Co Embed Review

Co Embed ReviewA new piece of software called ‘Co Embed’ has just launched.

It will be of particular interest if you are trying to build a list or promote affiliate products.

In simple terms, it allows you to overlay (or ’embed’) your own call to action over any piece of content online, whether it’s yours or somebody else’s.

The content can be a particular web page or it can be a video.

And your call to action could be an invitation to join your email list, visit your website, buy an affiliate product you are promoting, buy an ecommerce product you are marketing or share your content on social media.

This is best explained with a couple of examples…

Suppose that you are trying to build a list in the internet marketing niche.

You find a very good video tutorial someone else has created that explains (say) the power of using Facebook paid advertising in businesses.

You setup the software so that people you send to this video will be shown a popup optin form around a minute in that will offer them your free step-by-step guide on how to setup a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

Or suppose that you are promoting a particular diet program as an affiliate.

You go out and find an article online that explains the virtues of this diet.

Ideally, this would be on a respected medical website to add authority.

You then setup the software so that people you send to this article will be shown a popup message a minute or so after they arrive that invites them to find out more about the diet.

This will contain your affiliate link for a product that tells people how to implement the diet or contains recipes that can be used with the diet.

Or suppose that you find an article on the CNN website that describes the massive growth in the value of the Bitcoin ‘crypt-currency’ over the last few months.

You use the software to place a popup over the article a minute or so after someone visits offering your free step-by-step guide on how to buy Bitcoins.

There are two big advantages to this approach…

First, you can send people to content that you did not have to create, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Second, and far more importantly, you can ‘borrow’ the authority of whatever content you use to significantly increase the chances that people will respond to your call to action.

The chances are that your target market has never heard of you and has no reason to trust what you are saying.

However, they will trust sites such as the Huffington Post, the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, Mashable, Oprah Winfrey and a host of other sources with massive established followings.

If you can place your call to action over relevant content on sites like these, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that you are going to get better conversions than doing the same over your own blog that nobody has heard of.

So how does all of this work?

It’s a simple three-step process…

(1) Find any video, article or website content online. This can be your own, but the real power comes in using content from high-authority sources. All you need is the link to the content.

(2) Design your call to action. This could be an email optin form, social media share buttons or a link you want to send people too.

(3) The software generates a special internet link. You can post this link anywhere you want: on your website or blog, on social media platforms, in online ads; anywhere you can post a link.

When people click on the link, they will be taken to the content you have ‘borrowed’ and then be shown your call to action, usually after a delay that you specify.

You are not sending people to the ‘actual’ content, but to what is effectively a copy that is generated by the software, allowing your call to action to be overlaid onto it.

This idea is not new.

There have been several pieces of software released over recent months that do a similar thing.

However, what makes Co Embed stand out is the number of features it includes, many of which I have not seen in other products.

Here are some of them…

(1) Schedule the posting of your links to social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

(2) Add text annotations to videos with your links.

(3) Overlay images onto videos and other content e.g. an ad for a relevant product

(4) Embed email optin forms over videos or content (integration with all major autoresponders)

(5) Pause video playback during display of call to action

(6) Specify the start time and duration for your call to action

(7) Allow visitors to skip your call to action after a pre-set time

(8) Add social share buttons for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest

(9) Add ‘pre-roll’ and ‘mid-roll’ video ads to an existing video (just as YouTube does), with optional skip feature

(10) Show your own video ad over any content page

(11) Live preview as you edit your call to action

(12) Real time analytics, including impressions, clicks and optins

(13) Option to use your own domains (instead of links derived from the Co Embed domain)

I have been playing around with Co Embed for a couple of hours and I am really impressed by the range of features, the level of control you have and the simplicity of use.

The beauty of Co Embed is that it allows you to market without having to create your own landing page content.

That is a huge plus, especially for beginners who struggle with the technical aspects of an online business or writing effective sales copy or creating engaging video content.

You can even avoid website hosting by allowing Co Embed to host your links and calls to action for you.

