IMF#10: CAUTION… Some May Find The Results Of This Test Unsettling…

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> CAUTION… Some May Find The Results Of This Test Unsettling…
> One To Avoid
> Nifty Free Resource Of The Week
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Hello and Welcome to this edition of iMarketForce.

If you had a break over the Easter weekend, I hope you were able to kick back and enjoy it.

The weather in my corner of England has been warm and sunny and very Spring-like.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I no longer have any excuse for not getting outside and working on the garden.

Not even one of my fingers is remotely green and so this vies with visiting the dentist in the rankings of my favourite things to do.

Nevertheless, I ‘tooled up’ with an old T-shirt and jeans, wrangler gloves and various weapons of mass weed destruction and ventured out like Rambo on a mission into the tropical rain forest…

It was an epic struggle of Man versus Nature.

For all of 45 minutes, it could have gone either way.

Then I had to fall-back and re-group around a couple of nice cold beers.

Nature 1 – Man 0.

However, Nature was playing at home.

~# CAUTION… Some May Find The Results Of This Test Unsettling… #~

In my last newsletter, I brought your attention to a new service called ‘Covert Commissions’.

In case, you missed it, Covert Commissions is a ‘plug and play’ system for earning affiliate commissions virtually on autopilot.

You can check it out here…

Everything is provided for you… the squeeze pages, the free gifts to get people to sign-up, the ‘One Time Offers’ (or ‘OTOs’) for the affiliate products, the complete email follow-up series to build trust and encourage further sales and a complete arsenal of promotional materials.

All you have to do is add traffic.

And some really good training is provided on how to do that.

You don’t even have to concern yourself with any of the ‘technical bits’, such as domain names, web hosting, website design or autoresponders because it is all handled as part of the service.

What makes this fairly unique in my experience is that this is not just about getting the initial sale (although that is nice, thank you very much).

The team behind this (all highly regarded and successful affiliate marketers) will continue to make new affiliate offers to your growing list forever.

And you will earn commissions on any sales made, whether that’s tomorrow or this time next year.

Given all that you get, the entry price is surprisingly low at just $37.

And that is a one-time payment. There are no ongoing fees of any kind.

To put that in perspective, if you did this all yourself, just a year’s worth of web hosting would set you back around three times that amount.

Then there would be domain name fees, autoresponder fees, graphic design costs…

You get the picture.

And that $37 does not just buy you one ‘funnel’ but five.

So this is incredible value for money.

But does it work?

Well, you know I don’t recommend anything without checking it out thoroughly first to make sure it delivers on its promises.

I mentioned last time that the early indications were promising.

Since then, I have completed full testing.

You get a choice of multiple niches to go into and I chose the funnel for Explaindio video creation software.

By the way, this is an exceptional piece of kit if you create any form of marketing videos.

You can check it out here…

(You can still get it for a one-time payment but they are switching to a subscription model in the near future.)

I ran 5 test campaigns over the course of a week using the promotional materials provided by Covert Commissions.

My budget was $200 and I actually ended up spending $220.

Here are my results (drum roll please)…

I sent a grand total of 547 visitors to the squeeze page provided by Covert Commissions.

367 of those visitors took the free gift on offer and opted into my email list.

That’s a 67% optin rate, which is pretty darned good.

(The best you can usually hope for with squeeze pages in the internet marketing niche is between 30% and 50%.)

But then the free gift of 20 HD video loops is pretty darned good for anyone interested in video creation.

If you want to take a look and grab them for yourself, go to…

22 – or just under 6% – of those 367 new subscribers bought Explaindio as soon as they were offered it immediately after they opted in.

The commission on Explaindio is 50% of the selling price of $47.

So those 22 sales earned me $517.

That’s an instant profit of $517 – $220 = $297.

In other words, I had immediately more than doubled my investment.

Needless to say, I was seriously impressed!

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Covert Commissions have an automated email series that goes out to all new subscribers to build trust and encourage further sales.

Over the following 10 days, this produced another 12 sales.

That’s an additional $282 in commissions, bringing the total profit up to $579.

And even that isn’t quite the end of it.

The Covert Commissions team will continue to send out offers to my list for other affiliate products and I earn commissions on any sales.

There has not been enough time to properly gauge the effectiveness of this.

However, a promotion for the new Zappable mobile app builder was sent out to my subscribers a couple of days ago and has so far generated 3 sales that give me a recurring monthly commission of around $13 each.

By the way, Zapable is very impressive If you are interested in mobile app development made easy. You can find out more here…

This is the ‘unsettling’ aspect of my test.

