Board Commander Review

I review a lot of products in my line of work.

And, as regular readers will know, I am not slow in forming and expressing an opinion, whether good or bad.

However, every once in a while, something comes along that I just can’t pass a solid verdict on.

I have such a case for you today.

Board Commander ReviewArguably, the biggest product launch of the last week was ‘Board Commander’ from Stefan Ciancio, backed by Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky.

The gist is how to get free traffic from Pinterest.

The core of the product is the Board Commander software, supported by training on how to use it.

I was initially very excited by this launch.

The heading on the sales page reads, “How Much Money Could YOU Make With 12,325 Quality Visitors a Day for FREE?”

I think anyone’s immediate reaction would be, “an awful lot!”

Hence my excitement.

However, a couple of doubts then began to creep in.

First, I did not like the claim of “12,325 quality visitors a day”.

It suggests that this is some sort of ‘average’.

A claim that many other marketers have been restating.

However, on closer inspection, it turns out that Stefan has hit this figure on one or two days and that the more typical figure is between 1,000 and 1,500 visitors a day.

Call me pedantic, but the headline should really read “as many as 12,325 quality visitors in a day”.

It’s a little misleading.

And unnecessary.

After all, most marketers would kill for ‘only’ 1, 000 visitors a day.

But that is not my main concern.

It’s the actual question included in the headline…

“How Much Money Could YOU Make With 12,325 Quality Visitors a Day for FREE?”

Because the short answer is, “I haven’t a clue”.

Price TagIs the average Pinterest visitor worth $1, 1 cent, 0.01 of a cent, nothing?

And it’s not something the authors offer any real help with.

Almost uniquely in my experience, the sales letter avoids making any income claims at all.

And the almost 2-hour sales webinar that was held also declined to offer any figures whatsoever.

Now, I fully accept that the amount you can make will depend on a host of variable factors, such as the niche you are in, the quality of your Pinterest posts, the effectiveness of the page you take people too and the type of offers you make.

However, some indication of what Stefan or the beta testers have been achieving would go a long way to adding credibility to the offer.

I am a pretty experienced marketer and so I can normally make my own assessment.

However, I have to admit to knowing next to nothing about Pinterest marketing.

Here is what I DO know…

Pinterest LogoPinterest is a social media platform for posting and sharing images.

People create ‘boards’ where they ‘pin’ images on a particular theme, such as ‘dogs’, ‘fishing’ or ‘internet marketing’.

If people like an image, they can – well – like it or ‘re-pin’ it so their followers also get to see it.

If they like a lot of your images, they can ‘follow’ your board so they get notified when you pin new images.

Get a lot of followers and your images can go ‘viral’.

When people click on an image, they will be taken to whatever internet address the ‘pinner’ has specified.

This could be to more content, a blog, a Facebook page or an offer.

So how do you get traffic from this?

The gist is that you follow people in your niche and, essentially, hope that they follow you in return.

If they do, some of their followers may also follow you.

When you have collected a fair number of followers, you can join Pinterest ‘groups’, consisting of many pinners in the same niche.

This is where the big traffic can come from, because there may be hundreds of thousands or even millions of people following these groups.

The potential problem with this process is that it can be very time-consuming and pretty darned boring.

That is where the Board Commander software comes in.

It automates this process of following people and finding groups to join.

(It also allows you to ‘unfollow’ people who don’t follow you in return, but let’s don’t get into that.)

The method seems to me to be a sound one.

And I am pretty confident that the software does what it says on the tin.

However, I have no idea what any of that translates into in financial terms and I do not have sufficient time to test it for myself.

And no claims are made to even allow me to make a judgement on how reasonable they might be.

So I am left in the strange position of not being qualified to either recommend or reject the product.

Plus, of course, having traffic alone is not going to make you money.

You will have to send that traffic to an offer which is suited to the traffic and effectively converts it into either email subscribers or buyers.

My expectation is that this method is best suited to ecommerce.

A lot of ‘window shopping’ is done on Pinterest, with people pinning and re-pinning things they would like to buy.

And, of course, images are a great way to show off physical goods.

You could build a board all about dogs, say.

Most of the time, you would be posting cute pictures of dogs, or links to interesting articles about dogs.

But you could also throw in regular offers of dog-related products, either directly on Pinterest or on your blog, or both.

I suspect that, although still possible, it would be more difficult to build an audience and monetise it in other areas, including the ones that most online and affiliate marketers go after.

There are a couple of other aspects of the offer that I am not overly keen on.

The first is that there is an unconditional guarantee (always good), but it is only for 14 days.

In the absence of any income proof, this is a method you would need to test for yourself, but this looks like something that would take longer than 14 days to get meaningful results from.

I would have liked the guarantee period to have been 30 days or even more.

The second thing is that the basic product only allows you to use the software with a single Pinterest board.

That may be fine if you are only going after one niche, such as internet marketing.

However, if you are into ecommerce – what I believe the method is best suited to – you are likely to be involved in multiple niches.

To be effective, each niche requires its own board e.g. dog lovers, anglers, etc.

This requires you to invest in the first ‘unlimited accounts’ upsell, which comes in at an additional $67.

That pushes the total cost of the product over $100.

(There is a third gripe, which is less important. Another upsell provides ‘agency’ or resale rights to the product. However, you only get rights to sell the frontend product, not the unlimited account version, which is what most people will want or need.)

Having said all of that, I have taken the plunge and invested in Board Commander.

Regular readers will know that I have a pretty successful ‘side’ business selling mugs through dropshipping.

I do believe that Board Commander has the potential to help me do that using free traffic from Pinterest.

I know that there is other software out there that does what Board Commander does, but only on a monthly subscription.

So, this offers an opportunity to try the method for a relatively low one-time investment, also avoiding the time commitment necessary to test it manually.

If it works, it will only have to generate a dozen or so sales to cover its cost, with everyone after being profit.

If it doesn’t, I will know to move onto something else.

Should you be in a similar situation, this may be something you also want to try.

However, if you don’t already have a destination for the traffic and a way to monetise it, this is probably not for you.

Board Commander is currently available for $57, but there is a $10 discount available if you enter the coupon code tenoffbc at the checkout.

The coupon is available for the next 14 hours or so (there is a timer in the sales page).

You can get all of the details here…


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