Content Fortunes PLR Review

Content Fortunes PLR ReviewAn interesting product has just launched that will probably fail to register on most marketers’ radar because it comes from someone new to the product launch game.

However, for me, that is precisely what makes it so interesting.

It comes from Gary Tomlinson and it’s called ‘Content Fortunes PLR Package’.

Yes, this is a PLR package, but it has some unique features that set it apart from the typical ‘PLR’ offers you are used to seeing.

In simple terms, it’s a complete ‘business in a box’.

If you have been around online marketing for any time, you will know that there is an almost insatiable demand for good quality content.

Content for…

  • Blog posts
  • Online articles
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Information products
  • Website content
  • Sales letters

And much more.

Most online marketers have neither the time or skills to produce this content for themselves.

So they outsource it to freelance writers.

Freelance writers like Gary, who has made a good living from offering his writing services to online marketers for more than 10 years.

Gary has spent the last year distilling everything he has learned from a decade of running his business into his ‘Content Fortunes’ study course.

And he is now offering a limited number of PLR licenses to the course.

In case you don’t know, ‘PLR’ stands for ‘Private Label Rights’.

With these rights, you can put your own name on the course and sell it as your own product, keeping 100% of the proceeds.

You are also free to edit, amend or re-package the content in any way you see fit.

If you have acquired PLR rights to other products you will probably have realised that 80% or more of them are – to be blunt – rubbish.

These products have never been sold to ‘real’ people and have been thrown together at minimal cost and effort, purely for the marketer behind them to make a quick buck from the PLR rights.

Almost always, they have been written by cheap outsourced writers who have no experience or expertise in the subject matter of the product.

So getting the PLR rights to a product that has been put together by someone who has 10+ years immersed in the topic covered, already puts this head and shoulders above the ‘usual’ PLR offerings.

But Gary has gone much further than that with this PLR package.

At its core is the 120-page home study course, covering every aspect of starting up and running a lucrative content writing services business.

However, Gary is also including the PLR rights to…

  • A 20-page ‘quick start’ guide to starting a content writing business
  • A ‘squeeze page’ template that offers the guide in exchange for visitors’ email addresses, so you can build your email list
  • A download page template for delivering the quick start guide
  • A sales page for the home study course, produced by a professional copywriter. People who join your list will be sent to this page
  • A ‘thank you’ page for people who purchase the course
  • A download page where buyers can access the course
  • Professionally created graphics for all web pages
  • A 5-part email sequence that will persuade people who did not buy immediately to invest in the course
  • 20 articles, each of 500 words plus, that will provide useful content and steer people towards investing in the course. You can use these on your own blog, in article directories, social media posts, guest blog posts; anywhere you see fit to attract traffic to your offer

In other words, you are provided with literally everything you need to sell ‘Content Fortunes’ (or whatever you decide to call it) as a business.

All you have to do is tweak the web page templates with your own details, links and payment processor and then send traffic to the squeeze page.

If any of that appears daunting, Gary provides video tutorials walking you through each step of the process.

He also shows you some very simple ways to send almost unlimited free traffic to your offer.

As a payment processor, you can use PayPal or set the product up on platforms such as JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

(In the latter cases, you can also get affiliate to promote the product for you.)

So far, so good.

But will the product actually sell?

I love this bit.

Before releasing the PLR, Gary actually went the extra mile to prove that this is an in-demand product.

He did this by actually launching the product for a limited time on the Warrior Forum, where a lot of online marketers hang out.

You can see the results, plus some of the glowing testimonials he received, on the sales page.

(I have seen the actual Warrior Forum listing and can confirm that these testimonials are genuine.)

By the way, Gary did this purely to provide proof that Content Fortunes will sell.

The listing is now closed and Gary is not promoting the product, leaving the field clear for people who acquire the PLR rights.

I am seriously impressed with Content Fortunes PLR.

Not only does it provide a business in a box, with high-quality content and everything you need to simply plug it in and start making sales, Gary has also taken the extra step to prove that it will sell.

For the next few days, you can grab the complete PLR package – product, lead magnet, web pages, email sequence and articles – for little more than buying the course for personal use.

Content Fortunes ApprovedIf you are looking for a way to quickly (and cheaply) set yourself up with a proven online business, or you simply want to add an extra income stream to an existing business, Content Fortunes PLR is definitely worth a good look.

You can find the full details here…

P.S. Another thing I like about Content Fortunes PLR… No irritating upsells! Everything is in the core product.

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