Doodly: Is It Better Than Easy Sketch Pro?

For a couple of years now, Easy Sketch Pro has been the ‘industry standard’ software for creating whiteboard animation videos, also variously known as ‘sketch’, ‘doodle’ or ‘explainer’ videos.

I’m sure you have seen these videos.

They are the ones where a hand ‘draws’ images and text onto a whiteboard to tell a story or illustrate a voiceover.

This style of video is very effective at engaging an audience because it is entertaining to watch.

And that means viewers are more likely to watch the whole video and take whatever action you want them to take at the end.

Easy Sketch Pro was a genuine game-changer because it offered a low-cost alternative to employing graphic artists or renting high-ticket software to create whiteboard animation.

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Doodly01It’s taken a while, but there is now a new kid on the block called ‘Doodly’, which is a direct competitor to Easy Sketch Pro…

The obvious question is…

Is Doodly better than Easy Sketch Pro?

Well, the creators of Doodly claim that their software is better than the competition for 5 reasons.

Let’s look at each of these in turn…

(1) Doodly is simpler to use

Having played around with Doodly, I can confirm that it is simple to use.

And it is definitely simpler to use than software such as ‘Explaindio’ or ‘Video FX’, which include whiteboard animation as just one of a range of video formats.

However, it is not any simpler to use than Easy Sketch Pro.

In both cases, you start with a blank ‘canvas’ and add images and text with a few clicks of the mouse.

The images and text are then ‘sketched’ without having to set any other parameters.

(2) Doodly produces more ‘realistic’ animation

By this, the Doodly team means that the sketching animation appears more ‘realistic’ i.e. more like a real human is doing the drawing.

I have used Doodly and Easy Sketch Pro extensively and I do not think this is true.

They do have a slightly different ‘style’ of drawing but, whether you think one is ‘better’ than the other comes down to personal preference.

(3) Doodly does ‘blackboard’ as well as whiteboard animation

Doodly allows you to switch between whiteboard – basically white background, marker pen and black sketch lines – and blackboard – basically black background, chalk and white sketch lines.

However, you can easily achieve the same effect in Easy Sketch Pro by changing the background colour to black (or use a stock image of a blackboard), the drawing hand to one of the ones available holding chalk and the drawing colour to white.

The plus here for Doodly is that you can switch an existing project from whiteboard to blackboard (and back again) with a couple of mouse clicks.

With Easy Sketch Pro, you would have to change each text and image element individually.

(4) Doodly does not require SVG files

In simplistic terms, SVG or ‘vector’ files are image files that contain extra information that enables them to be ‘drawn’ accurately by whiteboard animation software.

However, Doodly is not alone in accepting the more common JPG and PNG image formats.

Just like Doodly, Easy Sketch Pro will ‘draw’ these types of images and, just like Doodly, the results will be variable depending on the complexity of the image.

That said, Doodly does have a unique feature that Easy Sketch Pro (and other whiteboard animation software) does not.

Having imported an image, Doodly allows you to sketch out how you want the software to draw it.

You do this by tracing a series of lines onto the image in the order you want them to be drawn.

This is definitely a very cool feature.

The only downside is that, whilst this is great for simple images, such as shapes, it would be a very long and fiddly process to map out more complicated images.

(5) Doodly has proven results to back it up

This claim comes from the involvement of Brad Callen in the Doodly project.

Brad is the man behind the hugely successful ‘Fat Loss Factor’, one of the top selling products on ClickBank.

Brad uses whiteboard animation extensively in his marketing and brought his expertise to the development of Doodly.

Whilst this is definitely a plus point, Easy Sketch Pro also boasts a team of 7-figure marketers involved in its development.

Furthermore, thousands of marketers have been using Easy Sketch Pro for a couple of years now, giving it a proven track record.

Hence, of the 5 claims made by Doodly, only one has real validity and that is the unique feature of being able to map out how JPG and PNG images should be drawn.

What about the other way around?

Are there ways in which Easy Sketch Pro is ‘better’ than Doodly?

Here is a quick round-up of some of the features included in Easy Sketch Pro that are not present in Doodly…

  • You can use images or videos as backgrounds (Doodly has standard white or black backgrounds)
  • You can add videos to your project (Doodly only uses images and text)
  • You can have both music and narration soundtracks (Doodly only provides music)
  • As well as having images and text drawn by hand (which Doodly provides), you can also introduce them by drawing without a hand, fading them in or dragging them in with or without a hand
  • Having added images or text to your project, you can optionally have them removed by fading them out or dragging them off the screen
  • Easy Sketch Pro provides an ‘interactive’ feature. Hence, you can add ‘hot spots’ to your video to get people to go to an external link, complete an optin form, like your Facebook page and more
  • Easy Sketch Pro comes with a library of more than 5,000 images, whereas the basic version of Doodly comes with fewer than 500

I should say here that there is a difference in approach with images.

Easy Sketch Pro provides images in different ‘galleries’ or niches. Hence, you have images for ‘Holidays’, ‘Furniture’, ‘Internet Marketing’ and dozens of other niches.

Doodly takes a different approach by providing characters in multiple poses along with ‘props’ such as desks, chairs, computers, etc.

Which you prefer depends on the style of project you want to create.

Finally, there is the matter of price.

Easy Sketch Pro comes in ‘Starter’ ($37), ‘Business’ ($67) and ‘Business Pro’ ($97) versions.

‘Starter’ includes a small ‘Made by Easy Sketch Pro’ watermark in your finished videos. ‘Business’ removes this.

‘Business Pro’ is the same as ‘Business’ but includes additional images.

The basic version of Doodly is the ‘Personal’ edition at $67.

However, this only includes 10 characters in 20 different poses plus 200 ‘props’.

This is very limited, so you would really want to get the upgrade to ‘Doodly Pro’, which boosts this to 10 characters with 75 poses and 1,100 ‘props’.

This upgrade costs an eye-watering additional $149.

If you want to use Doodly to create videos for other people, you will also need the ‘Enterprise’ edition for a further $97.

The equivalent developer license for Easy Sketch Pro comes in at $67.

The realistic price comparison is probably $67 for Easy Sketch Pro Business versus $216 for Doodly Pro.

If you want to create videos for other people, the total price is $134 for Easy Sketch Pro versus $313 for Doodly.

Given that Easy Sketch Pro provides many more features than Doodly and at a much lower price, this makes Easy Sketch Pro a clear winner in my mind.

I can think of only two cases where Doodly might be the preferable choice…

  1. You will be importing a lot of JPG and PNG images and you want to use the unique ‘mapping’ feature to ensure they are drawn as you want them to be
  2. The projects you will mainly be creating involve the same characters in multiple poses, rather than images in a range of niches

The choice is yours.

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  1. Thanks. Having read up on both products and viewed a variety of ads created with them as well as their own advertising videos and tutorials, I think this is a fair and balanced review which provides useful information.

  2. Easy sketchpro is only available from PAYPAL… is there any other way to buy as in India PAYPAL is not safe to use and most banks refuse.

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