Instant Product Engine Review

Instant Product Engine ReviewAn interesting new product has just launched, called ‘Instant Product Engine’.

Like ‘Content Fortunes PLR Package’, which I talked about last week, this is a PLR package with some pretty unique twists that separate it from the ‘same old, same old’ PLR offerings we typically see.

In case you don’t know, ‘PLR’ stands for ‘Private Label Rights’.

When you acquire a product with these rights, you can modify it in pretty much any way you want, including changing the product name and adding your own name as the author.

You can also edit the content included with the product to make it unique to you.

Having tailored the product the way you want it, you can sell it as your own product, keeping 100% of the proceeds.

But there is a common problem with PLR products…

80% or more of them are – to be blunt – rubbish.

They have been thrown together at minimal cost and effort, purely for the marketer behind them to make a quick buck from selling the PLR rights.

Almost always, they have been written by cheap outsourced writers who have no experience or expertise in the subject matter of the product.

So it’s always refreshing to find something that stands out from the crowd.

And Instant Product Engine certainly does that.

You get PLR rights to 5 different products.

However, you also get PLR rights to far more besides…

  • A short report on the same topic as the main product, which you can give away in exchange for people’s email addresses
  • A ‘squeeze page’ template that offers visitors the report in exchange for their email addresses
  • A download page template for delivering the report once people have joined your list
  • A sales page for the main product, which people will be taken to after they have joined your list
  • A ‘thank you’ page for people who purchase the main product
  • A download page where buyers can access the main product
  • Professionally designed graphics for all web pages

The products, free reports and web page templates are all professionally produced and are of a good quality.

(The offer comes from marketer Eric Holmlund who, in my experience, has only ever released PLR of a very high standard.)

However, Instant Product Engine goes one very significant step further.

To be successful in marketing PLR products, you need to make them unique to you.

Otherwise, you are just selling the exact same thing that all the other license holders are selling.

The problem is that simply changing the title and author of a PLR product can be a real pain.

You have to make the changes everywhere they appear…

  • On the product itself
  • On the sales page
  • On the thank you page
  • On the download page
  • In the product and website graphics

This last one is the most challenging, since it typically involves editing graphics files, including the cover of the actual product, the ‘box shot’ and the graphical headers on all of the web pages.

Instant Product Engine has a twist in the form of accompanying software that makes all of this tailoring both simple and fast.

You just fire up the software, add the product title (and subtitle) and author you want to use and hit ‘go’.

It then makes the necessary changes everywhere they occur, in the product, on all of the web pages and in all of the graphics.

In addition, you can do things like specify internet addresses that appear inside both the free report and the main product.

This is the first time I have seen something like this and it is pretty clever.

It makes tailoring the PLR products to make them unique to you – usually a huge pain in the backside – an absolute breeze.

All of these bells and whistles are great, but would not amount to much if the actual products you are getting PLR to are not up to scratch.

As I said, the main offer gives you PLR to 5 different products, along with a ‘lead magnet’ to build your list and all of the associated web pages.

Each product also comes with a checklist, process map and a worksheet, adding a higher perceived value to your offer.

There is even an included ‘bonus’ product you can offer to entice buyers even more.

These are all nice touches that demonstrate this is not your typical low-quality PLR offering.

The products and associated documents come in PDF format.

The first thing to say is that all of these products are in the ‘internet marketing’ niche and so this is not for you if you are looking to work in a different niche.

The starting titles (you will be changing these to your own) are…

  • ‘Blogging Bonanza’
  • ‘CPA Cash Cow’
  • ‘Social Media Sovereign’
  • ‘Content Clout’ (sourcing and creating online content)
  • ‘Super Affiliate Marketing Mastery’

These are ebooks typically of around 100 pages.

You can set the selling price to whatever you want, but I would say $17 to $37 would be the range to go for.

If you want to modify the actual content of these products (or the associated materials), you are also provided with the ‘source’ files in Word format.

The software is cloud-based, so it works with both PC and Mac, but you will need an internet connection to use it.

The membership area includes a set of video tutorials walking you through all of the steps in using the PLR package.

These are comprehensive and easy to follow.

Should you need it, there is also access to a dedicated help desk.

In terms of operation, the whole thing is pretty intuitive.

Once you have made your changes, you are given a file to download.

This contains all of the web pages and all of the product files.

You will need a domain name and web hosting.

If you don’t already have these, the training shows you how to get them (it’s very straightforward).

Then, all you have to do is upload the files to your domain (again, the training shows you how to do this) and you are in business.

So what’s the bottom line?

I really like Instant Product Engine.

You get PLR rights to 5 high-quality products, along with associated lead magnets and value-enhancing additional materials, plus all of the web pages you need to market them.

And you also get software that makes the usual chore of tailoring PLR products so they are unique to you an absolute breeze.

During the short launch window, you can get all of this for around the price of buying one of the five products for personal use.

A real bargain.

To add even more value to the offer, I have put together a large collection of bonuses.

You can see what they are, along with full details of Instant Product Engine here…

Instant Product Engine UpsellsWhat about upsells?

Mercifully, there is only one… and it’s a good one.

The main offer comes with 5 PLR products.

The upsell gives you access to an additional 40 products, with all of the accompanying materials and web pages.

But that’s not all…

It also gives you access to software called the ‘Control Center’.

I won’t attempt to describe what this does in detail here, because it does an awful lot and you really need to watch Eric’s walkthrough video to fully appreciate it.

However, here is a quick snapshot of some of the key features…

  • Comprehensive sales funnel builder (add your own upsells and downsells)
  • Instant insertion of payment buttons into your sales pages
  • An affiliate marketing suite for attracting and managing affiliates to promote your products (including extensive marketing materials that you could also use yourself)
  • Social media integration (e.g. add Facebook comments as ‘social proof’ to your sales pages)
  • Membership site for delivering your products
  • A built-in email autoresponder (or integration with an external autoresponder)
  • A fully-functional ‘drag and drop’ web page editor, with multiple web page templates
  • Exit pop-up generator (make an offer to people who move to leave your website)
  • Bonus product manager
  • Discount coupon code generator
  • Built-in helpdesk to offer support to your customers

This is one impressive piece of kit, offering functionality that is typically only available in multiple high-end, subscription-based software.

Getting a funnel builder for a one-time fee alone makes this upsell worth considering.

You definitely don’t need this to use Instant Product Engine and market the PLR products it comes with.

However, I would definitely recommend that you give it some serious consideration, because you don’t just get 40 additional PLR products, you also get access to sophisticated marketing software which is normally only available on a subscription basis.

By the way, if you don’t want as many as 40 additional products and/or you don’t want the Control Center software suite, there are ‘downsells’ for smaller upgrade packages.

For full details of Instant Product Engine, along with everything included in my large bonus package go here…

Getting PLR to high-quality products alone is rare.

Getting those, plus the PLR to related lead magnets, value-enhancing materials and all of the necessary web pages to market them is even rarer.

And having access to software that makes the whole re-branding process a breeze, all at a bargain basement price, makes Instant Product Engine pretty unique and well worth your serious consideration.

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