There is also a huge speed advantage.

All you have to do is find a suitable video or piece of content, design your call to action in the software and you are ready to go.

Of course, you do still need to send traffic to your call to action, but everything after that is pretty much done and dusted.

Co Embed is available for $37 for the first two days of the launch and will then rise to $47 for another day before increasing to the ‘normal’ price of $97 after three days.

Given everything it can do, I think it offers value for money at any of these prices.

However, $37 is clearly a better deal than $47 or $97.

You can see the software in action here…

Co Embed BonusI am including some bonuses selected to add real value to the offer…

Bonus 1: Smart Ads Builder Software

This simple point and click software allows you to create image based ads, primarily for Facebook, but the ads it produces could also be used on other advertising platforms.

It includes a library of more than 1,000 professionally produced templates that are tried and tested and proven to convert.

Simply select your template, add your call to action and you’re good to go.

The ad templates come in categories including ecommerce, ebook marketing, fashion, fitness, list building, internet marketing, health, local services and many more.

Each template comes with fully editable layers (like Photoshop).

So you can modify headlines, text, logos, graphics and more.

Optionally, you can select headlines from a library of proven winners for different niches.

You can also add elements, such as icons, from the built-in library.

As you make changes, your ad is previewed to show you how it will look on desktop and mobile devices.

The software also comes with a very useful ‘interest finder’ for targeting your ad on Facebook.

Simply enter a keyword and the software returns a list of potential interests.

You can click-through to view an interest on Facebook and, if you want to use it, just click on ‘select’ to add it to your targeting.

When you are happy with your ad, you can post it to your Facebook page from inside the software.

Then go to the Facebook Ad Manager to complete the campaign setup.

If you want more information about what Smart Ads Builder can do, watch this video…

This bonus is a perfect complement to Co Embed because it will allow you to quickly create Facebook ads to use with the links you create in the software.

Smart Ads Builder sells for $67, but you get it free with Co Embed.

Bonus 2: Facebook Ads for Beginners

This is another great complement to Co Embed, especially if you have never used Facebook ads before.

This online training course, with 27 video tutorials, covers every aspect of Facebook advertising and assumes no prior knowledge.

Every step is included from account setup, to defining your target audience, to the different types of ads, to effective targeting, right through to more advanced topics such as scaling, custom audiences and retargeting.

This is not a cheap giveaway.

It is a comprehensive high-quality course that is selling for $97 and more.

And it will provide you with all the training you need to be up and running with Facebook ads fast.

Bonus 3: YouTube Marketing Excellence

This 51-page PDF includes everything you need to know to get started with marketing on YouTube, including…

> Building your brand
> Creating an online personality
> Producing videos quickly and without a camera
> How to build in ‘virality’
> Optimising your videos for YouTube search results
> The different types of YouTube paid advertising and how to use them
> And more

Bonus 4: Need for Speed Writing Course

This is a comprehensive training course on how to create ‘pre-sell’ content that converts.

Typically, when you are promoting an affiliate offer, you will send traffic first to a ‘pre-sell’ page of your own.

This will ‘warm up’ your audience so that they are much more likely to buy when you send them on to the affiliate offer itself.

(Pre-sell pages are also a necessity for some ad platforms, such as Facebook, that may not allow you to link directly to an affiliate offer.)

Need for Speed comes in 6 PDF modules…

(1) Writing high-converting pre-sell content fast
(2) Sample ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ pre-sell templates
(3) High-converting content checklist
(4) Directory of writing tools to streamline the process
(5) Rolodex of secret conversion boosting resources
(6) Swipe file of proven headlines and copy elements

Although this is aimed specifically at pre-sell pages, this is in effect a fully-blown copywriting course that will help make you more effective in all of your marketing efforts, whether online or off.

Bonus 5: FB Timeline Pro

This software allows you to edit your Facebook fan pages online.

You can create any number of tabs per page and even add slideshows to showcase what your page is all about.

