Hidden Revenue Exposed Review

Hidden Revenue Exposed ReviewI bought a new product called ‘Hidden Revenue Exposed’ on Sunday and spent some time yesterday going through it.

This comes from marketers James Renouf and Dave Espino.

I should point out that this has nothing to do with ’12-Hour Arbitrage’, which James Renouf launched a couple of weeks ago, which I also reviewed.

In this case, James Renouf is helping to market the product, but the method and all of the training is from Dave Espino.

This interested me because it is all about creating passive income from selling a particular type of product on Amazon.

Regular readers will know that I have a ‘semi-passive’ side-business selling print on demand products on Amazon and other platforms, so this looked like it could be a logical extension.

In a nutshell, Hidden Revenue Exposed is a training course that shows you how to sell any type of digital product on Amazon.

By ‘digital’, I mean any product that is delivered in digital form and not as a physical product that has to be sent through the post.

I am not talking about Kindle ebooks here.

This is all about selling products such as…

  • Training courses (including video, audio or text-based courses)
  • Software (including desktop and smart phone apps)
  • Stock photos, videos and music
  • Graphics
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Craft patterns and T-shirt designs
  • Audio recordings

In fact, you can use this method to sell pretty much anything that is not delivered to the customer in physical form.

I have to admit I had no idea that you could sell this type of product on Amazon and certainly no idea of how you would go about doing so.

So Hidden Revenue Exposed was a bit of a revelation.

There is a lot of people listing their ebooks on Kindle and making a passive income by tapping into the huge buyer market that Amazon provides.

However, that market is now very crowded and the prices you can command for an ebook are pretty low.

In contrast, things like training courses, software and stock media are seen as premium products and can command much higher prices.

Yet very few people are actually selling these products on Amazon, almost certainly because, like me, they don’t know how to.

That provides a real opportunity for people who get in early.

After all, the people who made the most money on Kindle are the ones who recognised the potential of that new market and jumped in during the early days, before it got crowded.

So what about the training that Hidden Revenue Exposed offers?

What you are paying for here is the ‘big reveal’ on how you can sell digital products on Amazon.

The course consists of 16 video tutorials varying in length from a couple of minutes up to ten minutes.

Essentially, this is a case study that takes a specimen course and walks you through every step required to get it setup on Amazon (the steps are effectively the same for any type of digital product).

It also covers how you would deliver the course to your customers.

The training is comprehensive , clear and concise.

What the course does not cover is creating or sourcing the digital products themselves.

This is not a criticism because the sales letter does not claim to do this.

However, it would have been nice to have had a final module providing some pointers for sourcing content.

Bottom LineSo what’s the bottom line?

Hidden Revenue Exposed delivers on its promise of revealing this little-known method (based on the fact that I didn’t know about it and I’ve been around the block a few times) for selling digital products on Amazon.

It also provides clear step-by-step instructions on how you set everything up, including the actual delivery of your products.

If you already have your own digital products or the private label rights to digital products, it provides a quick and easy way to put them in front a huge buyers market.

Even if you don’t currently have digital products you can list, it is a fairly simple task to find private label products online that you could use.

Searching Google for ‘[niche] PLR products’ is a good start.

Either way, this method has the real potential to create passive income since, once you have listed a product, you let Amazon bring the buyers to you.

And it costs nothing to create these listings or set them up for delivery.

The only caveat I would add is that – as with anything you list on Amazon – you should only use quality products.

Customers will leave reviews and bad reviews will eventually kill your sales.

So you definitely don’t want to be flogging poor quality dime-a-dozen PLR products.

Personally, I see a lot of potential with things like stock media; videos, photos, graphics, music, audio, etc.

It is relatively easy to source high-quality packages in this area and customers can easily sample what they are getting before they buy.

This is the route I will be using to ‘dip my toe in the water’.

Overall, this is a genuine ‘new market’ that could be very lucrative for people who get in early, before everyone finds out how it’s done.

You can find all of the details for Hidden Revenue Exposed here…


I should briefly mention that there are two upsells.

I have not purchased these but neither is at all necessary to implement this method.

7 thoughts on “Hidden Revenue Exposed Review

  1. I found William’s review to be much more candid and informative than others. The suggestions from him are much appreciated. In addition he made helpful comments on the two Upsells. Excellent guidance!

    1. As I say in the post, I have not reviewed the upsells.

      One is for a ‘Gold’ edition with some additional training and the other is for a live Q&A webinar plus membership of a Facebook group.

      Neither is required to implement the method.

    1. I have been doing it as a ‘part time’ activity whenever I get an hour or so to spare. Results so far are very encouraging.

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