Instant eCom Profits Review

ieppackshotA new product called ‘Instant eCom Profits’ has just launched…

As its name suggests, this is a course on how to make money from setting up your own ecommerce stores and using them to sell physical goods.

As I am sure you have noticed, ecommerce is the current ‘Big Thing’ online.

In 2014, it was designing and selling T-shirts using Teespring and Facebook ads.

An awful lot of people made an awful lot of money doing that.

And many of those had never made money online before.

This model still works, but it is inevitably more difficult to find success, given the amount of competition there now is.

So it was, perhaps, a logical step to extend the concept into selling all sorts of other physical goods.

And the people who have got into this early are indeed making another killing.

The problem for many people has been that the early courses on the subject of ecommerce (for example, the bestselling ‘eCom Experts Academy’ of a few months ago) have been pretty complicated and far from straightforward in implementing, especially for people new to internet marketing.

The ‘twist’ offered by Instant eCom Profits is that it offers a method for getting into ecommerce that is much simpler, much quicker and much more ‘newbie-friendly’.

Plus, during the launch, it is being offered at a much more affordable $29.

If you like, it is ‘ecommerce for the masses’.

But is the course any good?

Having now been through all of the training, the answer is “Yes”.

In fact, it’s very good.

Pretty much all of the complicated ‘stuff’, such as building fully-featured and fully-stocked online stores, sourcing products from China, negotiating deals with suppliers, buying, holding and delivering stock, running expensive ad campaigns and even actually ‘selling’ anything at all, have been cleverly bypassed.

What’s left is a stripped-down course that focuses entirely on making money as quickly and effortlessly and – most importantly – as risk-free as possible in ecommerce.

There are essentially just 4 steps to the process…

1) Find a profitable niche (of which, there are untold thousands)

2) Find a product which can be ‘drop-shipped’ (i.e. when you make a sale, you notify the supplier and they ship the product for you, so you carry zero stock)

3) Set up your store on Shopify (an online ecommerce store builder)

4) Promote your product on Facebook with a $5 daily budget

If you make a profit (which you should do, if you have done the simple research in advance), scale it up and start making regular daily sales.

The course stacks the odds hugely in your favour because it recommends that you start with the ‘free plus shipping’ method.

In other words, you advertise your product as ‘free’ but the customer has to pay the shipping and handling charges.

These charges are designed to cover the cost of the product, the shipping and your advertising and still leave a significant profit (typically 50% to 70%) for you.

As you can imagine, these offers sell incredibly well.

Everyone wants something for ‘free’ and they are used to paying shipping and handling to get it.

All you have to do is put the offer in front of the right people.

And that is very easy to do with Facebook advertising.

Those of you who invested in eCom Experts Acadamy will recall that they showed you how they made a small fortune from ‘giving away’ a Harry Potter necklace to Harry Potter fans on Facebook.

So, who is Instant eCom Profits for?

The short answer is anyone who is looking for a fast, relatively easy and relatively risk-free way to create an extra income stream.

But I would especially recommend it to people who have struggled to make money using the ‘traditional’ internet marketing methods.

Those definitely work, but they involve mastering a lot of moving parts before you see a meaningful return on your time and money investment.

In contrast, Instant eCom Profits is very simple to implement in a matter of hours and you can see real results and profits in a matter of days without the steep learning curve and without any significant financial risk.

Another way of looking at it is, if you can’t give something away for ‘free’ to people who are passionate about what you are offering, what chance do you have of ever actually ‘selling’ anything?

I would go so far as to say that this is one of the simplest – if not the simplest – money-making training I have seen this year.

(In fact, the core method in the training came from a 16-year old!)

And another huge plus is that you can take this as far as you want to go.

You can stick with one or two products to make a consistent side-income in your spare time… or scale it up into a fully-fledge ecommerce business that delivers a handsome full-time income.

And, dare I say, this is actually a fun way of making money!

What about the inevitable upsells?

There are two.

The first is at $47 and is a set of three case studies of the method in action, plus additional training on setting up sales ‘funnels’ to multiply the sales you can make from each customer.

The second is at $97 and is all about how to outsource virtually every aspect of your entire business for around $2 an hour.

Neither of these is by any means necessary to implement the method because everything is included in the basic course.

The upsells are truly optional and are all about maximising the returns you get.

All in all, this is a great little course (it will only take you about 2 hours to go through) that is well-worth several times the current asking price.

But that price will rise steadily during the launch, so do take a look now if this is something that intrigues you…


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