Instamate Review

Generally speaking, to make decent money as an affiliate marketer, you have to have one or more of three things…

  • A sizeable email list in the niche the affiliate offer is in
  • A decent-sized budget to spend on paid ads
  • A lot of time on your hands to find and send free traffic

Now, however, there is a fourth way…

One that allows you to get potentially thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of visitors to an offer in a matter of days and without spending a penny.

What is it?

Instagram01It’s called ‘Instagram’.

In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a social media network designed specifically to allow people to share photos, images and videos.

It’s the fastest growing social platform on the planet and, due to the nature of the content, has the most engaged users around.

Instagram currently has more than 400 million active users, with more than 70 million pieces of content being shared daily.

Recent studies have shown that Instagram users are 52 times more engaged than people on Facebook and 127 times more engaged than people on Twitter.

And yet Instagram remains almost completely untapped by marketers.


In short, because it is so darned difficult to use for marketing…

  • Instagram is a mobile app and you can only manage your account from a mobile device
  • You can only manage one Instagram account at a time
  • You cannot schedule posts in advance (so you have to be awake and online to post at the best times)
  • There is no way to find out what content is most popular on Instagram, except by laborious manual searches

Instamate01However, that has now all changed with a new piece of software that has been released today, called ‘Instamate’…

Instamate allows you to do all of the above things and a whole bunch more.

In fact, it has been a year in development by an internet marketer who set out to automate Instagram marketing in his own businesses.

And the results he – and the initial testers of the software – have been getting are very impressive.

The concept is very simple…

  1. Start an Instagram profile on the niche you want to promote
  2. Include your affiliate link
  3. Use Instamate to find viral content in your niche on Instagram and post (or schedule) it on your profile
  4. Get free traffic and eyeballs on your offer

You could do this with almost any affiliate offer, your own products, T-shirts or ecommerce products.

(There are case studies of people making $36,000 in 4 months selling teeth whitening strips and $38,000 in 3 months selling herbal tea.)

It’s certainly one of the simplest marketing techniques out there.

You might even say it’s fun.

Not so long ago, Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram, so they clearly have big plans for it.

And now is the time to get in on the ground floor, before every marketer and their dog realises the potential.

Instamate gives you the means (backed up with full training) to do that.

During the launch period, you can get Instamate for a low one-off investment.

It’s something new. Something different. And definitely something worth checking out now, before it switches to a monthly subscription model…

This is something particularly worth trying if you have struggled with other online marketing techniques, since it is simple, free and takes up very little of your time.

** Update **

5DollarsOff01For today only, you can get $5 off the listed price by entering the coupon code ‘Instamadness’ on the checkout page.

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