I was lucky enough to get very elusive tickets for Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’ bemusement park in little old Weston-Super-Mare.

It certainly lived up to its name, with many thought-provoking exhibits… and very dismal staff.

Even more dismal were our attempts to get something to eat in Weston before we went in.

Several places already closed (at 6pm!), others had “stopped doing food”, another said it would take at least an hour to serve us up some pizzas and another was full up inside but wouldn’t let us sit down to eat their takeaway meals at their outside tables!

Seriously, don’t any of these businesses have an entrepreneurial brain between them?

One of (if not THE) biggest attractions to hit Weston ever… bringing in 1,000’s of people daily… and these businesses (that regularly whine about how seaside towns are ‘dying a slow death’) seem to do nothing to take advantage!

We eventually had to queue for 25 MINUTES to secure takeaway fish and chips and find a wall to sit and eat them on.

Well, I suppose it put us in the right frame of mind for Dismaland!

Here are a few photos of what we found inside (click the image to see it full size)…






If you are in the area and you can get tickets, it’s well worth a visit.



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