But in a good way.

It is a little weird to get notifications of commissions you have earned for a product you didn’t even know you were promoting!

Now that really is ‘hands-free income’!

And I can expect much more of the same in the coming months and years as Covert Commissions run my campaigns for me.

The bottom line on my test is this…

$579 profit on an investment of $220 (ignoring the Zapable sales) in just over 10 days. That’s a Return On Investment (or ROI) of 263%.

And all of the campaigns together took me probably 2 hours to set up and monitor.

So Covert Commissions gets my full endorsement.

And that’s doubly true if you have been struggling with any or all of the multitude of skills you need to master to get an online business up and running and making money.

Covert Commissions does 95% of the work for you and you can be making sales as quickly as it takes you to send some traffic to the funnels you select.

Now, for complete transparency, I need to state that the results of my test are not ‘typical’.

Caution… Huge Marketing Tip Ahead…

I did not pitch the Explaindio offer to internet marketers.

I targeted it at video makers.

I have been experimenting with this niche ever since I first promoted Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software.

And I have been amazed at how responsive it is to the right offers.

In contrast, the internet marketing niche, whilst still one where there is a lot of money to be made, is increasingly competitive and, well, cynical about offers put in front of it.

So, whilst I have yet to test it, I do not expect results for the Covert Commissions internet marketing funnels to be anywhere near as impressive as I have seen in this niche.

There was a Huge Marketing Tip right there.

Use it wisely!

And that is another strength of Covert Commissions.

You get to choose funnels in a variety of niches besides internet marketing.

(Another example is the dating and relationships niche, which is also hugely responsive.)

I urge you to check Covert Commissions out before they come to their senses and increase the price or even switch to a subscription model…

Buy it. Send some traffic. See what happens.

As a sweetener, if you join Covert Commissions and take the Pro upgrade, I will tell you what ads I placed for my Explaindio campaigns and where I placed them.

That will be a pretty hefty leg-up.

Just email me on…

NiScape Support

with your receipt and I’ll send you the details.

You definitely don’t need the Pro upgrade to use Covert Commissions, but I do recommend it.

It allows you to integrate your own autoresponder with the funnels so that all new subscribers are also added to lists that you control.

This enables you to send out your own email promotions and also means that you have control over your most important online business asset, no matter what happens to Covert Commissions in the future.

Plus, you get an additional 2 funnels every month, which justifies the additional cost on its own.

You will be offered Pro membership after you have signed up for the basic membership.

~# One To Avoid #~

Covert Commissions is definitely a keeper.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about another ‘new’ product that hit the Internet Super Highway last week.

I say ‘new’ because the product was released and withdrawn under another name a short while ago.

That product is ‘Traffic Fusion’.

You can check it out here…

But please don’t buy!

It claims to be software that delivers endless amounts of free traffic to any offer at the press of a button.

You know the saying…

“If it sounds too good to be true…”

Nevertheless, I decided to put this lofty claim to the test.

I bought it.

I couldn’t install it (and I am pretty good with technical stuff).

I couldn’t contact support (none of their contact channels go anywhere).

I asked for a refund.

I couldn’t get one.

I couldn’t even talk to anyone about getting one.

I then checked online and found that I was far from alone.

I could not find a happy user anywhere.

Or even one user who had managed to just install the darned thing.

So steer well clear of this.

By the way, in case you are wondering (the sales page is remarkably unrevealing), the software purports to allow you to automate posting on social media sites such as Google+.

~# Nifty Free Resource Of The Week #~

If you use WordPress to create your websites (as most of the world does these days), you will want to pick up a completely free plugin called ‘WP Edit’.

WordPress is great for quickly creating web pages but it is frustratingly short of formatting options.

Things like fonts, text sizes, bullet point formats, etc, etc, etc.

And that means you often have to resort to diving into the uncharted waters of HTML code to spice up your web presence.

WP Edit puts all of those options and much more into the WordPress visual editor, giving you all of the functionality of a word processor.

It even lets you embed and format videos with the click of a few buttons.

To install it, just go to the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and search for ‘WP Edit’.

It’s free. It saves time. It gives you prettier websites.

What’s not to like?

~# And Finally… #~

I am a huge fan of the amazing Charlie Brooker, the British satirist and writer.

Here is his take on every news report on the economy in less than 3 minutes…

If you have never seen any of his ‘Black Mirror’ TV series painting unsettling visions of dystopian futures, seek them out.

They represent intelligent TV at its finest.

Until next time…


William Martin