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If you have been involved in the internet marketing space for any length of time, you will have been exposed to a lot of squeeze pages inviting you to join people’s email lists and a lot of sales letters promoting lots of different products.

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that virtually all of the most successful squeeze pages and sales pages have one thing in common…

They virtually all use videos.

And that is no accident.

Video Sales Letters (or ‘VSLs’ for short) consistently get better conversions than the more traditional ‘long form’, predominantly text-based sales letters, because most people prefer to watch rather than read.

And the video format makes it much easier to engage with visitors and hold their attention… and that means they are more likely to do what you would like them to do.

The problem is that not everyone is comfortable making videos.

They can be technically challenging.

And, even if you can master the various pieces of software you might need, it can be very time-consuming and ‘fiddly’ to produce a polished result.

Or costs rapidly build up if you take the alternative route and outsource your video creation to others.

To answer these challenges and open video sales letters to the masses, just over a year ago, Mark Thompson released a new piece of software called ‘EasyVSL’.

By any measure, it was a phenomenal success.

It is now used by more than 30,000 marketers, including the likes of Russell Brunson, Ben Adkins, Jeremy Gislason and Charles Livingston (one of the most successful ClickBank vendors).

Oh, and me too!

It has become the ‘industry standard’ for VSL production.

EasyVSL BoxNow Mark has just released EasyVSL version 2.

Version 2 contains all of the functionality of version 1, plus a whole host of new features that were requested by the existing user base.

The result is a genuine all-in-one solution for VSL creation.

So what does EasyVSL actually do?

In essence, it produces ‘slide show’ type marketing videos where your narrative text is displayed on a series of graphical backgrounds.

I am sure you have seen lots of these, since they are the main format used in sales videos.

The same effect can be achieved by using presentation software, such as PowerPoint, to create your slides and then recording the presentation as a video using screen capture software, such as Camtasia.

The big advantage with EasyVSL is, first, that the whole process is achieved in one-step with a single application and, second, that a range of additional features are available to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Here is a demo of the software in action…


One huge time-saver is that you can upload your completed script into the software, choose a design template from the in-built library and have it automatically create all of your slides literally at the push of a button.

You can change the layout of individual slides or groups of slides, delete slides, add new slides, change the order of slides, change fonts, colours and backgrounds, select slide transition effects and pretty much anything else you can do with high-end presentation software such as PowerPoint.

New to version 2, you can also import other videos and slot them into your presentation.

This is very useful if you want to, for example, switch to a ‘live’ presentation or demonstrate a product in action.

So far so good, but what if you want to add audio of your script being read?

EasyVSL gives you a few options.

First, you can record the narration directly into the software as you play back the presentation and instantly change the duration of individual slides to correspond with what you are saying with the click of your mouse.

Alternatively, you can import a pre-recorded narration, play it back and, again, tweak slide duration to fit ‘on the fly’.

Finally, you can make use of the new ‘text-to-speech’ function in version 2, which produces surprisingly natural computer-generated speech.

You can also add a backing music track.

In fact, with version 2, you can add multiple sound tracks and edit each individually.

There are also other new features, such as timeline editing, translation into multiple languages, one-click export of slides to PDF format and one-click publishing to popular video platforms such as YouTube.

I really like this software.

I have used the original EasyVSL to produce almost all of my ‘non-live’ marketing videos for around a year now.

I find it very simple and intuitive to use.

Version 2, retains that simplicity but takes things up a notch with a bunch of new features which make it an even more comprehensive solution.

If you create marketing videos, or plan to in the future, I thoroughly recommend you take a look.

EasyVSL provides a complete one-stop solution that will not only produce professional videos, it will do so in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods.

It is one of those rare tools that no serious internet marketer should be without.

And, at the moment, EasyVSL 2 is available at a very modest one-off introductory price that makes it even more attractive.


To up the ante even more, I am including 6 bonuses.

Bonus 1: Mark’s Home Video Studio

EasyVSL Bonus 1

In this video, Mark Thompson, creator of EasyVSL, takes you on a guided tour of his home video studio.

Mark shows you how he has created three different ‘sets’ that provide the backdrop for all of his live video production needs, and all inside what used to be a spare bedroom.

He shows you how he has setup the camera positions, lighting and sound so that he can create professional grade videos presentations virtually at the drop of a hat.

Producing live video seems daunting but is actually very simple, if you spend a little time getting everything in the right place first.

Take Mark’s tour and find out how you too can be producing top-notch live video presentations quickly, easily and for minimal cost.

Bonus 2: Video Affiliate Pro

EasyVSL Bonus 2

Video Affiliate Pro is a professionally designed ‘done-for-you’ video product review page template that you can use to showcase your own or affiliate products.

EasyVSL Bonus 2 Demo

Simply upload the template and then add your review video link, descriptive text and buy button text.

Optionally, add a description of any bonuses you are offering  and include an optin form so that people can join your email list to claim your bonuses.

Job done. Your video review page is ready to go in just minutes.

Bonus 3: Video Squeeze Page Generator

EasyVSL Bonus 3

Video Squeeze Page generator is a clever piece of software that allows you to create video squeeze pages using any YouTube video in just minutes.

Simply copy the video address from YouTube, add your headline, sub-headline, optin form code and any descriptive text.

Text and background colors are fully customisable and you can also add your own background images.

When you’re ready, hit ‘Go’ and your professionally-designed squeeze page is generated and ready for immediate upload to to your website.

Bonus 4: Legally ‘Steal’ Other People’s Videos

EasyVSL Bonus 4

It is a little-known fact that you can perfectly legally and ethically ‘steal’ other people’s YouTube videos, edit them from inside YouTube and then use them for pretty much whatever purpose you like.

Leverage other people’s hard work to create sales videos, squeeze page videos, product review videos, tutorial videos and more.

The possibilities are endless.

If the idea of creating your own videos scares you or you just want to create video content quickly and painlessly, this set of video tutorials will show you how, step-by-step.

Bonus 5: Get 10,000 Video Views in a Week

EasyVSL Bonus 5

This exclusive report lays out a step-by-step action plan to get 10,000+ views for your YouTube video in a week or less.

And these are real video views from real people.

How many people watch your video and for how long is now a big part of how highly YouTube ranks it in its search results.

This report show you all the insider tricks to getting a huge number of genuine views fast.

Bonus 6: WP Video Optin

EasyVSL Bonus 6

WP Video Optin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly create professionally designed squeeze pages using video motion backgrounds.

EasyVSL Bonus 5 Demo

Animated backgrounds have been shown to increase conversions by as much as 30%, but they have not been easy to create, especially for ‘non-techies’.

Now, with WP Video Optin, anyone can add the power of animation to any of their squeeze pages in a matter of minutes.

All aspects of the page, including text, fonts, colors and button styles are easily customisable from inside the user interface.

Instructions for accessing all bonuses will be provided in the JVZoo customer portal after you make your purchase.


Upgrade from Version 1

If you are an existing EasyVSL version 1 user, you can upgrade to version 2 for a significantly discounted fee (and still get my bonuses) here…



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