IMF #2: Open Up For Lots Of Goodies

In this edition…

> Whatever Happened to Dates?
> High Point of My Week
> Massive Toolkit for All Video Makers
> Nifty Free Resource of the Week
> And Finally

Hello and Welcome to this edition of iMarketForce.

This makes two weeks in a row, so my commitment to send this newsletter out weekly is working so far!

Can you believe that it’s already the last week of January? And there’s still a sad bowl of Christmas nuts sat in the lounge waiting to be eaten.

And that reminds me…

Eat Me Dates~# Whatever Happened to Dates? #~

I mean the edible variety.

When I was young, my mother insisted on buying a box of dates every Christmas, despite the fact that everybody in the house detested the things.

The box would sit forlornly on the coffee table all through Christmas, occasionally being thrust in the face of unsuspecting visitors, only to be returned unopened.

Ironic really because the brand we got were called ‘Eat Me’.

Maybe they were there to bring a hint of the exotic to Christmas; just another part of the decorations.

Come to think about it, it wasn’t just dates. Don’t get me started on Turkish Delight or Warnink’s Advocaat.

~# High Point of My Week ~#

Slapstick Festival

I am a huge fan of silent comedy films and the biggest and best event to indulge my passion is the annual Slapstick Festival held in various venues across Bristol in January.

The Gala opening event is always a sell-out and with good reason.

You get to watch pristine re-masters of some of the greatest silent comedies up on the big screen, accompanied live by musicians often playing original scores composed especially for the event.

In short, you get to watch these masterpieces exactly how they were intended to be enjoyed.

This year’s program included Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Immigrant’, Laurel and Hardy’s ‘Big Business’ and, as the main feature, Buster Keaton’s ‘Seven Chances’.

If you have never seen how Stan and Ollie’s attempt to sell Christmas trees door to door escalates into ever more ridiculous acts of destruction, you can catch it on YouTube here…

I defy you not to laugh out loud more than once!

Rick WakemanOf course, watching it on YouTube does not come with the impromptu accompaniment by prog-rock god and grumpy old man Rick Wakeman that we enjoyed.

I think ‘Seven Chances’ is one of Buster Keaton’s finest films. It’s the one where he has to get married by 7pm in order to inherit $7 million.

The last 20 minutes of the film is one long chase sequence, with Buster being pursued across town and country by hundreds of would-be brides. Priceless!

Hands up. Another reason for going to the gala is unashamed celebrity spotting.

Over the years, I have met, however briefly, with the likes of the ‘Goodies’, David Walliams, Paul McGann, Victoria Wood, Dawn French, Colin Baker and Benedict Cumberbatch.

(Yes, you probably have to be British and ‘of a certain age’ to recognize some of those names!)

It says something about the relaxed atmosphere at Slapstick that these people are happy to mingle freely in the bar (and even the toilets).

If you want to find out more about the Slapstick Festival, go here…

~# Massive Toolkit for All Video Makers #~

If you create videos for business or pleasure, you will want to check this out.

It’s a truly massive new collection of resources you can instantly use to spice up your video projects.

And it’s compatible with virtually all video creation software out there, so you can make use of it no matter what you use.

The collection includes…

> 15 animated background videos. These ultra high-quality video loops are provided in both MP4 and SWF format and can be added as backgrounds for video projects. Themes include chart, cinema, countdown timer, disco glitter ball, dollar signs, laptop and water & sky.

> 12 live video footage backgrounds in MP4 format, including cityscapes and landscapes. Again, you can use these clips as video backgrounds or as video objects in your projects.

> 115 static background images, including blueprints, gifts, hanging signs, crumpled paper, room scenes and more.

> 302 graphics in both PNG and SVG (vector) formats. Use these in your whiteboard animation projects or in any other way you see fit. This huge collection includes animals, business, houses, trades, electronic devices, tools, money, social media, speech bubbles and much more.

> 124 cartoon character images in both PNG and SVG (vector) formats, including stick people, business men and women, casual men and women and cute characters

> 50 royalty-free music tracks ranging in length from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes and covering a wide range of genres including reggae, disco, blues, folk, electronic and more. Use these tracks as backing music for your video projects or in any other way you see fit.

> 100 royalty-free photos in JPG format of people in a wide range of poses, emotions and situations. Use these as images in your projects or for any other purpose.


And that doesn’t even cover the huge bonus package you get with the collection, including…

> Another 100 images in both PNG and SVG (vector) formats
> Video marketing graphics pack
> Businessman mascot maker kit
> Fast and easy ecovers
> Infographics maker
> Squeeze page graphics

And much more besides.

As part of the product launch and for a very limited time, you can grab the complete collection and all of the bonuses at a huge discount on the regular price by going here…

But hurry because this is a ‘dime sale’ where the price increases with each sale!

There are two ‘upsells’, neither of which you need.

The first is ‘much more of the same’ i.e. more video backgrounds, more images, more music, plus a few other things like banner templates.

The second is a $1 trial to a membership offering more video making resources every month.

I personally, took the first upsell but not the second.

And I can vouch for the quality of everything I have seen so far in the collection.

Another pleasant surprise with the author of this package is that he is adding to it all of the time at no additional cost. There have been four additions in the last couple of days alone.

When you think that a single video loop sells for around $20 on most video resource sites, this collection is an absolute steal at the price currently being asked.

Here’s that link again…

Icon Finder~# Nifty Free Resource of the Week #~

There is a great website I have just come across called Icon Finder. You can find it at

As its name suggests, the site provides small images or ‘icons’ you can use in all sorts of ways such as for your website, blog, products, forum posts and more.

The images are provided in multiple file formats, including many in the SVG or ‘vector’.

This type of image can be stretched to any size without losing any of its resolution or ‘quality. And that means, although the initial image may be small (or icon sized), you can make it bigger for general image use.

The SVG format is also pretty much required if you want to use images in whiteboard animation software.

The site carries both free and paid icons. If you want to see only free ones, click on ‘Free’ in the selection box on the left of the screen.

There is an excellent search facility. For example, a search for ‘transport’ came up with more than 50 free icons.

This really is an excellent little site. Go and have a look around!

~# And Finally… #~

Seeing the Goodies at Slapstick got me trawling YouTube for some of their stuff.

If you haven’t come across them before, here is a 2-minute YouTube video that pretty much tells you all you need to know about their brand of humor…

Think Monty Python but sillier and with a lot more falling down.