Coursify Review

CoursifyA new WordPress plugin called ‘WP Coursify’ has just launched.

In a nutshell, this will allow you to create ‘Udemy-style’ portals for hosting online training courses.

Udemy provides the platform for thousands of courses from thousands of different providers.

However, they take a big chunk of your course fees (as high as 75%) for the privilege.

And that’s where Coursify comes in.

You can put your courses up on your own websites and keep 100% of the proceeds.

I have to say that the plugin itself is quite impressive, especially at the introductory price of around $20.

You can create the framework to hold a course in literally a few minutes by simply specifying the number of ‘sections’ (or modules) and ‘chapters’ (or lessons) you want.

Coursify SampleYou then just add your content.

There is also a ‘clever’ feature that promises to build an entire course in under 60 seconds.

Enter the address of a web page containing any number of videos and the plugin will extract each video on that page and create a chapter for it inside a course.

I suspect that this feature was included to impress with a speed claim, rather than for any real-world application.

That said, Coursify is well thought-out.

It has integrated payment processing (but only PayPal in the base product), free preview lessons, multi-media lesson formats, lesson descriptions, next and previous lesson buttons, content download buttons and so on.

The only thing missing as far as I can see is the ability for students to rate the courses and provide feedback.

This may not be an issue where you are hosting a small number of your own courses, but would be a problem if you started hosting other people’s courses (only available in the ‘Pro’ version).

In other words, it does a very good job of managing and presenting your courses.

However, the sales letter is a little misleading when it claims that Coursify “makes $2,390 a month by creating Udemy like sites”.

Coursify itself won’t make you a bean.

To make money, you will need course content and traffic.

If you happen to already have one or more courses knocking around on your hard drive, you are good to go on the content front.

If you don’t, you will have to either create them or acquire the rights to use other people’s courses.

There are many PLR courses out there on almost any niche you can think of.

(Just search Google for something like ‘[niche] PLR course’.)

However, you do have to be careful of the quality because you generally get what you pay for with PLR.

One of the upsells to Coursify is the PLR rights to a traffic course to get you started.

I have not seen this, so can’t comment on the quality.

I am told that there is also a subscription upsell that provides you with a new PLR course every month.

Again, I can’t comment on the quality.

With the content sorted, next add traffic.

The product does not really offer much in the way of traffic training, so bear that in mind if you don’t already know how to drive traffic.

The authors claim that the “$2,390 a month” (which is actually $2,390 in one month – subtle difference) was generated from Facebook traffic.

Around half of this was paid traffic and the other half free traffic from posting in relevant Facebook groups.

I have no reason to doubt this.

And, if you don’t know much about traffic, you could do worse than search for Facebook groups in your niche, join them and then very gently recommend your courses.

So what’s the bottom line?

Approved01Coursify is a very well-designed plugin.

It does what it says on the tin and it does it well (except for the absence of student reviews).

And it is a bargain at around $20.

(However, if you want the ability to host other people’s course and pay them a percentage of every sale, you will need the ‘Pro’ version at an additional $37.)

If you can see providing Udemy style courses as a business model you would like to get into, whether now or in the future, (or you already have a bunch of courses you could monetise) Coursify is an excellent investment.

However, Coursify is just a tool.

Despite what the sales letter suggests, it won’t make you money by itself.

If you don’t have course content and don’t have a plan for creating it, there is no point in getting the plugin.

With all of that said, you can check out Coursify here…

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