Once you have everything the way you want it, just upload to Facebook with a couple of clicks.

Bonus 6: Pinterest Traffic Pulse Wave

This PDF provides a step-by-step action plan for driving traffic to your offers from Pinterest.

Topics include…

> How to create boards and pins
> How to find and engage people on Pinterest
> How to sell without ‘selling’
> Where to find images to use
> How to semi-automate using scheduling
> 7 tools for maximising traffic on Pinterest

Bonus 7: Facebook Authority Secrets

This PDF action plan takes you through the steps of creating a Facebook profile and using it to attract followers and build authority in any niche.

Having a loyal following on Facebook provides an immediate source of high-converting and free traffic to any offer.

It also provides another effective way to reach more or your audience.

Instructions for accessing the bonuses will be provided inside the JVZoo customer portal after you have made your purchase.

Get all of the details for Co Embed here…

Co Embed UpsellsWhat about upsells?

There are three…

Upsell 1: Co Embed Pro

The inevitable ‘pro’ version offers some additional features not available in the basic version of the software, including…

> Facebook retargeting

This is the ability to add every visitor you send to your Co Embed links to a Facebook custom audience.

A custom audience is a lot like an email list inside Facebook, although you do not actually get access to email addresses.

You can run paid ads to a custom audience on Facebook at a fraction of the cost of advertising to a ‘cold’ audience, allowing you to present multiple offers well into the future.

> A/B split testing

Essentially, this allows you to create two different versions of your call to action; call them A and B.

The software will then send half your traffic to version A and half to version B.

Statistics will show which is converting best and therefore which one you should use; say it is B.

You can then optionally test B against a third version, C, and so on.

In this way, you can ‘optimise’ your campaign to produce the highest conversions.

> Custom CSS

This opens up more design options for your calls to action; things like style, colours, etc.

It is really only for technically advanced users who are already familiar with CSS.

> Custom video landing page

If your ‘borrowed’ content is a video, the basic version of the software will put it on a set landing page that you can’t really modify very much.

The pro version allows you to edit elements on this landing page, including adding a logo, headline and additional text and modifying the background.

This could be useful if, for example, your call to action needs more explanation than the video and popup alone can provide.

> Case studies

Access to a series of case studies showing how the authors of the software have been using it to build lists and make sales.

(I do not know how many case studies there are.)

This upsell is priced at $97 one-time or $27 a month.

If you do Facebook marketing (or intend to), it is probably worth getting for the retargeting capability.

And I would imagine that the case studies would be a valuable addition, especially if you are relatively new to marketing.

It is probably not worth getting for the other added features alone.

Upsell 2: Co Embed Traffic Mastery Training

The one ingredient missing from the base product is traffic.

Co Embed will convert the visitors you send to your calls to action, but you need to find those people to send.

I understand that this upsell is a series of weekly live calls (recorded for those who cannot attend), each teaching a different way to drive traffic.

I do not know at this stage how many calls there will be or the topics they will cover.

This upsell is priced at $67 one-time and is worth your consideration if you are new to traffic generation, particularly as it will be aimed at traffic for this specific purpose.

However, I have not seen the training and so cannot comment on its quality.

Upsell 3: Co Embed agency license

This gives you the ability to grant access to the software to up to 50 people.

You could give this access to virtual assistants or other people in your team.

Or you could sell access to third parties, effectively giving you resell rights.

This upsell is priced at $197 one-time

It would be worth considering if you have an existing list that Co Embed would appeal to, since you would only have to sell a handful of the licenses to be in profit.

If you don’t have such a list, I don’t recommend it.

Co Embed ApprovedThe bottom line is that Co Embed is a piece of software that offers a very real marketing advantage and does it very well at a more than reasonable price.

It is going to be particularly useful for people who are trying to build a list or promote affiliate products but are yet to find the success they are looking for using ‘traditional’ methods.

It is definitely worth a good look before the price increases in around 48 hours…

I will certainly be using it in my marketing going forward.

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