How Much Is This Mistake Costing You?


I hold my hands up.

I have been making a huge mistake in my business and it has cost me lots of money…

Are you making this mistake too?

I have been using Facebook advertising to build my email list very successfully for several months now.

However, until recently, I have been doing it wrong.

I was driving traffic to a squeeze page where I offered people a free gift in exchange for their email addresses.

After people subscribed, they were taken to a ‘thank you’ page where they were told to expect an email with the instructions for accessing the free gift.

Once they had been given the free gift, I started sending them emails, offering genuine value and building trust and rapport.

Occasionally, I would make them a carefully considered offer.

This sounds all well and good… but there was a step I was missing out that has cost me a raft load of money.

Can you spot it?

I’ll give you a minute…

I was not making an immediate offer on either the thank you page or on the download page.

This is something I always do with other sources of traffic but I thought Facebook traffic was different.

With Google or Bing traffic, people have found you because they searched for what you have to offer.

So it makes perfect sense to make them an offer as soon as they signup.

However, on Facebook, people are not actively looking for what you have to offer.

They are there to watch silly cat videos or find out what their friends had for lunch and your ad ‘interrupts’ them.

So I decided to ‘warm’ Facebook people up with some good content before making an offer.

This was a huge mistake.

I know because I have now done a series of split tests – immediate offer versus delayed offer – and the immediate offer won hands down every time.

In fact, with one test, it almost doubled the profits.

Now, in retrospect, it makes sense to me.

Yes, you have interrupted people on Facebook…

But the fact that you have successfully dragged them away from the cat on the fan video means that they are very keen in what you are saying at that exact moment.

And that’s why it’s probably even more important to make an immediate offer to Facebook traffic than with other traffic sources.

Of course, the rider with any form of cold traffic is that the offer has to be high-appeal and low-ticket because these people don’t know or trust you yet.

So don’t make the same mistake I did…

When you get someone’s attention, make the most of the window of opportunity before it closes.

If you have something that will genuinely help your new subscribers solve their problems, go for that sale.

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