find all of the links relating to a particular campaign.

In addition to this basic functionality, LetClicks also has something called the ‘Photo Link Optimiser’.

This is a rather grandiose name for what is a fairly simple (but useful) image editor.

Facebook image posts use square images.

If your image isn’t square, the optimiser has a couple of options for filling the remaining space.

You can either fill it with a solid colour of your choosing or create a sort of blurred copy of the main image (which looks quite nice).

In addition, the Optimiser lets you…

  • Add a text caption to your image. This will typically be a call to action and can usefully be placed in the fill space if your image wasn’t square.
  • Add a strip of colour; useful for highlighting a call to action.
  • Add a play button (only do this if you are linking to an actual video).
  • Add a call to action button anywhere on the image.

Once you have optimised an image, you can download it or save it to your library.

Regular readers will know that I love elegant software that solves a real problem in a simple way and at a reasonable price.

Having played around with it for a couple of hours, I can say that LetClicks does just that.

I would say that it is pretty much a ‘must-have’ tool for anyone who does Facebook marketing.

During the launch window, lifetime usage of LetClicks is available for a low one-time payment.

It will then switch to a monthly subscription.

Also included during the launch are…

  • The LetClicks Photo Editor. This is in addition to the ‘Optimiser’ and includes most of the features you would expect in an image editor.
  • A collection of 300 viral meme images you can use with LetClicks. A nice addon, but you can readily get these yourself.
  • Membership of the closed LetClicks Facebook group for support and interaction with other users.

LetClicks UpsellsWhat about upsells?

At the time of writing, these have yet to be finalised.

However, there is the inevitable ‘Pro’ version.

The additional features this offers include…

  • Ability to automatically schedule Facebook posts you create in the software. It looks like you have to schedule each post individually, rather than collectively, so this has limited application.
  • Enhanced analytics, with graphical data showing sources of clicks by location, device, time period, browser, operating system, etc. This may be of use if you don’t already have analytics set up on your websites.
  • An upgraded version of the image editor offering ‘Instagram’ type features (e.g. glasses, hats, bow ties, speech bubbles, etc).
  • Integration with ‘Buffer’ (Facebook post scheduler), YouZign (graphics package) and Pixabay (source of free images).
  • Facebook ‘viral image’ search. Search for images on Facebook by keyword.

You clearly don’t need any of these features to use LetClicks.

Whether they are worth the additional investment depends on whether you see a use for them in your business.

I believe the Pro version will be $67 with a ‘Platinum’ version for $77 (I don’t know what is included in that).

I am told that other upsells will include…

  • An agency version for $89 to $97, allowing multiple people to access your account (e.g. if you have colleagues or virtual assistants).
  • ‘Image Post Template Club’ providing images you can use for $17 a month.
  • ‘Growth Hacks’ internet marketing training program for $197 (not directly related to LetClicks).

Again, whether these are of use depends on your business.

LetClicks BonusFinally, you will also get a useful collection of additional bonuses…

(1) 300 viral ‘meme’ images you can use in your campaigns.

(2) GIF converter for quickly converting a video into an animated GIF for use in your campaigns.

(3) An app for instantly downloading any YouTube video to your computer.

(4) A special report on how to make the most effective use of images and GIFs in Facebook marketing campaigns.

(5) 31 professionally produced video intros and 17 outros featuring a live presenter and covering a variety of marketing messages.

(6) Full page motion video squeeze page builder for WordPress with built in analytics, A/B testing and integration with all of the popular autoresponders.

(7) 1,500+ high-resolution background images in a multitude of different niches.

All of these bonuses will be available inside the LetClicks membership area after you purchase.

LetClicks ApprovedIf you use – or intend to use – Facebook for marketing, I thoroughly recommend that you give LetClicks your serious consideration.

It is a simple tool that is guaranteed to increase your conversions and it is available for a more than reasonable investment during the launch period.

You can get all of the details and see LetClicks in action here…


By the way, I can see even more benefit from LetClicks if you are involved in ecommerce, as I am.

Research shows that people are even more likely to click on an image if it shows a product they can buy.



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