Image X Review

If you use a lot of graphics in your business like I do, I am sure you have come across plenty of files in PSD format.

This is the file format used by graphics software Photoshop.

Photoshop is pretty much the ‘industry standard’ graphics editing software out there.

So, even if you don’t use it yourself, the chances are good that you have been presented with PSD files from various sources.

For example, if you buy graphics packages, you will often get the ‘finished’ images in JPG and/or PNG format.

But the author will often provide the PSD files as well, so you can open up the images in Photoshop and edit them how you want them.

Also, if you commission an outsourcer (e.g. on to create images for you, you will typically be provided with the source PSD files so you – or someone else – can make changes down the line.

Until now, you have pretty much had to have Photoshop to open up and edit PSD files.

But, even if you shell out the pretty hefty price tag to get it, Photoshop is far from ‘intuitive’ to use.

I should know.

I have had Photoshop for years and use it extensively to create basic graphics and tweak PSD files.

However, I still struggle with using even the most basic features.

Image X ReviewA new piece of software called ‘Image X’ has just been released, which changes all of that.

Image X will allow you to open and edit PSD files, retaining all of the Photoshop layers and elements.

Even better, unlike Photoshop, Image X is very intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

And, during the short launch window, it is available for less than $18.

To my mind, the ability to quickly edit PSD files without having to use Photoshop alone makes this an excellent investment.

However, there is far more to Image X.

In fact, it is a full-blown image creator and editor.

It comes with a huge array of more than 500 templates for creating…

  • Facebook page covers
  • Website page headers
  • Business and product logos
  • Product feature list boxes
  • Sales page testimonial boxes
  • Product stamps
  • Characters
  • Website buttons (buy, sign-up, etc)
  • Icons
  • YouTube channel art
  • YouTube video thumbnails
  • Banner ads
  • And many more

All of these templates come pre-configured in exactly the right dimensions, which can save a lot of faffing around.

Now I have to say that I have been through the templates provided and I do not believe they are going to set the world on fire as they come.

However, they are all fully editable, so you can change them to how you want them to look.

And they provide a great starting point, which will save you a lot of time over starting from complete scratch.

Just as with Photoshop, you can create, move and edit different layers.

You can also rotate layers and apply a wide selection of effects, such as tinting, sepia, filters and many more.

Image X ApprovedAll in all, this is an excellent piece of kit for less than $20.

If you handle graphics in your business and want to avoid the cost and complexity of Photoshop, this is definitely something to seriously consider.

The countdown timer for the introductory price has hit zero but I believe the price is being held for the next day or so.

Get all of the details here…

(You need to scroll a long way down the page to find the demo video. Worth watching if only for the exuberance of the presenter.)

There are two upsells.

First is Image X Convert, which allows you to place optin forms, calls to action, etc over the top of any image when people mouse over it.

Second is a subscription to the almost inevitable ‘monthly template club’.

Neither of these is at all necessary to the basic product and so it is up to you whether they would be useful in your business.

As I say, I’m not sure how long the introductory pricing will be available, so check it out soon if you are interested.

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