IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 Review

IM Affiliate FunnelI spent this morning going through a new affiliate marketing training course called ‘IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0′ from Kevin Fahey.

This is an updated version of the very successful course Kevin originally released last year.

(As a nice bonus, you get the complete version 1.0 course when you invest in version 2.0.)

There are any number of affiliate marketing courses out there so what, if anything, makes this stand out from the crowd?

First, Kevin is a hugely successful affiliate marketer and it is immediately apparent that this is not dry theory but the techniques that Kevin uses everyday in his own business.

Second, the training is demonstrated at each stage by a real-life campaign that Kevin used to promote a particular affiliate offer.

Third, unlike so many other courses out there, every single step in the process is covered.

Kevin shows you how to find profitable niches – and sub-niches – to go into and then how to identify products to promote in those niches.

(The training is based on the online marketing niche but the approach could be applied in almost any niche.)

He then shows you how to research the product and decide how well it is likely to convert.

This includes the ’10 Important Questions’ you should ask before you promote any offer.

I have not seen this taught before and it will definitely have a big impact on the success of your promotions.

Next, Kevin goes through the system he uses to create his affiliate promotion campaigns.

This is the same system that Kevin has developed, tested and proven over 6 years of affiliate marketing.

I really like this.

Most new affiliate marketers assume that all you have to do is choose an offer, maybe throw in a couple of bonuses, send out a couple of emails and the money will come rolling in.

And that is exactly why most new affiliate marketers don’t succeed.

To make a good – or even exceptional – living from affiliate marketing, you need to treat it like a business.

That means having a proven system that you apply consistently.

This is what Kevin provides you with.

And every step is illustrated ‘over-the-shoulder’ with a real campaign, as it happens.

I have rarely seen training provided in this level of detail.

But the training is not all that is provided.

IM Affiliate Funnel Done For YouKevin also gives you a collection of ‘done for you’ affiliate marketing ‘funnels’.

Each funnel includes…

  • A squeeze page (to collect email addresses in exchange for a free gift)
  • A bonus / review page (offering bonuses to people who buy through your affiliate link)
  • A ‘thank you’ page (where people can download your bonuses)
  • A report (in Word and PDF format) you offer as your free gift for people joining your list)
  • All of the bonus products offered on the bonus page

This is pretty impressive stuff.

Kevin is giving you everything you need, including the free gift and actual bonuses, to setup an affiliate promotion in minutes.

All you have to do is edit the pages to use your details, pages and affiliate links.

You get 10 of these done-for-you packages in a range of niches including list building, Facebook, product creation, video marketing, social media and more.

For example, if you are promoting a video marketing product, you would use the ‘Video Marketing’ funnel, which comes with a video marketing related free gift and video marketing related bonuses.

These are professionally produced pages that are tested and proven to convert and which Kevin uses in his own business.

Surprisingly, Kevin makes little mention of these done-for-you funnels in his sales letter, but I think they alone are genuinely worth the asking price for the course.

So, are there any negatives with IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0?

The course is primarily aimed at people who already have an email list and/or a following on social media.

Kevin does offer some training on driving ‘cold’ traffic to your offers, but that is definitely not the focus of the course.

That said, if you don’t have any list at the moment but plan to get into affiliate marketing, IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0 is a wise investment.

It will show you how to get the maximum return in affiliate marketing, even from the smallest list.

And that means you will have more funds to re-invest in growing your list further and faster than you could otherwise.

If you want full traffic training as well, I recommend Kevin’s course, ‘IM Traffic Facebook Masters’, which is offered as the third upsell or OTO after the main offer.

Facebook is Kevin’s main source of traffic and this course is as good as I have seen on how to build a list quickly and cheaply using both free and paid methods.

(You can pass on the other two upsells. The first is ‘VIP Training’ and the second is a course on product creation.)

ApprovedThe bottom line is that this is an excellent course that takes you inside the business of a genuine ‘super affiliate’.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for more years than I care to mention and even I have learned a lot that I will be applying in my own business.

Add to that the discounted pricing during the initial launch (a fraction of what this training and done-for-you funnels are worth) and this is an investment any affiliate marketer should seriously consider.

Get all of the details and take advantage of the low launch price here…

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