Instant Funnel Lab Review

There has been a dearth of good product launches in the last few weeks.

However, there is one that caught my attention because it promises to solve a very real problem that new marketers encounter.

You can’t get very far in internet marketing without hearing the words ‘sales funnel’.

In simple terms, you send visitors – or ‘traffic’ – to your website.

The sales funnel is the automated process that seeks to convert those visitors into subscribers and paying customers.

Typically, the funnel starts with a free gift (also called a ‘lead magnet’) offered in exchange for the visitor’s email address.

This lets you build your all-important email list.

As soon as people subscribe, the funnel will drive them to a paid offer.

This will typically be for a low-priced product to maximise conversions.

The funnel may then drive buyers of this first product to one or more additional paid offers, usually escalating in price (also called ‘upsells’ or ‘one-time-offers’).

A funnel is crucial to the success of an online business because it allows you to ‘monetise’ your traffic and – in particular – offset the costs of paid advertising.

The problem for new marketers is that simply building a funnel can be technically challenging.

And it is even more challenging to construct one that maximises the value of the traffic sent to it.

Instant Funnel Lab ReviewA new product called ‘Instant Funnel Lab’ seeks to offer a simple solution.

This is cloud-based software, so you don’t have to install anything on your computer and you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Instant Funnel Lab claims that you can create a new funnel from scratch in just a couple of minutes.

The software comes with a library of products you can use to create offers in your funnel.

At the time of writing, some 60 products are available, but I am told that this will be increased substantially over the coming days.

Each product comes with a pre-written sales page and a thank you page where your customer can download the product.

The products at the moment are mainly ebooks plus a few graphics bundles.

However, there are also categories for articles, audio, software, templates, WordPress plugins and themes and video training and I am told these will be populated in the next few days.

In theory, having a wide variety of products should ensure that the funnels you create can be pretty unique to you and different to the ones other members are using.

I should say that, at least at the moment, almost all of the products are in the internet marketing / make money online niche, so this probably isn’t for you if you are targeting other niches.

The process for creating a funnel is very straightforward.

First you give your funnel a name.

You then go into the products library and select a product to add to the funnel.

You can search for particular products by keyword or browse through the various categories.

All products come with a sales page, a thank you page and a download page (where people access the product).

Each of these pages can be edited using the built-in web page editor.

This operates very much like a word processor, so you can modify text, delete sections of text and add your own text.

There is also a ‘Settings’ tab. Here is where you enter the price you want to charge for the product and the buy button code so you can accept payment for the product.

The buy button code will come directly from whatever platform you are using to take payment.

This could be PayPal, JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

(Training is provided on how to get this code. It’s very simple once you have created your account on the relevant platform.)

Also under Settings, you can optionally add your autoresponder code to the thank you page.

This will allow you to collect email addresses from your customers prior to delivering the product.

A nice touch is that you can also activate an exit popup. This will show should a visitor move to leave your sales page without buying.

You can select an offer from a list of products to include in the popup.

Typically, this will either offer a free gift in exchange for the visitor’s email address or an alternative, lower priced product the visitor may be interested in.

Bottom LineSo what do I think about Instant Funnel Lab?

Well, it is certainly easy to use.

And, yes, if you have your PayPal, JVZoo or Warrior Plus account already set up, you can put together all of the pages necessary to offer a product in a couple of minutes.

However, the name is a little misleading.

As far as I can see, this does not directly build a complete funnel, in the sense of one offer leading to another offer and maybe another after that.

Instead, it generates the necessary pages to offer a single product i.e. the sales page, thank you page and download page.

But that isn’t the end of the world.

Both JVZoo and Warrior Plus provide the ability to create a string of offers i.e. when someone buys one thing, they can be directed to another offer.

So you would use Instant Product Lab to create these individual product offers and then link them together inside JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

This is not difficult to do and full training is provided.

The second thing to note is that the provided products (at least the ones I have seen) are generally fairly low-ticket.

In other words, they will command prices in the range of maybe $7 up to $47.

Many marketers like to include offers in their funnels that escalate in price up to $97, $197 or even much more.

You will not find such products here.

However, it would be unreasonable to expect otherwise, given the price tag Instant Funnel Lab comes with.

The type of funnels you can build here are the ones you would typically use in list building with paid traffic, say from solo ads, YouTube or Facebook.

They provide you with the means to offset your advertising costs and even potentially make a profit.

And, of course, you can use these funnels to generate an immediate profit from free traffic generation methods.

So Instant Funnel Lab is ideally suited to relatively new marketers who see the need for a funnel to finance their list building, but have struggled with actually putting one together.

And it is certainly good value for money during the launch.

For a very low one-off fee, you get all of the products, the sales copy, the web pages and the funnel creation software, plus ongoing hosting of all of the funnels you create (you can also download funnels and host them on your own domain, if you prefer).

It also includes training on how to use the package to build an effective funnel and how to create PayPal, JVZoo and Warrior Plus accounts and add payment links to the funnel web pages.

Indeed, rights to the products alone more than justifies the price tag, even if you never used the software.

Instant Funnel Lab UpsellsWhat about upsells?

Irritatingly, there are 5 of them, all with corresponding downsells.

To my mind, this is way beyond the pale.

The good news is that you don’t need any of them to use the core product as I have described.

The first upsell is the inevitable monthly club that gives you additional products each month.

The second adds further products that are ideally suited to offer as free gifts to build your list, plus a collection of email optin forms.

I would recommend that you consider this, because it will help in your list building.

The third upsell is ‘advanced’ traffic training.

The fourth upsell is a ‘bonus’ page builder. This allows you to create web pages where you offer bonuses for people who buy affiliate products through your link.

The final upsell offers rights to resell Instant Funnel Lab and keep 100% of the proceeds.

I leave you to decide whether any of these upsells are relevant to you.

The only one I suggest is the second one, because it will help build your list.

The price of Instant Funnel Lab is increasing slowly throughout the launch so, if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible here…

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