Lazy Profit Explosion Review

LazyProfitExplosion01An awful lot of hoo-ha is being made over a new training course that launched yesterday called ‘Lazy Profit Explosion’.

You can see the sales letter here (but don’t buy)…

This is what marketers call a ‘blind offer’.

There are stacks of ‘proof’ of the money being made with the system without ever telling you what the system is.

In my experience, that is usually not a good sign.

However, so many marketers are promoting the socks off it, I decided to find out what all the fuss was about.

So I went ahead and bought the course and, for good measure, the first upsell.

What’s the big money-making secret revealed inside?

(Spoiler alert.)

It’s YouTube paid advertising.

So far, so good.

YouTube is a great source of cheap, very targeted paid traffic.

I use it in my business.

However, Lazy Profit Explosion does NOT show you how to make money with YouTube paid advertising.

It is just a series of video tutorials on the mechanics of how to setup and use YouTube paid advertising.

I have been through the entire course and there is nothing in here that you could not learn from YouTube’s own tutorials or by searching YouTube for ‘how to advertise on YouTube’.

In fact, either of those sources would probably be better than relying on Lazy Profit Explosion because the training is delivered at such a frenetic pace.

It is like the building the presenter is in is on fire but he gamely wants to complete the course before evacuating.

On that point, I know the voices of the three people behind this product and the presenter is not one of them.

It is also interesting that many of the videos were clearly shot way back in January of 2015.

All of which leads me to believe that the entirety of the core training is a PLR product that the sellers have picked up (probably for next to nothing), given a sexy new name and wrapped in a lot of hype.

I am not saying that they haven’t made the money they claim using YouTube advertising.

Just that they haven’t done it using the training in the product.

This is a big disappointment.

It would have been excusable to use PLR content to cover the basics of setting up a YouTube account, creating ads, etc, etc, if the sellers then went on to show how they had applied YouTube advertising to their business to actually make money.

There is absolutely nothing about how to make money using YouTube advertising in this course.

But what about the upsells?

I only got the first one.

This is the ‘Pro’ version.

It turns out to be a 24-page PDF mainly about how to get your videos ranking in the search engines.

I’m afraid it is 24 pages of stating the bl**ding obvious.

(Things like ‘put the keywords you want to rank for in the video title’.)

All of which begs the question…

If this product is so poor, why are so many marketers pushing it so hard?

I suspect for a combination of three reasons…

  1. They haven’t actually looked at the product
  2. The ‘I’ll promote yours if you promote mine’ factor
  3. 100% affiliate commissions on the core product

Rejected01The bottom line?

Avoid, unless you are happy to pay around $15 for some very basic training you can get free elsewhere on how to setup YouTube paid advertising.


5 thoughts on “Lazy Profit Explosion Review

  1. Great to see a Marketer actually looking at the products he’s selling. I have a real issue with these affiliate launches as almost no-one has actually seen the product they’re promoting. To me that’s unethical and a rule that I won’t break in my own business. Well done, William.

    1. Yes, it’s sad. Too many marketers promote products without so much as looking at them, let alone judging whether they are valuable to their subscribers.

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